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  Summary of Contents for Samsung SM-R350

  • Page 1 SM-R350 User Manual
  • Page 2: About This Manual

    About this manual ™ You can use this Gear Fit as a companion device to some Samsung Android mobile devices. This user manual is specially designed to explain applications and features that are available when the Gear Fit is connected to a mobile device.
  • Page 3 Samsung Electronics. Trademarks • S AMSUNG and the SAMSUNG logo are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics. ® • B luetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. worldwide.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting started Applications About Gear Fit Timer Package contents Stopwatch Device layout Health Management Applications Button Sleep Mounting the device on the strap Pedometer Charging the battery Exercise Turning the Gear Fit on and off Media Controller Notices for using Bluetooth Find My Device Connecting the Gear Fit to a mobile...
  • Page 5 Table of Contents Gear Fit Manager Launching Gear Fit Manager Configuring the Gear Fit settings Home screen styler S Health Notifications Settings Troubleshooting...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    • A ppearances and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. • Y ou can purchase additional accessories from your local Samsung retailer. Make sure they are compatible with the Gear Fit before purchase.
  • Page 7: Device Layout

    Getting started Device layout Gear Fit Power button Charging terminals Heart rate sensor Humidity and liquids may damage your Gear Fit. Keep your Gear Fit dry. • D o not use a screen protector. This causes touch screen sensor malfunctions. •...
  • Page 8: Button

    Getting started Charging dock Charging terminals Multipurpose jack Strap Ensure that the strap is kept clean. Contact with contaminants, such as dust and dye, can cause stains on the strap that may not be fully removed. Button Button Function • P ress and hold to turn the Gear Fit on or off. •...
  • Page 9: Maintaining Water And Dust Resistance

    Getting started Maintaining water and dust resistance The device may be damaged if water or dust enters the device. Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to the device and to maintain the water- and dust-resistant performance of the device. •...
  • Page 10: Mounting The Device On The Strap

    Getting started Mounting the device on the strap Mount the Gear Fit on the provided strap. Insert both ends of the Gear Fit into the mounting hole on the strap. • F irst, insert one end of the Gear Fit into the mounting hole. Then, insert the other end of the device into the hole and pull the strap up at the same time.
  • Page 11: Charging The Battery

    Charge the battery before using the Gear Fit for the first time. A computer can be also used to charge the Gear Fit by connecting them via the USB cable. Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the Gear Fit.
  • Page 12 Getting started Place the Gear Fit on the charging dock with the charging terminals facing each other. Charging dock Charging terminals Plug the small end of the charger cable into the multipurpose jack of the charging dock. <When disconnecting after charging>...
  • Page 13 • I f the Gear Fit is not charging properly, take the Gear Fit and the charger to a Samsung Service Centre. • T o save energy, unplug the charger when not in use. The charger does not have a power switch, so you must unplug the charger from the electric socket when not in use to avoid wasting power.
  • Page 14: Turning The Gear Fit On And Off

    Getting started Turning the Gear Fit on and off When you turn on the Gear Fit for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions. The instructions describe how to connect the Gear Fit to a mobile device and to set up the Gear Fit.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Gear Fit To A Mobile Device

    • D o not use the Bluetooth feature for illegal purposes (for example, pirating copies of files or illegally tapping communications for commercial purposes). Samsung is not responsible for the repercussion of illegal use of the Bluetooth feature. Connecting the Gear Fit to a mobile device Install Gear Fit Manager on the mobile device and connect the Gear Fit to the device via Bluetooth.
  • Page 16: Device

    Getting started Mobile device Select the Gear Fit model name (e.g. Gear Fit (0000)) that appeared in Step 2. Mobile device When the Bluetooth pairing request window appears, tap OK. Gear Fit When the connection window appears, tap Mobile device The Install window opens.
  • Page 17: Device

    Getting started Mobile device Read and agree to the terms and conditions, and follow the on-screen instructions. • G ear Fit Manager launches on the mobile device. • G ear Fit Manager application guide opens. • Y ou can adjust the Gear Fit’s configuration in Gear Fit Manager. Gear Fit Select the dominant hand and tap •...
  • Page 18: Wearing The Gear Fit

    Getting started Wearing the Gear Fit Open the clasp and fit the strap to your wrist with the pin. When measuring your heart rate, wear the device firmly around your lower arm just above the wrist. Refer to ‘Wearing the Gear Fit’...
  • Page 19: Locking And Unlocking The Gear Fit

    Getting started Locking and unlocking the Gear Fit When not in use, lock the Gear Fit to prevent unwanted operation. Pressing the Power button on the Clock screen turns off the screen and puts the Gear Fit into lock mode. The Gear Fit automatically gets locked if it is not used for a specified period.
  • Page 20: Basics

    Basics Viewing mobile device connection status and battery status Scroll left or right on the Home screen and tap Settings. The following icons provide information about the status of the Gear Fit. These icons appear at the left side of the screen. Icon Meaning Mobile device connected...
  • Page 21: Finger Gestures

    Basics Finger gestures Tapping To open an application, to select a menu item, or to press an on-screen button, tap it with a finger. Double-tapping While using the Gear Fit, double-tap anywhere on the screen with two fingers to access the brightness control panel.
  • Page 22: Viewing The Home Screen

    Basics Viewing the Home screen View the Gear Fit’s Home screen when you connect it to the mobile device. It displays the clock, widgets, shortcuts to applications, and others. The Home screen can have multiple panels. To view other panels, scroll left or right. •...
  • Page 23 Basics Number Application or feature Timer Use the Gear Fit as a countdown timer. Stopwatch Measure and record the amount of elapsed time. Sleep Monitor your sleep patterns and record how much sleep you get. Pedometer Set a goal and measure your step count. Exercise Set exercise goals and measure the exercise you do and calories you burn.
  • Page 24: Using Applications

    Basics Using the Clock screen While using the Gear Fit, press the Power button to return to the Clock screen. Using applications The Gear Fit can run a range of applications. On the Home screen or the Apps screen, tap a shortcut or an application icon to open it.
  • Page 25: Screening Incoming Calls

    Basics Screening incoming calls When the connected mobile device receives an incoming call, you can screen it on the Gear Fit. Screen the call to reject it and send a reject message. To reject a call, tap when a call comes in and drag it to the left. To reject a call and send a reject message, tap when a call comes in and drag it to the right.
  • Page 26 Basics Checking notifications at a later time On the Home screen, tap Notifications. Select a notification type. Select a notification to view the details. Notification details screen In the notification’s detailed view, scroll down to use additional features. You can clear notifications, display the message on the mobile device, or reply to messages.
  • Page 27: Upgrading The Gear Fit

    • I f you set Notifications → Keep screen off on Gear Fit Manager, the Gear Fit receives notifications when the display turned off. Upgrading the Gear Fit The Gear Fit can be upgraded to the latest software. Visit the Samsung website to upgrade the Gear Fit’s software. Upgrading with Samsung Kies Download the latest Samsung Kies from the Samsung website.
  • Page 28 When the Gear Fit is connected properly, and the Gear Fit’s model name appear on the left of the Samsung Kies screen. If a Gear Fit software upgrade is available in the Gear Fit Manager, a notification will appear on the mobile device when it is connected to the Gear Fit.
  • Page 29: Applications

    Applications Timer Use this application to use the Gear Fit as a countdown timer. On the Home screen, tap Timer. Set the duration, and then tap . Drag outside the large circle when the timer goes off. Stopwatch Use this application to measure the amount of elapsed time. On the Home screen, tap Stopwatch.
  • Page 30: Health Management Applications

    Applications Health Management Applications Use the pedometer, sleep, exercise, and heart rate applications to monitor and manage your health and physical condition. When the Gear Fit is synced with a compatible S Health application, you can use additional features. The additional features include, checking your physical condition and exercise records, and more.
  • Page 31 Applications The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you see your doctor before engaging in vigorous exercise if two or more of the following apply: • Y ou are a man older than age 45 or a woman older than age 55. •...
  • Page 32 Applications • R emove the protective plastic from the heart rate measurement sensor before taking measurements. • H eart rate measuring is intended for human use only. The heart rate may not be recognised due to surrounding conditions. In this case, the measured heart rate may not be valid.
  • Page 33: Sleep

    Applications Sleep Use this application to monitor your sleep patterns and record how much sleep you get by detecting body movements while you sleep. You can transfer the records to the connected mobile device. Before using this application • I f you have just purchased or have reset the Gear Fit, read the on-screen information about the application.
  • Page 34: Using Additional Features

    Applications Using additional features To use additional features, scroll left on the Sleep screen. Sleep screen View previous records. Return to the previous screen. Turn on/off the alarm blocking mode during sleep.
  • Page 35: Pedometer

    Applications Pedometer On the step count screen, start the pedometer to count your steps and view the distance walked and burned calories. Counting steps On the Home screen, tap Pedometer. Tap Start to start counting. You can view information, such as step count and burnt calories, on the screen. Number of steps Return to the previous Pause the step count.
  • Page 36 Applications Using additional features Scroll left on the pedometer screen to use additional features. Pedometer screen Reset the number of steps. View previous records. Return to the previous screen. Change the goal. • Y ou may experience a brief delay while the pedometer monitors your steps and then displays your step count.
  • Page 37: Exercise

    Applications Exercise Use this application to set diet and calorie goals and plan your exercise programme. View the exercise you have completed in the day and compare it with your exercise goal. You can also record your exercise achievements in a log. The connected mobile device’s GPS feature is used to check information, such as altitude and speed, when you are cycling or hiking.
  • Page 38 Applications Tap Start to start monitoring. You can view information, such as exercise time and distance, on the screen. Exercise duration Stop recording. Return to the previous screen. Distance Pace Tap Stop → to stop monitoring your exercise information. Your exercise records appear on the screen. Scroll up or down to view the records.
  • Page 39 Applications Using additional features Scroll left on the exercise screen to use additional features. Exercise screen Turn on/off the coaching message. View previous records. Return to the previous screen. Change the goal. • T o view more additional features, scroll left on the additional features screen. •...
  • Page 40 Applications Using the coaching feature while exercising in running mode Use the personalised coaching feature to exercise safely and effectively. You will receive real- time coaching advice that leads you through a safe and effective workout that keeps you fit. About the coaching feature The coaching feature includes Firstbeat technology to provide personalised exercise guidance.
  • Page 41 Applications Tick Coaching. You can set TE, duration, and maximum heart rate. The following describes each TE level: • E asy: Maintain general health and improve your endurance. • M oderate: Maintain your basal fitness level and improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Page 42: Heart Rate

    Applications Heart Rate Use this application to measure and record your current heart rate. You can plan and adjust your exercise based on the recorded heart rate. • T he device’s heart rate measurement feature cannot be used for clinical or medical diagnosis.
  • Page 43 Applications Measuring heart rate On the Home screen, tap Heart Rate. Tap Start to begin measuring your heart rate. icon appears and blinks on the screen when heart rate measurement starts. The measurement will be taken by the device. Then, after a brief delay your current heart rate is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 44 Applications Viewing previous records Scroll left on the heart rate measurement screen. Heart rate measurement screen Tap History. Scroll left or right to view your previous heart rate records. Previous record You can save up to thirty records. You can view previous data on the mobile device where the S Health application is installed.
  • Page 45: Media Controller

    Applications Media Controller Use this application to play and control media files. You can launch the music player on the connected mobile device and control playback with the Gear Fit. For other media files, start playback on the mobile device first. You can control playback of the currently-playing file from the Gear Fit.
  • Page 46: Settings

    Settings Clock Change the clock types that appear on the Clock screen. On the Home screen, tap Settings → Clock. Scroll left or right and select the desired clock type. Wallpaper Change the colour of the Home screen or set an image as wallpaper for the Home screen. On the Home screen, tap Settings →...
  • Page 47: Bluetooth

    Settings • F ont size: Change the font type and size for display text of notifications. • W ake-up gesture: Set the Gear Fit to turn on and show a specified screen by using a gesture. Raise the hand that is wearing the Gear Fit and look at the Gear Fit’s screen for a few seconds.
  • Page 48: Privacy Lock

    Settings Privacy lock On the Home screen, tap Settings → Privacy lock. • P IN: Activate or deactivate the privacy lock feature by setting a PIN of at least four numbers. You can unlock the Gear Fit’s screen by entering the PIN when the mobile device and the Gear Fit are disconnected.
  • Page 49: Gear Fit Manager

    Gear Fit Manager Launching Gear Fit Manager This application allows you to connect to a mobile device and customise your Gear Fit’s settings and applications. Also, you can use it to access the connected mobile device’s features. On the connected mobile device’s Apps screen, tap Gear Fit Manager. Some features may not be available depending on the type of connected mobile device.
  • Page 50: S Health

    Gear Fit Manager Clock You can change the clock types to be displayed on the clock screen. Tap Clock on the Gear Fit Manager screen. Select the desired clock type. To configure detailed information on the watch screen, tap next to the watch list and select an item.
  • Page 51: Settings

    Gear Fit Manager • I NSTANT ALERTS FOR GEAR: Set the items to be received directly on the Gear Fit. • G EAR NOTIFICATIONS: Set the items to be notified on the Gear Fit. • G ENERAL NOTIFICATIONS: Set applications to be notified on the Gear Fit. Settings Use this application to configure Gear Fit and set various options.
  • Page 52: Setting Up Emergency Messages

    Gear Fit Manager Setting up emergency messages In an emergency, you can send a message that includes your current location to designated recipients. On the Settings screen, tap Send help messages and drag the Send help messages switch to the right. Then, read and agree to the terms and conditions. You can send emergency messages by pressing the Power button three times.
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    • R estart your Gear Fit to clear any temporary software bugs. • E nsure that your Gear Fit software is upgraded to the latest version. • I f the touch screen is scratched or damaged, visit a Samsung Service Centre. Your Gear Fit freezes or has fatal errors If your Gear Fit freezes or hangs, you may need to close applications and turn on the Gear Fit to regain functionality.
  • Page 54 (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment the devices are used in. If the tips above do not solve the problem, contact a Samsung Service Centre. A Bluetooth connection is not established or your Gear Fit and the mobile device are disconnected •...
  • Page 55 Troubleshooting The battery does not charge properly (For Samsung-approved chargers) • E nsure that you place the Gear Fit on the charging dock and connect the dock to the charger properly. • I f the charging terminals are dirty, the battery may not charge properly or the Gear Fit may turn off.
  • Page 56 Some content may differ from your Gear Fit depending on the region, service provider, or software version, and is subject to change without prior notice. English (EU). 04/2014. Rev.1.0...

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