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Xerox WorkCentre 7232 System Administrator Manual: Network Scanning Setup; Prerequisites For Network Scanning Setup; Procedure For Network Scanning Setup

Xerox workcentre 7232: user guide.

13 Scanning Services

Network Scanning Setup

Network scanning uses the FTP or SMB protocol to transfer scanned documents on to
a server or a client. Templates and repositories (folders) need to be set up to enable
network scanning.
See the Quick Network Setup Guide for information about how to set up templates,
repositories, transfer prococols, and enabling ports.
Prerequisites for Network Scanning Setup
Confirm that an existing operational network utilizing TCP/IP is available.
Confirm that your transfer protocol (FTP/SMB) is configured correctly.
For more details, refer to Scan to PC Setup (FTP) on page 147 or Scan to PC
Setup (SMB) on page 148.
Repository (folder) needs to be created on the FTP or SMB server to hold
scanned documents.
Confirm that the following ports are enabled:
1) TCP/IP Port
2) FTP Client Port or SMB Port (depending on which protocol is used)
Data to Set Up Network Scanning
Templates are created via CentreWare
Internet Services or any other Xerox
Network Scanning Solutions.
Repositories are created via CentreWare
Internet Services or any other Xerox
Network Scanning Solutions.
Kerberos IP Address
Procedure for Network Scanning Setup
Create templates and repositories via CentreWare Internet Services.
On the control panel, select [Network Scanning].
Select a template from the list. You can also change any other value from the
control panel without impacting the template configuration; only the current job will
be affected.
Load a sample document into the document feeder.
Press the green <Start> button on the machine. The job is sent to the server using
FTP or SMB protocol as defined within the template.
If Remote Authentication is required,
then Kerberos needs to be enabled.
Xerox WorkCentre 7232/7242 System Administration Guide

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