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Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Yamaha XMax YP400RXMAx YP400RA

  • Page 1 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. OWNER’S MANUAL YP400R YP400RA 1SD-F8199-E1...
  • Page 2: R&tte Directive(1999/5/ec En300 330-2 V1.3.1(2006-01), En300 330-2 V1.5.1(2010

    Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. YAMAHA MOTOR ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 1450-6, Mori, Mori-machi, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka-ken, 437-0292 Japan DECLARATION of CONFORMITY Company: YAMAHA MOTOR ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Address: 1450-6, Mori, Mori-Machi, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka-Ken, 437-0292 Japan Hereby declare that the product: Kind of equipment: IMMOBILIZER...
  • Page 3 Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling! As the owner of the YP400R/YP400RA, you are benefiting from Yamaha’s vast experience and newest technology regard- ing the design and manufacture of high-quality products, which have earned Yamaha a reputation for dependability.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAU10134 Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAUM1012 YP400R/YP400RA OWNER’S MANUAL ©2013 by MBK INDUSTRIE 1st edition, September 2013 All rights reserved Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of MBK INDUSTRIE is expressly prohibited. Printed in France.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION ....1-1 FOR YOUR SAFETY – Valve clearance......6-20 Further safe-riding points ....1-5 PRE-OPERATION CHECKS .....4-1 Tires ..........6-21 Cast wheels ........6-22 DESCRIPTION ........2-1 OPERATION AND IMPORTANT Checking the front and rear brake Left view .........
  • Page 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Troubleshooting charts ....6-36 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE..7-1 Matte color caution ......7-1 Care ..........7-1 Storage ..........7-4 SPECIFICATIONS......8-1 CONSUMER INFORMATION....9-1 Identification numbers.....9-1 INDEX..........10-1...
  • Page 8: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION  Never operate a scooter without conspicuous appears to be very EAU1026B proper training or instruction. Take effective in reducing the chance of training course. Beginners this type of accident. Be a Responsible Owner should receive training from a cer- Therefore: As the vehicle’s owner, you are re- tified instructor.
  • Page 9 SAFETY INFORMATION  Many accidents involve inexperi- • Always signal before turning or Protective Apparel enced operators. In fact, many op- changing lanes. Make sure that The majority of fatalities from scooter erators who have been involved in other motorists can see you. accidents are the result of head inju- ...
  • Page 10 SAFETY INFORMATION  Do not run engine outdoors where Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning When loading within this weight limit, All engine exhaust contains carbon engine exhaust can be drawn into keep the following in mind:  Cargo and accessory weight monoxide, a deadly gas.
  • Page 11 Yamaha accessories, which are avail- characteristics can put you and others effects. Wind may attempt to lift able only from a Yamaha dealer, have at greater risk of serious injury or the scooter, or the scooter may been designed, tested, and approved death.
  • Page 12: Further Safe-riding Points

    SAFETY INFORMATION Aftermarket Tires and Rims cation for the straps carefully so EAU57600 Further safe-riding points The tires and rims that came with your the straps will not rub against  Be sure to signal clearly when scooter were designed to match the painted surfaces during transport.
  • Page 13 SAFETY INFORMATION  Always wear a helmet, gloves, trousers (tapered around the cuff and ankle so they do not flap), and a brightly colored jacket.  Do not carry too much luggage on the scooter. An overloaded scoot- er is unstable. Use a strong cord to secure any luggage to the carri- er (if equipped).
  • Page 14: Description

    DESCRIPTION EAU10411 Left view 1. Headlight (page 6-32) 9. Air filter element (left) (page 6-18) 2. Battery (page 6-29) 10.Engine oil filter element (page 6-13) 3. Main fuse (page 6-31) 11.Sidestand (page 3-18) 4. Coolant reservoir cap (page 6-16) 12.Front brake pads (page 6-24) 5.
  • Page 15: Right View

    DESCRIPTION EAU10421 Right view 1. Grab bar (page 5-2) 2. Seat (page 3-16) 3. Fuel tank cap (page 3-13) 4. Fuses (page 6-31) 5. Centerstand (page 6-27) 6. Air filter element (right) (page 6-18) 7. Shock absorber assembly spring preload adjusting ring (page 3-18)
  • Page 16: Controls And Instruments

    DESCRIPTION EAU10431 Controls and instruments 1. Rear brake lever (page 3-12) 9. Front storage compartment B (page 3-16) 2. Left handlebar switches (page 3-10) 10.Main switch/steering lock (page 3-2) 3. Speedometer (page 3-5) 11.Coolant level check window (page 6-16) 4. Multi-function display (page 3-6) 12.Front storage compartment A (page 3-16) 5.
  • Page 17: Instrument And Control Functions

     Do not expose any key to exces- cess, take the vehicle along with all three keys to a Yamaha dealer to have sively high temperatures.  Do not place any key close to them re-registered. Do not use the key with the red bow for driving.
  • Page 18: Main Switch/steering Lock

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS  Keep other immobilizer system EAU10473 EAU34122 Main switch/steering lock keys away from the main switch All electrical circuits are supplied with as they may cause signal inter- power; the meter lighting, taillight, li- ference. cense plate light and auxiliary lights come on, and the engine can be start- ed.
  • Page 19: Indicator Lights And Warning Lights

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU10685 ECA11021 EAU49394 LOCK Indicator lights and warning NOTICE The steering is locked, and all electrical lights Do not use the parking position for systems are off. The key can be re- an extended length of time, other- moved.
  • Page 20 If this occurs, scooter on its centerstand, but this  comes on or flashes while riding have a Yamaha dealer check the self- does not indicate a malfunction.  does not go off after traveling at a diagnosis system.
  • Page 21: Speedometer

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS hours have passed, the indicator light When the key is turned to “ON”, the EAUS1861 Speedometer will stop flashing, however the immobi- speedometer needle will sweep once lizer system is still enabled. across the speed range and then re- The self-diagnosis device also detects turn to zero in order to test the electri- problems in the immobilizer system...
  • Page 22: Tachometer

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU11873 EAUM2984 Tachometer Multi-function display CLOCK OIL CHANGE EWA12313 WARNING Be sure to stop the vehicle before OUT TEMP making any setting changes to the 1/2 1/2 multi-function display. Changing V-belt settings while riding can distract the TRIP operator and increase the risk of an accident.
  • Page 23 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS  an oil change indicator When approximately 2.0 L (0.53 US the fuel reserve tripmeter manually, it  a V-belt replacement indicator gal, 0.44 of fuel remains in the will reset itself automatically and the fuel tank, the bottom segment of the display will return to the prior mode af- fuel meter will start flashing, and the...
  • Page 24 If the multi-function display indicates If the indicator does not come on, have an error code, note the code number, TRIP a Yamaha dealer check the electrical and then have a Yamaha dealer check ZAUM1011 circuit. the vehicle. ECA10022 ECA11791...
  • Page 25 OUT TEMP 1/2 1/2 key and both standard keys to a Yamaha dealer and have the stan- CLOCK dard keys re-registered. TRIP ZAUM1056 Clock mode OUT TEMP 1.
  • Page 26: Anti-theft Alarm (optional)

    This model can be equipped with an ing slowly (approximately under Left optional anti-theft alarm by a Yamaha 20 km/h (12.5 mi/h)) or when dealer. Contact a Yamaha dealer for stopped at traffic signals, railroad more information.
  • Page 27: Front Brake Lever

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU12351 EAU41701 EAU12902 Pass switch “ ” The engine trouble warning light will Front brake lever Press this switch to flash the headlight. come on when the key is turned to “ON” and the start switch is pushed, but this does not indicate a malfunc- EAU12401 Dimmer switch “...
  • Page 28: Rear Brake Lever

    EAU54001 Rear brake lever ABS (for ABS models)  The ABS performs a self-diagno- The Yamaha ABS (Anti-lock Brake sis test each time the vehicle first System) features a dual electronic con- starts off after the key is turned to trol system, which acts on the front and “ON”...
  • Page 29: Fuel Tank Cap

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS wheel hubs may be damaged, re- EAUM2991 EWA11092 Fuel tank cap WARNING sulting in improper performance of the ABS system. Make sure that the fuel tank cap is To open the fuel tank cap properly closed after filling fuel. Leaking fuel is a fire hazard.
  • Page 30: Fuel

    Gasoline is poisonous and can cau- hole. Stop filling when the fuel Your Yamaha engine has been de- se injury or death. Handle gasoline reaches the bottom of the filler signed to use premium unleaded gas- with care.
  • Page 31: Catalytic Converters

    10% (E10). Gas-  Do not park the vehicle near ohol containing methanol is not possible fire hazards such as recommended by Yamaha because it grass or other materials that can cause damage to the fuel system easily burn.
  • Page 32: Seat

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU13933 EAUM3002 Seat Storage compartments To open the seat Front storage compartment A 1. Place the scooter on the center- stand. 2. Insert the key into the main switch, and then turn it counterclockwise to “OPEN”. ZAUM1016 1.
  • Page 33 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS  Since the storage compartment Front storage compartment B To open the storage compartment, pull may get wet while the scooter is on the lever. being washed, wrap any articles stored in the compartment in a plastic bag.
  • Page 34: Adjusting The Shock Absorber Assemblies

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS  Align the appropriate notch in the EAU14893 EAU15306 Adjusting the shock absorber Sidestand adjusting ring with the position in- assemblies dicator on the shock absorber. EWA10211  Use the spring preload adjusting WARNING tool included in the owner’s tool Always adjust both shock absorber kit to make this adjustment.
  • Page 35: Ignition Circuit Cut-off System

    Therefore, check Periodically check the operation of the this system regularly and have a ignition circuit cut-off system accord- Yamaha dealer repair it if it does not ing to the following procedure. function properly. 3-19...
  • Page 36 2. Make sure that the engine stop switch is turned on. stand during this inspection. • 3. Turn the key on. If a malfunction is noted, have a Yamaha 4. Keep the front or rear brake applied. dealer check the system before riding. 5. Push the start switch.
  • Page 37: For Your Safety - Pre-operation Checks

    • If necessary, add recommended coolant to specified level. 6-16 • Check cooling system for leakage. • Check operation. • If soft or spongy, have Yamaha dealer bleed hydraulic system. • Check brake pads for wear. Front brake • Replace if necessary.
  • Page 38 • Make sure that operation is smooth. • Check throttle grip free play. Throttle grip 6-20, 6-26 • If necessary, have Yamaha dealer adjust throttle grip free play and lubricate ca- ble and grip housing. • Check for damage. • Check tire condition and tread depth.
  • Page 39: Operation And Important Riding Points

    See page 5-4 for engine break-in in- gle sensor to stop the engine in case of understand, ask your Yamaha dealer. structions prior to operating the ve- a turnover. In this case, the multi-func- EWA10272 hicle for the first time.
  • Page 40: Starting Off

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS battery. Do not crank the engine ECA15025 EAU45093 Starting off NOTICE more than 10 seconds on any one 1. While pulling the rear brake lever attempt. If a warning light, indicator light or with your left hand and holding the indicator does not go off, see pages ECA11043 NOTICE...
  • Page 41: Acceleration And Deceleration

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS Front EAU16782 EAU16794 Acceleration and deceleration Braking EWA10301 WARNING  Avoid braking hard or suddenly (especially when leaning over to one side), otherwise the scooter may skid or overturn.  Railroad crossings, streetcar rails, iron plates on road con- struction sites, and manhole Rear covers become extremely slip-...
  • Page 42: Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption

     Turn the engine off instead of let- the engine wear and polish themselves Yamaha dealer check the vehi- to the correct operating clearances. ting it idle for an extended length cle.
  • Page 43: Parking

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS EAU17214 Parking When parking, stop the engine, and then remove the key from the main switch. EWA10312 WARNING  Since the engine and exhaust system can become very hot, park in a place where pedestri- ans or children are not likely to touch them and be burned.
  • Page 44: Periodic Maintenance And Adjustment

    If replaced more frequently, otherwise you are not familiar with vehicle ser- rapid engine wear may result. Con- vice, have a Yamaha dealer perform sult a Yamaha dealer for proper service. maintenance intervals.
  • Page 45: Owner's Tool Kit

    If you do not have the tools or experi- ence required for a particular job, have a Yamaha dealer perform it for you.
  • Page 46: Periodic Maintenance Chart For The Emission Control System

     From 50000 km (30000 mi), repeat the maintenance intervals starting from 10000 km (6000 mi).  Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and tech- nical skills.
  • Page 47: General Maintenance And Lubrication Chart

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT EAU1770H General maintenance and lubrication chart ODOMETER READING ANNUAL ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB 1000 km 10000 km 20000 km 30000 km 40000 km CHECK (600 mi) (6000 mi) (12000 mi) (18000 mi) (24000 mi) √ √...
  • Page 48 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT ODOMETER READING ANNUAL ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB 1000 km 10000 km 20000 km 30000 km 40000 km CHECK (600 mi) (6000 mi) (12000 mi) (18000 mi) (24000 mi) • Check bearing play and steering √ √...
  • Page 49 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT ODOMETER READING ANNUAL ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB 1000 km 10000 km 20000 km 30000 km 40000 km CHECK (600 mi) (6000 mi) (12000 mi) (18000 mi) (24000 mi) • Check coolant level and vehicle √ √...
  • Page 50 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT  Hydraulic brake service • Regularly check and, if necessary, correct the brake fluid level. • Every two years replace the internal components of the brake master cylinders and calipers, and change the brake fluid. • Replace the brake hoses every four years and if cracked or damaged.
  • Page 51: Removing And Installing Panels

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT EAU18772 EAUM3101 Removing and installing pan- Panel A The panels shown need to be removed to perform some of the maintenance To remove the panel jobs described in this chapter. Refer to Remove the screws, and then pull the this section each time a panel needs to panel outward.
  • Page 52 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT ZAUM1046 ZAUM1047 1. Screw 1. Panel B 1. Panel C 2. Screw 2. Screw Panel B To install the panel To install the panel Place the panel in the original position, Place the panel in the original position, To remove the panel and then install the screw.
  • Page 53 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT 4. Remove the battery bracket and panel assembly by pulling it off as To install the quick fastener, push the shown. center pin out so that it will protrude from the fastener head, insert the fas- tener into the under cowling, and then push the protruding pin in until it is flush with the fastener head.
  • Page 54: Checking The Spark Plug

    ZAUM1025 1. Spark plug cap diagnose such problems yourself. In- stead, have a Yamaha dealer check To remove the spark plug 5. Remove the spark plug as shown, the vehicle. 1. Place the vehicle on the center-...
  • Page 55 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT 5. Close the seat. If a torque wrench is not available when installing a spark plug, a good estimate of the correct torque is 1/4– 1/2 turn past finger tight. However, the spark plug should be tightened to the specified torque as soon as possible.
  • Page 56: Engine Oil And Oil Filter Element

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT 2. Start the engine, warm it up for EAUM3031 Engine oil and oil filter ele- several minutes, and then turn it ment off. The engine oil level should be checked 3. Place an oil pan under the engine before each ride.
  • Page 57 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT spring will fall out. Take care not Tightening torque: to lose the compression spring. Engine oil drain bolt: 20 Nm (2.0 m·kgf, 14 ft·lbf) [ECA12912] 9. Refill with the specified amount of the recommended engine oil, and then install and tighten the oil filler cap.
  • Page 58: Final Transmission Oil

    If any leakage is found, have a ters the crankcase. If the engine oil is changed before the Yamaha dealer check and repair the 10. Start the engine, and then let it idle oil change indicator comes on (i.e. be- scooter.
  • Page 59: Coolant

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT that no foreign material enters EAU20071 Coolant the final transmission case. The coolant level should be checked Make sure that no oil gets on before each ride. In addition, the cool- the tire or wheel. [EWA11312] ant must be changed at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance Recommended final transmission...
  • Page 60 If water has been tenance and lubrication chart. Have a added to the coolant, have a Yamaha dealer change the coolant. Yamaha dealer check the anti- WARNING! Never attempt to remove freeze content of the coolant as...
  • Page 61: Air Filter Elements And Check Hoses And V-belt Case Air Filter Element

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT Left Left EAUM3051 Air filter elements and check hoses and V-belt case air filter element The air filter elements and the V-belt case air filter element should be ser- viced at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart.
  • Page 62 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT case. Always replace both air fil- Right ter elements at the same time, otherwise poor engine perfor- mance or damage to the engine may result. The engine should never be operated without the filter elements installed, other- wise the piston(s) and/or cylin- der(s) may become excessively ZAUM1031...
  • Page 63: Checking The Throttle Grip Free Play

    To prevent this shown. from occurring, the valve clearance must be adjusted by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. 1. Throttle grip free play The throttle grip free play should mea- sure 3.0–5.0 mm (0.12–0.20 in) at the...
  • Page 64: Tires

    YP400RA 181 kg (399 lb) Operation of this vehicle with im- wall is cracked, have a Yamaha dealer * Total weight of rider, passenger, car- proper tire pressure may cause se- replace the tire immediately.
  • Page 65: Cast Wheels

    Cast wheels WARNING This model is equipped with tubeless To maximize the performance, durabil-  Have a Yamaha dealer replace tires. ity, and safe operation of your vehicle, Tires age, even if they have not been excessively worn tires. Besides...
  • Page 66: Checking The Front And Rear Brake Lever Free Play

    There should be no free play at the EAU50861 Checking the front and rear brake lever ends. If there is free play, brake lever free play have a Yamaha dealer inspect the brake system. Front EWA14212 WARNING A soft or spongy feeling in the brake lever can indicate the presence of air in the hydraulic system.
  • Page 67: Checking The Front And Rear Brake Pads

    EAU34211 Rear brake pads of the reservoir level. Replenish the ified in the periodic maintenance and Have a Yamaha dealer check each rear brake fluid if necessary. lubrication chart. brake pad for damage and measure Front brake...
  • Page 68  Use only the specified brake flu- Rear brake fluid level goes down suddenly, have a id; otherwise, the rubber seals Yamaha dealer check the cause before further riding. may deteriorate, causing leak- age.  Refill with the same type of brake fluid.
  • Page 69: Changing The Brake Fluid

    Yamaha dealer at the intervals well as the brake hoses replaced at the cated if necessary. If a cable is...
  • Page 70: Lubricating The Front And Rear Brake Levers

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT EAU23173 EAU23215 Recommended lubricant: Lubricating the front and rear Checking and lubricating the Silicone grease brake levers centerstand and sidestand Front brake lever 1. Sidestand Rear brake lever ZAUM1033 1. Centerstand The pivoting points of the front and rear brake levers must be lubricated at the intervals specified in the periodic main- tenance and lubrication chart.
  • Page 71: Checking The Front Fork

    If the centerstand or sidestand does Check the inner tubes for scratches, not move up and down smoothly, damage and excessive oil leakage. have a Yamaha dealer check or re- ECA10591 pair it. Otherwise, the centerstand or NOTICE To check the operation sidestand could contact the ground 1.
  • Page 72: Checking The Steering

    If any free (See page 6-8.) hub or if the wheel does not turn play can be felt, have a Yamaha This model is equipped with a VRLA smoothly, have a Yamaha dealer dealer check or repair the steer- (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery.
  • Page 73 To charge the battery ge it if necessary. Have a Yamaha dealer charge the bat- 3. Fully charge the battery before installation. NOTICE: When in- tery as soon as possible if it seems to have discharged.
  • Page 74: Replacing The Fuses

    The main fuse, which is in a different Fuse tongs are included in the owner’s and hard-to-reach location, must be tool kit. Use the tongs to remove and replaced by a Yamaha dealer. install a fuse. ZAUM1037 1. Radiator fan fuse 2.
  • Page 75: Replacing A Headlight Bulb

    Main fuse: This model is equipped with halogen 30.0 A bulb headlights. If a headlight bulb Ignition fuse: burns out, have a Yamaha dealer re- 10.0 A Signaling system fuse: place it and, if necessary, adjust the 10.0 A headlight beam.
  • Page 76: Tail/brake Light

    If a front turn signal light does not light bulb type tail/brake light. come on, have a Yamaha dealer check 1. Place the scooter on the center- If the tail/brake light does not come on, its electrical circuit or replace the bulb.
  • Page 77: Replacing The License Plate Light Bulb

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT 8. Place the rear storage compart- EAUM2203 Replacing the license plate ment in the original position and light bulb install the bolts. 1. Remove the socket (together with 9. Close the seat. the bulb) by pulling it out. ZAUM1038 1.
  • Page 78: Auxiliary Light

    However, should your scooter re- quire any repair, take it to a Yamaha dealer, whose skilled technicians have the necessary tools, experience, and know-how to service the scooter prop- erly.
  • Page 79: Troubleshooting Charts

    Remove the spark plug and check the electrodes. The engine does not start. Have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle. Check the compression. 4. Compression The engine does not start. There is compression.
  • Page 80 Start the engine. If the engine overheats again, have a The coolant level Yamaha dealer check and repair the cooling system. is OK. If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended cool- ant as soon as possible.
  • Page 81: Scooter Care And Storage

    Be Rust and corrosion can develop even if ECA10784 NOTICE sure to consult a Yamaha dealer for high-quality components are used. A rusty exhaust pipe may go unnoticed advice on what products to use be-  Avoid using strong acidic wheel on a car, however, it detracts from the fore cleaning the vehicle.
  • Page 82 For additional hoses and vents. roads during winter are extremely cor-  For scooters equipped with a cleaning, use Yamaha Windshield rosive in combination with water, carry windshield: Do not use strong Cleaner or another high-quality wind-...
  • Page 83 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE windshield which does not affect your EWA10943 WARNING visibility and which cannot be easily  Consult a Yamaha dealer for ad- recognized. Contaminants on the brakes or tires vice on what products to use. can cause loss of control.
  • Page 84: Storage

    SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE 2. Fill up the fuel tank and add fuel 4. Lubricate all control cables and EAU36564 Storage stabilizer (if available) to prevent the pivoting points of all levers and the fuel tank from rusting and the pedals as well as of the side- Short-term fuel from deteriorating.
  • Page 85: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: Engine oil: Cooling system: Overall length: Recommended brand: Coolant reservoir capacity (up to the 2190 mm (86.2 in) YAMALUBE maximum level mark): Overall width: Type: 0.31 L (0.33 US qt, 0.27 Imp.qt) 780 mm (30.7 in) SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, Radiator capacity (including all routes): Overall height: 20W-40 or 20W-50...
  • Page 86 SPECIFICATIONS Secondary reduction ratio: Loading: Operation: 6.643 (31/14 x 42/14) Right hand operation Maximum load: Transmission type: Specified brake fluid: YP400R 185 kg (408 lb) V-belt automatic DOT 4 YP400RA 181 kg (399 lb) Operation: Rear brake: (Total weight of rider, passenger, cargo Centrifugal automatic type and accessories) Type:...
  • Page 87 SPECIFICATIONS Voltage, capacity: Headlight fuse: 12 V, 8.0 Ah 20.0 A Headlight: Signaling system fuse: 10.0 A Bulb type: Ignition fuse: Halogen bulb Bulb voltage, wattage × quantity: 10.0 A Radiator fan fuse: Headlight: 12 V, 55.0 W × 2 7.5 A Hazard fuse: Tail/brake light:...
  • Page 88: Consumer Information

    Record the vehicle identification num- ber and model label information in the spaces provided below for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for reference in case the vehicle is stolen. VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: ZAUM0683 1. Vehicle identification number 1.
  • Page 89: Index

    INDEX Front fork, checking ......6-28 Front turn signal light ......6-33 ABS (for ABS models) ......3-12 Safe-riding points ........1-5 Fuel ............3-14 ABS warning light (for ABS models) ..3-4 Safety information........1-1 Fuel consumption, tips for reducing ..5-4 Acceleration and deceleration....
  • Page 90 INDEX Wheel bearings, checking ....6-29 Wheels ..........6-22 10-2...
  • Page 92 Original instructions MBK Industrie Z.I. de Rouvroy 02100 Saint Quentin PRINTED IN FRANCE 2013.09 (E)

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