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Maintenance - Black & Decker VM1450 Manual

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Table of Contents
Note: When Vacuuming you should ensure
that the filter is fitted.
Note: When Vacuuming on hard surfaces
you can extend the brushes on the floor
head by pressing down the brush release
button (18, fig C).
Optimising the suction force
In order to keep the suction force
optimised, the filters must be cleared
regularly during use.
Emptying the dust bowl (fig. E & F)
• Press the dust bowl release lever (19).
• Lift the dust bowl (1) from the appliance.
• Hold the dust bowl over a bin.
• Press the dust cap release lever (20) and
empty the dust bowl.
• Press the dust cap (21) back on until it
clicks into place.
• Refit the dust bowl by placing the front
end into the appliance then pressing
firmly on the back end until it clicks into
Cord rewind (fig. G)
• Press and hold the cord rewind button
Storing the appliance
Warning! When storing the appliance,
switch the appliance o and unplug it.
• Store the appliance in a dry location. The
appliance can be carried by the handle


Your Black & Decker corded appliance has
been designed to operate over a long
period of time with a minimum of
maintenance. Continuous satisfactory
operation depends upon proper tool care
and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any
maintenance on corded appliances:
• Switch off and unplug the appliance.
• Regularly clean the ventilation slots in
your appliance using a soft brush or dry
• Regularly clean the motor housing using
a damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive or
solvent-based cleaner.
Cleaning the filters (fig. H, I, J & K)
The Dust bowl may be cleaned with water
by running it under a tap. All other
components should be cleaned with a soft
dry brush or damp cloth.
Cleaning the dust bowl filter (fig. H, I & J)
• Remove and empty the dust bowl.
• Twist the dust bowl end cap (23) anti
• Lift off the dust bowl end cap.
• Twist the dust bowl filter (24) anti
• Remove the dust bowl filter (24) from
the end cap (23).
• Remove the filter cover (25) from the
dust bowl filter (24).
• Brush all parts with with a soft brush or
wipe with a damp cloth.
Warning! Ensure all parts are completely
dry before reassembly.
• Refit the filter cover (25) onto the dust
bowl filter (24).


Table of Contents

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