Haier HCW2360AES User Manual

Haier HCW2360AES User Manual

24” built-in oven
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User Manual
Guide de l'utilisateur
Manual del usuario
24" Built-in Oven
Four encastré 24"
Horno empotrado 24"


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Summary of Contents for Haier HCW2360AES

  • Page 1 User Manual Guide de l’utilisateur Manual del usuario HCW2360AES 24” Built-in Oven Four encastré 24” Horno empotrado 24”...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OVEN DOOR REMOVAL ..................32 REPLACING AN OVEN LIGHT ................33 TROUBLESHOOTING ..................34 LIMITED WARRANTY ..................36 RECORD KEEPING Thank you for purchasing this Haier product. This user manual will help you ___________________________________ get the best performance from your Model number new oven.
  • Page 4: Oven Safety Instructions

    OVEN SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.
  • Page 5: Important Safety

    WARNINGS FOR ELECTRIC INSTALLATION WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Installation and service must be performed by a quali ed installer or service agency. The models may be powered at 240V or 208V. Always disconnect the power before servicing this unit. This appliance must be properly grounded. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • • Do not cover or block any Be sure the blower fan runs openings on this appliance. whenever the oven is in operation. If the fan does not • Use this appliance only for operate, do not use the oven. its intended use as described Call an authorized service in this manual.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Safety for the Self-cleaning During and after use, do not Oven: touch or let clothing or other flammable materials contact • Before self-cleaning the oven, the heating elements or the remove the broiler pan, oven interior surfaces of the oven racks (only when not made of until they have had sufficient porcelain), other utensils and...
  • Page 8: Features Of Your Oven

    FEATURES OF YOUR OVEN Cooling Vents Bottom Element (not visible) Broil Element Model and Serial # Plate Control Panel Oven Rack Back Door Gasket Oven Rack Front Oven Light Drip Pan Convection Fan and Element...
  • Page 9: General Oven Information

    GENERAL OVEN INFORMATION WARNING Fire Hazard Remove all packing and foreign materials from the oven. Any material of this sort left inside may melt or burn when the appliance is used. Failure to do so can result in death or re. 240 V VS.
  • Page 10: General Oven Tips

    GENERAL OVEN TIPS DEFAULT SETTINGS The Cooking Modes automatically select a suitable temperature. These can be changed when a different one is needed. OVEN CONDENSATION AND TEMPERATURE • It is normal for a certain amount of moisture to evaporate from the food during any cooking process.
  • Page 11: Oven Racks

    OVEN RACKS • The oven has rack guides at four levels as shown in the illustration. • Rack positions are numbered from the bottom rack guide (#1) to the top (#4). • Check Cooking Charts for best rack positions to use when cooking.
  • Page 12: Electronic Control

    2. While lifting front of rack, slide rack in all the way while lowering the front. ELECTRONIC CONTROL CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION Lock On/O Select Favorite Fast Adjust Clock/ Functions Preheat Temp/Time Timer Lock Button Fast Preheat Button On/Off Button Temp/Time Adjust Buttons Oven Function Selector Buttons Clock/Timer Button Favorite Button...
  • Page 13: Selecting The Oven Function

    TOUCHPAD SOUND Turning OFF touchpad sound 1. Turn off the appliance using the On/Off button. 2. Press and hold the buttons at the same time until a signal sounds (approx. 2 seconds). The touchpad sound is now off. Turning ON touchpad Sound 1.
  • Page 14: Clock Functions

    FAVORITE The Favorite function can be used to save a setting which is used frequently. 1. Set oven function, temperature and if necessary the clock functions Clock time and/or End time 2. Press and hold FAVORITE for approx. 2 seconds, until a signal sounds. The setting is saved.
  • Page 15 Cook time To set how long the oven is to be in use. 1. Select oven function and using button select temperature. 2. Press CLOCK/TIMER repeatedly until the symbol for Clock time flashes. 3. Using the button set the desired cooking time. The oven turns itself on.
  • Page 16: Other Functions

    Cook time and End time combined WARNING Food Poisoning Hazard Do not let food sit in oven more than one hour before or after cooking. Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness. Cook time and End time can be used simultaneously, if the oven is to be turned on and off automatically at a later time.
  • Page 17: Cooking With The Convection Oven

    Deactivating the Lock 1. To activate, turn on the appliance using the On/Off button. 2. Press and hold LOCK until disappears from the display. Lock is now deactivated and the appliance is again ready for use. COOKING WITH THE CONVECTION OVEN In a conventional oven, the heat sources cycle on and off to maintain an average temperature in the oven cavity.
  • Page 18: Oven Modes

    OVEN MODES Selects the oven function. Each of the functions listed below can be used only with the correct temperature. Bake Mode The top and bottom heating elements will appear. This is the classic, traditional type of oven which has been perfected, with exceptional heat distribution and reduced energy consumption.
  • Page 19 Convection The bottom and circle heating elements, as well as Bake the fan, will appear. This combination rapidly heats the oven due to the large amounts of power used by the appliance, which results in the production of considerable heat coming prevalently from the bottom.
  • Page 20 Multi- The top and bottom heating elements, as well as the Cooking fan, will appear alternately. Since the heat remains Mode constant and uniform throughout the oven, the air cooks and browns food uniformly over its entire surface. With this mode, you can also cook various dishes at the same time, as long as their respective cooking temperatures are the same.
  • Page 21: Quick Tips

    COOLING VENTILATION In order to cool down the exterior of the appliance, this model is equipped with a cooling fan, which comes on automatically when the oven is hot. When the fan is on, a normal flow of air can be heard exiting between the oven door and the control panel.
  • Page 22: Convection Bake Tips And Techniques

    • • • Convection Thicker, tender, Meats should No conversion Broil cuts of meat, be at least 1” from standard poultry and fish. thick. Broil is necessary. • • DO NOT use Refer to this mode for Convection Broil browning breads Chart in this or casseroles.
  • Page 23 • Converting your own recipe can be easy. Choose a recipe that will work well in convection. • Reduce the temperature and cooking time if necessary. It may take some trial and error to achieve a perfect result. Keep track of your technique for the next time you want to prepare the recipe using convection.
  • Page 24: Bake Tips And Techniques

    Breads 350 (175) 15-22 Yeast bread loaf, 9x5 350-375 (175-190) 10-15 Yeast rolls 375 (190) 6-10 Biscuits 400 (205) 13-16 Muffins Pizza (Multiple rack cooking) 1 and 3 375-425 (190-220) 12-18 Frozen 1 and 3 375-425 (190-220) 8-14 Fresh The TEMP and TIME in the chart above are for the 240 V setting. This chart is a guide.
  • Page 25: Convection Broil Tips And Techniques

    BAKE CHART TEMP. °F ( °C) RACK TIME (Min.) FOOD ITEM (PREHEATED OVEN) POSITION Cake 350 (175) 19-22 Cupcakes 350 (175) 40-45 Bundt Cake 350 (175) 35-39 Angel Food 375-400 (190-205) 45-50 2 crust, fresh, 9” 375 (190) 68-78 2 crust, frozen fruit, 9” Cookies 350-375 (175-190) 8-10...
  • Page 26: Broil Tips And Techniques

    CONVECTION BROIL CHART RACK OVEN TEMP TIME SIDE TIME SIDE FOOD AND THICKNESS POSITION °F (°C) 1 (Min.)* 2 (Min.)* Beef Steak (1” or more) 450 (230) 10-12 10-12 Medium rare 450 (230) 15-17 13-15 Medium 450 (230) 16-18 13-15 Well Hamburgers (1”...
  • Page 27: Broil Chart

    BROIL CHART Food and Rack Broil Time Side 1 Time Side 2 Thickness Position Setting (Min.)* (Min.)* Beef Steak (1” or more) Medium rare Medium 8-10 Well Hamburgers (1” or more) Medium 8-13 Well 10-15 8-12 Poultry 10-12 8-10 Breast (bone-in) 28-30 13-15 Thigh (very well...
  • Page 28: Convection Roast Techniques

    Food Service Temperature Guidelines from FSIS (USDA food Safety & Inspection Service) 140 °F Ham, precooked (to Reheat) 165 °F Stuffing (cooked alone or (60 °C) (74 °C) in bird) 145 °F Fresh beef, Veal, Lamb (medium Leftovers & Casseroles (63 °C) rare) 160 °F...
  • Page 29: Convection Roast Chart

    • Double-check the internal temperature of meat or poultry by inserting meat thermometer into another position. • Large poultry may also need to be covered with foil (and pan roasted) during a portion of the roasting time to prevent over-browning. •...
  • Page 30 Poultry Chicken 3-4 (1,5-2) 375 (190) 20-23 180 (82) whole, not stuffed Turkey, not 12-15 325 (165) 10-14 180 (82) stuffed (6-7,5) Turkey, not 16-20 325 (165) 9-11 180 (82) stuffed (8-10) Turkey, not 21-25 325 (165) 6-10 180 (82) stuffed (10,5- 12,5)
  • Page 31: Oven Care

    OVEN CARE GENERAL CLEANING HOW TO USE THE CLEANING CHART 1. Locate the number of the part to be cleaned in the illustration below. 2. Find the part name in the Cleaning Chart. 3. Match the letter with the cleaning method on following page. CLEANING CHART Cleaning Method Cleaning Method...
  • Page 32: Oven Finishes / Cleaning Methods

    OVEN FINISHES / CLEANING METHODS The entire oven can be safely cleaned with a soapy sponge, rinsed and dried. If stubborn soil remains, follow the recommended cleaning methods below. • Always use the mildest cleaner that will do the job. •...
  • Page 33: Automatic Self-Cleaning

    AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING The oven is heated to approximately 480°F. Any food residues from roasting, broiling and baking are burned to ash. Self-Cleaning Chart Level Degree of Cleaning Duration Approx. 1.25 hours Medium Approx. 1.50 hours Intensive Approx. 2.00 hours BEFORE SELF-CLEANING •...
  • Page 34: Oven Door Removal

    OVEN DOOR REMOVAL The oven door weighs 30 lbs (14kg). For ease of installation and more thorough cleaning, some oven doors may be removed. IMPORTANT: • Make sure oven is cool and power to the oven has been turned off before removing the door.
  • Page 35: Replacing An Oven Light

    REPLACING AN OVEN LIGHT WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Make sure the oven and lights are cool and power to the oven has been turned off before replacing the light bulb(s). The lenses must be in place when using the oven. The lenses serve to protect the light bulb from breaking.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING SOLVING BAKING AND ROASTING PROBLEMS With either Bake or Convection Bake and Convection Roast poor results can occur for many reasons other than a malfunction of the oven. Check the chart below for causes of the most common problems. Since the size, shape and material of baking utensils directly affect the baking results, the best solution may be to replace old baking utensils that have darkened and warped with age and use.
  • Page 37: Solving Operational Problems

    (this is one of the advantages of convection). Porcelain chips When oven racks are removed and replaced, always tilt racks upward and do not force them to avoid chipping the porcelain. FOR MORE HELP, VISIT HAIER.COM OR CALL THE CONSUMER HELP LINE AT 1-877-377-3639.
  • Page 38: Limited Warranty

    For 24 months from the date of original retail A product whose original serial number has purchase, Haier will repair or replace any part been removed or altered. free of charge including labor that fails due to Any service charges not specifically identified a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Page 40 REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY SERVICE IMPORTANT Ne pas Réexpédier ce Produit au Magasin Pour tout problème concernant ce produit, veuillez contacter le service des consommateurs “Haier Customer Satisfaction Center” au 1-877-337-3639. UNE PREUVE D’ACHAT DATEE EST REQUISE POUR BENEFICIER DE LA GARANTIE. IMPORTANTE No regrese este producto a la tienda Si tiene algún problema con este producto, por favor contacte el...

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