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How It Works? (Vhf Marine); Band Select; Normal Mode Operation; Normal Mode With Triple Watch Or Dual Watch - Uniden MHS155UV Owner's Manual

Dual band (uhf cb+vhf marine) radio
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How it Works? (VHF Marine)

Band Select

To operate the radio in the Marine mode, press BAND/MENU and select

Normal Mode Operation

In Normal mode, you listen to a single channel until you change it.
• To transmit, remove the radio from the charger, then press and hold
Push to Talk. Release the button when you are finished talking.
• For the best sound quality, hold the microphone about two inches from
your mouth while you're talking.
• Press CHANNEL UP to move up one channel at a time. Press and
hold the button to scroll quickly up the channels.
• Press CHANNEL DOWN to move down one channel at a time. Press
and hold the button to scroll quickly down the channels.
• To change the transmit power, press and hold ENT/L/M/H button. The
transmit power switches to the next transmit power each time you
press and hold this button.

Normal mode with Triple Watch or Dual Watch

If you activate Triple Watch while operating in Normal VHF mode, the
radio checks VHF channels 16 and 67 every two seconds; with Dual
Watch turned on, the radio checks Instant channel every two seconds.
The radio will not check channels 16 or 67 while you are actively
transmitting; it waits until your transmission is finished and then checks
the channels.
Press 16/67/TRI button to activate the Triple Watch or the Dual Watch.
The setting for the Triple or Dual Watch is selected in the Menu mode.
Private boats must monitor channel 16 whenever they are
underway. Water-going vessels should have either Triple
Watch or Dual Watch on at all times.
Monitoring Channel 25
16 67
Every 2 seconds, the radio
checks channels 16 & 67.
Triple Watch on
16 67
16 67
UHF CB+VHF Marine Radio



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