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Reinstalling Software - Panasonic Touchbook CF-45 Operating Instructions Manual

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Reinstalling Software

Before Reinstallation
You will need the FIRSTAID CD, CD-ROM included in the Windows 95 System Pack and the FIRSTAID FD you made
If you have not created the FIRSTAID FD, you can create by selecting [Create FIRSTAID FD] in [Start]-[Programs]-
[Panasonic]. If for some reason, you do not have this disk or it is corrupted, please contact Panasonic Technical Support.
Save all important data. If reinstallation is carried out, all data existing prior to the installation will be lost. The reinstal-
lation will return the computer to factory condition.
Be sure to remove all PC Cards and disconnect all peripherals before the reinstallation procedure.
Be sure the AC adapter is connected until completing reinstallation.
Windows 95
If data on your hard disk is compressed, the data should
be uncompressed.
1 Insert the FIRSTAID FD, and turn the computer on.
2 When the message [Press F2 to enter Setup] is displayed,
press F2 and then run the Setup Utility.
If the password has been set, enter the supervisor pass-
3 Press F9 .
At the confirmation message, select [Yes] and press
Enter .
4 Select [Power] menu and set [Power Management] to
[Disable] and [Power Switch] to [Off].
5 Press F10 .
At the confirmation message, select [Yes] and press
Enter . The computer will reboot, and this screen
should appear.
Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu
1. Boot
2. Initialize the HDD for the Hibernation function
3. Restore the HDD to factory default
Enter a choice: 1
To use the hibernation function, follow this proce-
dure and be sure to create the hibernation partition.
If you decide not to create the hibernation partition,
go on to step 7
Select [2.Initialize the HDD for the Hibernation
At the confirmation message, press
When the message [Press any key to continue...] is
displayed, confirm that the FIRSTAID FD has been
set in the floppy drive, and then press a key.
The computer will reboot.
(HDD format)
Windows 95
7 Select [3. Restore the HDD to factory default].
8 At the confirmation message, press any key.
9 When your computer prompts you to insert the
FIRSTAID CD, please set the specified CD and press
any key.
10 When your computer prompts you to insert the "Win-
dows 95 CD-ROM", please set the specified CD and
press any key.
11 When the [To continue, press ENTER...] appears, press
Enter .
After Microsoft ScanDisk completes, the computer will
automatically return to the Windows 95 setup.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions.
With the exception of the instruction below, please
select all default values displayed by the Setup Wiz-
ard. Be sure to add the check mark
MIDI, or Video Capture Card] at the [Analyzing
Your Computer].
Have a floppy disk on hand to create a "Windows
95 Startup Disk". Immediately after creating this
disk, enter the FIRSTAID FD into the floppy disk
drive and press [OK]. (Note: A system error will
result if the FIRSTAID FD is not inserted. If this
occurs, insert the FIRSTAID FD and press [Retry].)
12 At the [Finishing Setup], remove the floppy disk and
press [Finish]. Windows will restart after all the set-
tings have automatically been made. If the computer
asks you to insert the Windows 95 Disk, press [OK].
Input [c:\cabs], then press [OK].
13 At the [Date/Time Properties], press [Close].
14 At the [Add Printer Wizard], press [Cancel].
15 When the display appears indicating the establishment
of the system settings, press [OK]. The computer will
to [Sound,



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