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Reinstalling Software - Panasonic CF-M34 Operating Instructions Manual

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Reinstalling Software

Before Reinstallation
• BACKUP DISK(s) created in advance (
• Product Recovery CD-ROM (included)
• External floppy disk drive (optional CF-VFDU03)
• CD-ROM drive Panasonic KXL-RW10A (PC Card-compatible) or KXL-RW21A (USB)
When using a PC Card-compatible CD-ROM drive other than the Panasonic KXL-RW10A CD-ROM drive:
If you have not created the FIRSTAID FD, you can create by using the following menu.
Windows 2000
Windows XP
If you can not create this disk, contact Panasonic Technical Support.
Save all important data. If reinstallation is carried out, all data existing prior to the installation will be lost. The reinstal-
lation will return the computer to the conditions at time of purchase.
Before the reinstallation procedure, remove all peripherals (except for the CD-ROM and floppy disk drive).
Be sure the AC adaptor is connected until the reinstallation procedure is completed.
When using the Panasonic KXL-RW10A CD-ROM drive, set the switch of the PC Card to 16-bit.
If data on your hard disk is compressed, the data
should be uncompressed.
For users intending to change the partitioning of the
hard disk:
• When reinstalling Windows in the first partition,
be sure to create several partitions in advance.
If several partitions have not been created, all disk
space, including space that has not been parti-
tioned, will be allocated to the C drive (the same
condition at the time of purchase).
• Do not use the FDISK program that comes as a
standard with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Win-
dows 98 Second Edition, as this has been shown
to result in an error in the partitioning settings.
The following FDISK programs will enable the
correct settings:
- FDISK program that comes as a standard with
Windows Me
- Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition
FDISK programs for hard disks that is larger
than 64 GB in size*
* A patch for correcting the bug in the standard
FDISK program has been made available as a
free download. For details, please refer to the
Microsoft Web Site.
page 13)
: [Create Backup Disk] in [Start] - [Programs] - [Panasonic].
: [Create Backup Disk] in [Start] - [All Programs] - [Panasonic].
1 Turn off the computer.
2 Connect the CD-ROM drive to the computer.
3 <Only when using the CD-ROM drive Panasonic KXL-
Connect the floppy disk drive to the USB port of main unit,
then set the FIRSTAID FD in the floppy disk drive.
4 Turn the computer on.
5 When the message [Press F2 to enter SETUP] is displayed,
press F2 and then run the Setup Utility.
If the password has been set, enter the supervisor pass-
6 Write down all of the contents of the Setup Utility and then
press F9 .
At the confirmation message, select [Yes] and press
Enter .
7 <Only when using the CD-ROM drive Panasonic KXL-
Select [Boot] menu, press
[CD Drive] is at the top of the [Boot] menu.
8 Set the Product Recovery CD-ROM1.
9 Press F10 .
At the confirmation message, select [Yes] and press
Enter . The computer will reboot, and the License
Agreement screen should appear. Select [1. Yes, I agree to
the provisions above and wish to continue!].
10 At the screen for the selection of the OS, select either Win-
dows 2000 or Windows XP.
You can reinstall only the initially selected OS.
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and F5 / F6 until


Table of Contents