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YAMAHA MAJESTY YP125E Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL YP125E 5D8-F8199-E0...
  • Page 3 EAU10110 Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling! As the owner of the YP125E, you are benefiting from Yamaha’s vast experience and newest technology regarding the design and manufacture of high-quality products, which have earned Yamaha a reputation for dependability.
  • Page 4: Important Manual Information

    Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your scooter and this manual. If you have any questions concerning this manual, please consult your Yamaha dealer. EWA12410 s WARNING PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY BEFORE OPERATING THIS SCOOTER.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAUS1172 YP125E OWNER’S MANUAL ©2006 by YAMAHA MOTOR ESPAÑA S.A. 1st edition, August 2006 All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of YAMAHA MOTOR ESPAÑA S.A. is expressly prohibited. Printed in Spain.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Storage compartment.....3-11 Adjusting the carburetor ....6-15 Adjusting the shock absorber Adjusting the throttle cable free IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION assemblies........3-12 play ..........6-15 Sidestand........3-12 Valve clearance.......6-16 TABLE OF CONTENTS Ignition circuit cut-off system ..3-13 Tires ..........6-16 Cast wheels ........6-18 SAFETY INFORMATION .....1-1 PRE-OPERATION CHECKS ....4-1 Front and rear brake lever free...
  • Page 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Troubleshooting ......6-31 Troubleshooting charts ....6-32 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE ..7-1 Matte color caution......7-1 Care ..........7-1 Storage ..........7-3 SPECIFICATIONS .......8-1 CONSUMER INFORMATION .....9-1 Identification numbers ......9-1...
  • Page 8: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION EAU10261 Safe riding ved in accidents do not even SCOOTERS ARE SINGLE TRACK Always make pre-operation have a current driver’s license. VEHICLES. THEIR SAFE USE AND checks. Careful checks may help • Make sure that you are quali- OPERATION DEPENDENT prevent an accident.
  • Page 9 Modifications made to this scooter Cargo and accessory weight ries. The use of a safety helmet is the not approved by Yamaha, or the should be kept as low and close single most critical factor in the pre- removal of original equipment, may to the scooter as possible.
  • Page 10 Since Yamaha cannot accessories are added to the which could cause a dangerous test all other accessories that may be handlebar or front fork area, loss of lights or engine power.
  • Page 11: Further Safe-riding Points

    SAFETY INFORMATION • Never refuel while smoking or If you should swallow any gasoli- covers become extremely slip- in the vicinity of an open flame. ne, inhale a lot of gasoline vapor, pery when wet. Slow down and Never start the engine or let it run or allow gasoline to get into your cross them with caution.
  • Page 12: Description

    DESCRIPTION EAU10410 Left view 1. Coolant reservoir cap (page 6-12) 5. Air filter (page 6-14) 2. Battery (page 6-24) 6. V-Belt air filter (page 6-14) 3. Storage compartment (page 3-11) 7. Engine oil drain bolt (page 6-9) 4. Fuel tank cap (page 3-7) 8.
  • Page 13: Right View

    DESCRIPTION EAU10420 Right view 1. Grab bar 5. Fuses (page 6-26) 2. Passenger Seat 6. Headlight (page 6-27) 3. Rider Seat (page 3-9) 7. Radiator 4. Owner's tool kit (page 6-1) 8. Centerstand (page 6-22)
  • Page 14: Controls And Instruments

    DESCRIPTION EAU10430 Controls and instruments 1. Rear brake lever (page 3-6) 7. Front brake lever (page 3-6) 2. Left handlebar switch (page 3-5) 8. Main switch (page 3-1) 3. Multi-function display (page 3-2) 9. Battery voltage (page 3-3) 4. Speedometer (page 3-2) 10.
  • Page 15: Instrument And Control Functions

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU10460 EAU10660 EWA10060 OFF “ ” s WARNING Main switch/steering lock All electrical systems are off. The key Never turn the key to “ ” or “ ” can be removed. while the vehicle is moving, other- wise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in EAUM1020...
  • Page 16: Indicator Lights

    The corresponding indicator light flas- 2. If the warning light does not CAUTION: hes when the turn signal switch is come on, have a Yamaha dealer Do not operate the scooter in the pushed to the left or right. check the electrical circuit.
  • Page 17: Battery Voltage/fuel Gauge

    1. Turn the key to “ ” while pres- If the battery voltage drops to 10 V, sing the reset button. have a Yamaha dealer check the bat- 2. Release the reset button when tery. the display comes on. 3. The current mode appears in the When the key is turned to “...
  • Page 18: Clock

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS ses. When the needle reaches “E”, EAUS1210 4. Press the “TRIP” button for two Clock refuel as soon as possible. seconds, and the first minute To set the clock digit will flash. NOTE: 1. Turn the key to “ ”.
  • Page 19: Anti-theft Alarm (optional)

    “ ” for the low beam. with an optional anti-theft alarm by a With the headlight on low beam, Yamaha dealer. Contact a Yamaha press this switch downwards to flash dealer for more information. the headlight. EAU12460 Turn signal switch “...
  • Page 20: Front Brake Lever

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS ECA10050 EAU12900 EAU12950 CAUTION: Front brake lever Rear brake lever See page 5-1 for starting instruc- tions prior to starting the engine. EAU12764 Hazard switch “ ” With the key in the “ ” position, turn this switch to “...
  • Page 21: Fuel Tank Cap

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAUS1040 Fuel tank cap 2. Insert the key in the lock and turn 3. Close the fuel tank cover. it clockwise. To close the fuel tank cap 1. Align the match marks, and then To open the fuel tank cap push the fuel tank cap into the original position.
  • Page 22: Fuel

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU13220 ECA10070 Your Yamaha engine has been desig- CAUTION: Fuel ned to use regular unleaded gasoline Immediately wipe off spilled fuel with a research octane number of 91 with a clean, dry, soft cloth, since or higher. If knocking (or pinging)
  • Page 23: Fuel Tank Breather/overflow Hose

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAUB1300 EAU13431 EAU13891 Fuel tank breather/overflow Catalytic converter Seat hose This model is equipped with a cataly- To open the seat tic converter in the exhaust system. Before operating the motorcycle: Check fuel tank EWA10860 breather/overflow hose connec- s WARNING tion.
  • Page 24: Front Storage Compartment

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS To close the seat EAU14540 To close the front storage Front storage compartment 1. Fold the seat down, and then compartment To open the front storage push it down to lock it in place. compartment 2. Remove the key. NOTE: Make sure that the seat is properly secured before riding.
  • Page 25: Storage Compartment

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAUM1190 ECA10080 NOTE: CAUTION: Storage compartment Some helmets cannot be stored Keep the following points in mind in the storage compartment when using the storage compart- because of theirsize or shape. ment. Do not leave your scooter unat- Since the storage compart- tended with the seat open.
  • Page 26: Adjusting The Shock Absorber Assemblies

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU14880 EWA10210 EAU15301 s WARNING Adjusting the shock Sidestand absorber assemblies Always adjust both shock absorber assemblies equally, otherwise poor handling and loss of stability may result. Adjust the spring preload as follows. To increase the spring preload and thereby harden the suspension, turn the adjusting ring on each shock absorber assembly in direction (a).
  • Page 27: Ignition Circuit Cut-off System

    Therefore, check this It cuts the running engine when system regularly as described the sidestand is moved down. below and have a Yamaha dealer Periodically check the operation of repair it if it does not function pro- the ignition circuit cut-off system perly.
  • Page 28 Does the engine start? The sidestand switch may be defective. The scooter should not be ridden until checked by a Yamaha dealer. With the engine still off: 6. Move the sidestand up. 7. Keep the front or rear brake applied.
  • Page 29: Pre-operation Checks

    PRE-OPERATION CHECKS EAU15591 The condition of a vehicle is the owner’s responsibility. Vital compo- nents can start to deteriorate quickly and unexpectedly, even if the vehicle remains unused (for example, as a result of exposure to the elements). Any damage, fluid leakage or loss of tire air pressure could have serious consequences.
  • Page 30: Pre-operation Check List

    • If necessary, add recommended coolant to specified level. 3-2, 6-12 • Check cooling system for leakage. • Check operation. • If soft or spongy, have Yamaha dealer bleed hydraulic system. • Check brake pads for wear. Front brake • Replace if necessary.
  • Page 31 • Correct if necessary. • Check operation of ignition circuit cut-off system. 3-12 Sidestand switch • If system is defective, have Yamaha dealer check vehicle. • Check fluid level. Battery • Fill with distilled water if necessary. 6-24...
  • Page 32: Operation And Important Riding Points

    Become thoroughly familiar ECA11040 with all operating controls and CAUTION: their functions before riding. For maximum engine life, never Consult Yamaha dealer accelerate hard when the engine is regarding any control or func- cold! tion that you do not thoroughly understand.
  • Page 33: Starting Off

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS EAU16760 EAU16780 EAU16791 Starting off Acceleration and Braking deceleration 1. Grab bar 1. Close the throttle completely. 2. Apply both front and rear brakes The speed can be adjusted by ope- NOTE: simultaneously while gradually ning and closing the throttle.
  • Page 34: Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS areas and cross them with cau- EAU16820 EAU16830 Tips for reducing fuel Engine break-in tion. consumption There is never a more important Keep in mind that braking on a period in the life of your engine than wet road is much more difficult.
  • Page 35: Parking

    1000 km (600 mi) and beyond Avoid prolonged full-throttle opera- tion. Vary the speed occasionally. ECA10270 CAUTION: If any engine trouble should occur during the engine break-in period, immediately have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.
  • Page 36: Periodic Maintenance And Minor Repair

    The intervals given in the periodic Consult a Yamaha dealer for proper maintenance and lubrication chart maintenance intervals. should be simply considered as a general guide under normal riding 1.
  • Page 37 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR NOTE: If you do not have the tools or expe- rience required for a particular job, have a Yamaha dealer perform it for you. EWA10350 s WARNING Modifications not approved by Yamaha may cause loss of perfor- mance and render the vehicle unsafe for use.
  • Page 38: Periodic Maintenance And Lubrication Chart

    The annual checks must be performed every year, except if a kilometer-based maintenance is performed instead. From 30000 km, repeat the maintenance intervals starting from 6000 km. Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills. ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km)
  • Page 39 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km) ANNUAL ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB CHECK √ √ √ √ √ √ • Check operation, fluid level and vehicle for fluid leakage. 8 * Rear brake • Replace brake pads. Whenever worn to the limit √...
  • Page 40 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km) ANNUAL ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB CHECK √ √ √ √ √ 22 * Cooling system • Check coolant level and vehicle for coolant leakage. • Change. Every 3 years •...
  • Page 41: Removing And Installing Panels

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU18771 EAU19210 To install the panel Panel A Removing and installing Place the panel in the original posi- panels tion, and then install the screws. Panel B 1. Panel A 1. Panel A To remove the panel 2.
  • Page 42: Checking The Spark Plug

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR To install the panel EAU19603 Checking the spark plug Place the panel in the original posi- The spark plug is an important engine tion, and then install the screw. component, which is easy to check. Since heat and deposits will cause any spark plug to slowly erode, the spark plug should be removed and...
  • Page 43 20 Nm (2.0 m•kgf, 14.5 ft•lbf) operating improperly. Do not attempt to diagnose such problems yourself. Instead, have a Yamaha dealer check NOTE: the vehicle. If a torque wrench is not available when installing a spark plug, a good 2.
  • Page 44: Engine Oil

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAUM1260 Engine oil The engine oil level should be chec- ked before each ride. In addition, the oil must be changed at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart and when the oil change indicator display comes on.
  • Page 45 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 2. Place an oil pan under the engine 4. Check the washer for damage ECA11670 CAUTION: to collect the used oil. and replace it if necessary. Do not use oils with a diesel 5. Install the washer and the engine specification of “CD”...
  • Page 46: Final Transmission Oil

    3. Turn the key to "e". ride. If any leakage is found, have a NOTE: Yamaha dealer check and repair the If the engine oil is changed before the scooter. In addition, the final trans- oil change indicator light comes on mission oil must be changed as (i.e.
  • Page 47: Coolant

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU20070 Tightening torque: Coolant Final transmission oil drain bolt: The coolant level should be checked 22 Nm (2.2 m•kgf, 15.9 ft•lbf) before each ride. In addition, the coo- lant must be changed at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance 6.
  • Page 48 Have a Yamaha dealer change the ble, otherwise the effective- the panel. coolant. ness of the coolant will be reduced.
  • Page 49: Air Filter And V-belt Case Air Filter Elements

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAUM1320 6. Insert the air filter element into Air filter and V-belt case air the air filter case. filter elements 7. Install the air filter case cover by installing the screw. The air filter and the V-belt case air fil- Cleaning the V-belt case air filter ter elements should be cleaned at the intervals specified in the periodic...
  • Page 50: Adjusting The Carburetor

    4 ~ 6 mm (0.15 ~ 0.24 in) at buretor adjustments should be left to the throttle grip. Periodically check a Yamaha dealer, who has the neces- the throttle cable free play and, if sary professional knowledge and necessary, adjust it as follows.
  • Page 51: Valve Clearance

    To prevent motorcycle, note the following points this from occurring, the valve clearan- regarding the specified tires. ce must be adjusted by a Yamaha Tire air pressure dealer at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart.
  • Page 52 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR The tire air pressure must be NEVER OVERLOAD THE VEHI- Tire inspection adjusted in accordance with CLE! Operation of an overloa- The tires must be checked before the riding speed and with the ded vehicle may result in tire each ride.
  • Page 53: Cast Wheels

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR Tire information a Yamaha dealer, who has the EAU21960 Cast wheels This motorcycle is equipped with necessary professional know- To maximize the performance, durabi- tubeless tires. ledge and experience. lity, and safe operation of your...
  • Page 54: Front And Rear Brake Lever Free Play

    Front and rear brake lever Checking the front and rear brake lever ends. If there is free play, free play brake pads have a Yamaha dealer inspect the brake system. The front and rear brake pads must Front EWA14211 be checked for wear at the intervals...
  • Page 55: Checking The Brake Fluid Level

    Recommended brake fluid: lining thickness is less than 3.8 mm DOT 4 (0.15 in), have a Yamaha dealer repla- ce the brake pads as a set. Refill with the same type of brake fluid. Mixing fluids may result in a...
  • Page 56: Changing The Brake Fluid

    As the brake pads wear, it is nor- damaged or does not move smoothly, vals listed below or whenever they are mal for the brake fluid level to have a Yamaha dealer check or repla- damaged or leaking. gradually go down. However, if ce it.
  • Page 57: Lubricating The Front And Rear Brake Levers

    EWA10740 s WARNING If the centerstand or sidestand does not move up and down smo- othly, have a Yamaha dealer check or repair it. Recommended lubricant: Lithium-soap-based grease (all- purpose grease) 6-22...
  • Page 58: Checking The Front Fork

    EWA10750 fork does not operate smoothly, 1. Place a stand under the engine to s WARNING have a Yamaha dealer check or raise the front wheel off the Securely support the motorcycle so repair it. ground. that there is no danger of it falling...
  • Page 59: Checking The Wheel Bearings

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR play can be felt, have a Yamaha EAU23290 EAUM1401 Checking the wheel bearings Battery dealer check or repair the stee- The front and rear wheel bearings A poorly maintained battery will ring. must be checked at the intervals spe- corrode and discharge quickly.
  • Page 60 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR NOTE: Batteries produce explosive The electrolyte should be between hydrogen gas. Therefore, keep the minimum and maximum level sparks, flames, cigarettes, etc., marks. away from the battery and pro- vide sufficient ventilation when 4. If the electrolyte is at or below the charging it in an enclosed spa- minimum level mark, add distilled water to raise it to the maximum...
  • Page 61: Replacing The Fuses

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 2. If the battery will be stored for EAU23630 Replacing the fuses more than two months, check the The main fuse box and the fuse box, specific gravity of the electrolyte which contains the fuses for the indi- at least once a month and fully vidual circuits, are located under charge the battery whenever...
  • Page 62: Replacing A Headlight Bulb

    If a headlight bulb 4. If the fuse immediately blows burns out, replace it as follows. again, have a Yamaha dealer To replace the low beam headlight check the electrical system. bulb 1. Remove panel A. (See page 6-6.) 1.
  • Page 63 7. Install the headlight bulb cover. 5. Place a new headlight bulb into 8. Install the panel. position, and then secure it with 9. Have a Yamaha dealer adjust the the bulb holder. headlight beam if necessary. ECA10650 To replace the high beam...
  • Page 64: Replacing A Front Turn Signal Light Bulb

    5. Install the headlight bulb cover 4. Place a new headlight bulb into 6. Install the panel. position, and then secure it with 7. Have a Yamaha dealer adjust the the bulb holder by turning it headlight beam if necessary. clockwise 1.
  • Page 65: Replacing The Tail/brake Light Bulb Or A Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAUS1130 Rear turn signal light bulb 7. Install the turn signal light bulb Replacing the tail/brake light lens. bulb or a rear turn signal 8. Install the tail/brake light bulb lens by installing the screw. light bulb Tail/brake light bulb ECA10680...
  • Page 66: Replacing The License Plate Light Bulb

    The following troubleshooting charts represent quick and easy procedures for checking these vital systems your- self. However, should your scooter require any repair, take it to a Yamaha 1. Screw 1. Auxiliary light bulb socket 2. License plate light cover dealer, whose skilled technicians 3.
  • Page 67: Troubleshooting Charts

    Remove the spark plugs and check the electrodes. The engine does not start. Have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle. Check the battery. 4. Battery The engine turns over The battery is good.
  • Page 68 Start the engine. If the engine overheats again, have a The coolant level Yamaha dealer check and repair the cooling system. is OK. NOTE: If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended coolant as soon as possible.
  • Page 69: Scooter Care And Storage

    CAUTION: matte colored finished parts. Be ble. Rust and corrosion can develop sure to consult a Yamaha dealer for Avoid using strong acidic whe- even if high-quality components are advice on what products to use el cleaners, especially on spo- used.
  • Page 70 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE thinner, fuel (gasoline), rust After normal use ECA10790 CAUTION: removers or inhibitors, brake Remove dirt with warm water, a mild Do not use warm water since it fluid, antifreeze or electrolyte. detergent, and a soft, clean sponge, increases the corrosive action of Do not use high-pressure was- and then rinse thoroughly with clean...
  • Page 71: Storage

    SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE 6. Wax all painted surfaces. NOTE: EAU26300 Storage 7. Let the scooter dry completely Consult a Yamaha dealer for advice Short-term before storing or covering it. on what products to use. EWA10940 Always store your scooter in a cool,...
  • Page 72 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE 3. Fill up the fuel tank and add fuel EWA10950 information on storing the bat- s WARNING stabilizer (if available) to prevent tery, see page 6-24. To prevent damage or injury from the fuel tank from rusting and the NOTE: sparking, make sure to ground the fuel from deteriorating.
  • Page 73: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Engine oil Air filter Overall length Type Air filter element 2030 mm (79.9 in) SAE10W30 or SAE10W40 Dry element Overall width Recommended fuel 745 mm (29.3 in) Recommended fuel Overall height Unleaded fuel 1285 mm (50.6 in) Fuel tank capacity Seat height 10.5 L ( 2.77US gal) (2.31 774 mm (30.5 in)
  • Page 74 SPECIFICATIONS Operation Tire air pressure (measured on cold Operation Centrifugal automatic type Left hand operation tires) Chassis Recommended fluid Loading condition DOT 4 Frame type 0–90 kg (0–198 lb) Front suspension Steel tube underbone Front Caster angle Type 190 kPa (27 psi) (1.9 kgf/cm 28 º...
  • Page 75 SPECIFICATIONS 12 V, 21.0 W / 5.0 W x 2 Front turn signal light 12 V, 21.0 W x 2 Rear turn signal light 12 V, 10.0 W x 2 License plate light 12 V, 5.0 W x 1 Meter lighting 12 V, 1.2 W x 2 High beam Indicator light 12 V, 1.2 W x 1...
  • Page 76: Consumer Information

    Record the key identification number, vehicle identification number and model label information in the spaces provided below for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for reference in case the vehicle is stolen. KEY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: 1. Key identification number 1.
  • Page 77 1. Model label The model label is affixed to the bot- tom of the seat. (See page 3-9.) Record the information on this label in the space provided. This information will be needed when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer.
  • Page 78 INDEX Front fork, checking .........6-23 Front Storage compartment ....3-10 Acceleration and deceleration ....5-2 Safe-riding points........1-4 Fuel ............3-8 Air filter and V-belt case air filter Safety information........1-1 Fuel consumption, tips for reducing..5-3 elements ..........6-14 Seat ............3-9 Fuel tank breather/overflow hose ....3-9 Anti-theft alarm (optional) ......3-5 Shock absorber assemblies, adjusting..3-12 Fuel tank cap ..........3-7...

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