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● If heart rate measurement is not working properly, adjust the position of the Gear™ Fit on your wrist.
For example, move the Gear™ Fit right, left, up, or down on your wrist to adjust the position of the
heart measurement sensor. Or, wear the Gear™ Fit with the heart rate sensor firmly against the inside
of your wrist.
● If the heart rate sensor is dirty, wipe the sensor and try again.


Use this application to monitor your sleep patterns and record how much sleep you get by detecting body
movements while you sleep. You can transfer the records to the connected mobile device.
Before using this application
This app can be used to monitor your exercise. While moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, is safe
for most people, health experts suggest that you talk with your doctor before you start an exercise program,
particularly if you have any of the following conditions:
● If you have just purchased or have reset the Gear™ Fit, read the on-screen information about the
● The Sleep feature records how much sleep you get by detecting and recording the duration of body
movements. Also, it records each instance when the Gear™ Fit detects that there has been no body
movement for one minute. To record body movement durations, a sleeping period must be set. The
sleeping period can be set and measured in automatic or manual mode.
● In manual mode, the user should record the time by pressing a button at bedtime and when the
user wakes up. In automatic mode, the Gear™ Fit automatically detects the user's sleep pattern and
records the time.
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