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Installation - Frigidaire PLMV178HC Service Manual

Over - range microwave oven
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4. Installation

The Microwave Oven is supported by a special
bracket assembly (mounting system) supplied
with the oven. The bracket assembly must be
mounted to the wall with toggle bolts through the
wall, and a lag screw into a wall stud. After the
bracket assembly is installed, the unit can be slid
over the two rails of the bracket assembly. Two
bolts are run down through the cabinet bottom
and into the oven case to pull the oven up
against the cabinet bottom.
NOTE : For easier removal and personal safety
it is recommended that two people remove this
The mounting surface must be capable of supporting the cabinet load, in addition to the 64 pound product,
plus additional loads of up to 50 pounds or a total weight of 114 pounds. This product cannot be installed to
cabinet arrangements such as an island or peninsula. It must be mounted to both a top cabinet and wall.
The vent or exhaust blower is located at the top of the oven.
It is shipped for recirculating exhaust but can be changed to
rear exhaust or vertical (See installation instrustions on how
to change and/or blower section on how to remove).
One 40-watt screw base incandescent bulb is located on
the bottom. The bulb is user replaceable by removing one
screw and lowering access cover. The bulb could be difficult
to remove when replaced for the first time. a silicone glue is
used to secure them during shipping.
A 40-watt screw base incandescent bulb is located in the top
of the oven cavity at the front.
It is user replaceable by removing the top grill (3 screws.
On the front of outer case.). The bulb is then accessible by
removing a metal cover.
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