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Reaching And Bending; Preventing Unintended Movement - Pride Jet 2 Owner's Manual

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Inclement Weather Precautions
WARNING! Pride recommends that you do not operate your power chair in icy or slippery conditions
or on salted surfaces (i.e., walks or roads). Such use may adversely affect the performance and
safety of your power chair, resulting in an accident and personal injury.
WARNING! Do not expose your power chair to any type of moisture at any time (rain, snow, mist, or
wash). Such exposure can damage your power chair. Never operate your power chair if it has been
exposed to moisture until it has dried thoroughly.

Reaching and Bending

Never reach, lean, or bend while driving your power chair. If it is absolutely necessary to reach, lean, or bend while
seated on your power chair, it is important to maintain a stable center of gravity and keep the power chair from
tipping. Pride recommends that the power chair user determine his/her personal limitations and practice bending
and reaching in the presence of a qualified healthcare professional.
WARNING! Do not bend, lean, or reach for objects if you have to pick them up from the floor by
reaching down between your knees. Movements such as these may change your center of gravity
and the weight distribution of the power chair. This may cause your power chair to tip, possibly
resulting in personal injury. Keep your hands away from the tires when driving.
In addition to following the warnings below, be sure to comply with all other battery handling information. For
more information about your power chair’s batteries, see IX. “Batteries and Charging.”
WARNING! Power chair batteries are heavy. See specifications table. If you are unable to lift that
much weight, be sure to get help. Lifting beyond your capacity can result in personal injury.
WARNING! Battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds.
Wash hands after handling.
WARNING! Always protect the batteries from freezing and never charge a frozen battery. Charging
a frozen battery may result in personal injury and/or damage to the battery.

Preventing Unintended movement

WARNING! If you anticipate being seated in a stationary position for an extended period of time,
turn off the power. This will prevent unexpected motion from inadvertent joystick contact. This will
also eliminate the possibility of unintended chair movement from electromagnetic (EM) sources.
Failure to do so may result in personal injury.
Prescription Drugs/Physical Limitations
Users must exercise care and common sense when operating a power chair. This includes awareness of safety
issues when taking prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or when the user has specific physical limitations.
WARNING! Consult your physician if you are taking prescribed or over-the-counter medication or if
you have certain physical limitations. Some medications and limitations may impair your ability to
operate your power chair in a safe manner.
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Table of Contents

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