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April 2014
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  • Page 1

    MC40 USER GUIDE April 2014 *MN000111A02* MN000111A02-A © 2014 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved...

  • Page 3: Copyrights

    United States and other countries preserve for Motorola certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programs. Accordingly, any copyrighted Motorola computer programs contained in the Motorola products described in this document may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of Motorola. ©...

  • Page 5: Revision History

    5 | Revision History Revision History Changes to the original guide are listed below: Change Date Description -01 Rev A 08/30/2013 Initial release. -02 Rev A 04/24/2014 Add RS507 support, Bluetooth pairing utility. Update PTT Express application. MN000111A02-A | April 2014 | Send Feedback...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Setting the Date and Time........................... 26 Display Setting..............................27 Setting the Screen Brightness........................27 Setting Screen Rotation........................... 27 Changing the Screen Timeout Setting.....................28 General Sounds Setting............................28 Chapter 2: Using the MC40.................. 31 Home Screen............................... 31 Status Bar................................32 Status Icons..............................32 Notification Icons............................ 34 Managing Notifications............................35 Application Shortcuts and Widgets........................35...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    8 | Contents Accessing Applications........................... 41 Switching Between Recent Applications....................42 Un-Locking the Screen............................42 Single User Mode............................42 MultiUser Mode............................44 MultiUser Login.......................... 44 MultiUser Logout........................45 Resetting the Device............................45 Performing a Soft Reset.......................... 45 Performing a Hard Reset......................... 45 Suspend Mode..............................46 File Browser................................

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Micro USB Cable..............................84 Single Slot Charge Cradle........................... 85 Five Slot Charge Only Cradle..........................86 Four Slot Battery Charger........................... 88 Chapter 8: Maintenance and Troubleshooting........... 91 Maintaining the MC40............................91 Battery Safety Guidelines............................91 Cleaning Instructions............................92 Cleaning the MC40............................. 93 Connector Cleaning..........................93 Cleaning Cradle Connectors..........................93...

  • Page 10

    10 | Contents...

  • Page 11: List Of Figures

    Figure 27: File Browser Screen ...................... 47 Figure 28: PTT Express Default User Interface ................48 Figure 29: PTT Express Window ....................49 Figure 30: MC40 PTT Buttons ....................... 50 Figure 31: Wired Headset ....................... 50 Figure 32: RS507 Hands-Free Imager .................... 54...

  • Page 12

    Figure 58: Charging Using the Micro USB Cable ................85 Figure 59: Communication Using the Micro USB Cable ...............85 Figure 60: MC40 Battery Charging ....................86 Figure 61: Charging MC40s and Spare Batteries ................87 Figure 62: Four Slot Battery Charger ..................... 88...

  • Page 13: List Of Tables

    Table 8: PTT Express Default user Interface Descriptions ............49 Table 9: MC40 Accessories ......................83 Table 10: Spare Battery Charge LED Status .................. 89 Table 11: Troubleshooting the MC40 .....................94 Table 12: Troubleshooting the Single-slot Charge Cradle ............. 96 Table 13: Troubleshooting the Five-Slot Charge Only Cradle ............96 Table 14: Troubleshooting the Four-slot Battery Charger ..............97...

  • Page 14

    14 | List of Tables...

  • Page 15: About This Guide

    Kernel version – Displays the kernel version number. • Build number – Displays the software build number. The build number contains the software revision number and whether the MC40 is VoIP telephony ready. Example Build Number: 0z-4AJ11–J-xxxx–xxxx–y0–M1–mmddyy • z = software version number •...

  • Page 16: Chapter Descriptions

    Topics covered in this guide are as follows: • Getting Started on page 19 provides information on getting the MC40 up and running for the first time. • Using the MC40 on page 31 provides basic instructions for using the MC40, including powering on and resetting the MC40.

  • Page 17: Related Documents

    Service Information If you have a problem with your equipment, contact Motorola Solutions Global Customer Support Center for your region. Contact information is available at: When contacting Motorola Solutions Global Customer Support Center, please have the following information available: •...

  • Page 18

    Motorola responds to calls by email or telephone within the time limits set forth in support agreements. If your problem cannot be solved by Motorola Solutions Global Customer Support Center, you may need to return your equipment for servicing and will be given specific directions. Motorola is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipment if the approved shipping container is not used.

  • Page 19: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    19 | Getting Started Chapter Getting Started This chapter provides the features of the MC40 and explains how to set it up for the first time. Features Figure 2: Front View Table 1: Features - Front View Number Item Function Microphone Use for making voice recordings.

  • Page 20

    Button Remap Program. See MC40 Integrator Guide for more infor- mation. Power Button Press and hold to turn on the MC40. Press to turn on or off the screen. Press and hold to select one of these options: •...

  • Page 21: Unpacking

    Use to swipe magnetic stripe cards during credit or debit transactions. Finger Strap Plug Covers mounting area for optional Finger Strap. Unpacking Carefully remove all protective material from the MC40 and save the shipping container for later storage and shipping. Verify the following items are in the box: •...

  • Page 22: Setup

    Caution: Ensure that you follow the guidelines for battery safety described in Battery Safety Guidelines on page Before using the MC40 for the first time, charge the main battery until the Right light emitting diode (LED) turns solid green (see Table 3: Battery Charge LED Status on page 23 for charge status indications).

  • Page 23: Powering On The Mc40

    Powering On the MC40 If the MC40 did not turn on when the battery was installed, press the Power button until the Right and Left LEDs flash once. The splash screen displays for about a minute as the MC40 initializes its flash file system. Note that these windows also appear upon reset.

  • Page 24: Replacing The Battery

    6 Align the replacement battery in the battery compartment. 7 Lower the battery and press down until it snaps into place. 8 Press down on the battery latch. 9 Press the Power button to turn on the MC40. Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 25: Battery Management

    Some applications include buttons that open screens with settings to adjust power use. Low Battery Notification When the battery charge drops below 20%, the MC40 sounds an alert and displays a notice to connect the MC40 to power.

  • Page 26: Setting The Date And Time

    Figure 8: Low Battery Notification Screen The user should replace the battery or charge the MC40 using one of the charging accessories. When the battery charge drops below 15%, the MC40 sounds an alert and displays a notice to connect the MC40 to power.

  • Page 27: Display Setting

    The user can set the MC40 screen to rotate 90 degrees left or right. Procedure: 1 Touch 2 Touch Display. 3 In the Display settings screen, check Auto-rotate screen to set the MC40 to automatically switch orientation when the MC40 is rotated. 4 Touch MN000111A02-A | April 2014 | Send Feedback...

  • Page 28: Changing The Screen Timeout Setting

    28 | Getting Started Changing the Screen Timeout Setting To set the MC40 to turn off after a short period of non-use: Procedure: 1 Touch 2 Touch Display 3 Touch Sleep 4 Select a value from the Sleep window. Options: •...

  • Page 29

    Getting Started | 29 Figure 11: Volumes Dialog Box • Call Ringtone and Vibrate Phone ringtone - Opens a dialog box to select the ringtone to sound when a VoIP call is received (VoIP telephony ready only). Vibrate when ringing - Check to make the device vibrate when a call is received (VoIP telephony ready only).

  • Page 31: Chapter 2: Using The Mc40

    31 | Using the MC40 Chapter Using the MC40 This chapter describes the screens, status and notification icons, and controls on the MC40, and provides basic instructions for using the MC40. Home Screen The Home screen displays when the MC40 turns on. Depending upon the configuration, the Home screen might appear different.

  • Page 32: Status Bar

    3 — All Apps Icon Opens the APPS window. 4 — Settings Icon Opens the Settings window. 5 — Shortcut Icons Opens applications installed on the MC40. See Application Shortcuts and Widgets on page for more information. 6 — Widgets Launches stand-alone applications that run on the Home screen.

  • Page 33

    Indicates that the battery is fully charged. Indicates that the battery is charging. Indicates that the MC40 is calculating the battery capacity level. Indicates an unknown charging error. Indicates that the battery temperature is nearing the high for charging to occur.

  • Page 34: Notification Icons

    34 | Using the MC40 Notification Icons Table 6: Notification Icons Icon Description Indicates that more notifications are available for viewing. Indicates that data is syncing. Indicates an upcoming event. Indicates that an open Wi-Fi network is available. Indicates that a song is playing.

  • Page 35: Managing Notifications

    Using the MC40 | 35 Managing Notifications Notification icons report the arrival of new messages, calendar events, and alarms, as well as ongoing events. When a notification occurs, an icon appears in the Status bar with a brief description. See...

  • Page 36: Moving Items On The Home Screen

    36 | Using the MC40 Moving Items on the Home Screen Procedure: 1 Touch and hold the item until it floats on the screen. 2 Drag the item to a new location. Pause at the edge of the screen to drag the item onto an adjacent Home screen.

  • Page 37: Removing A Folder

    Using the MC40 | 37 Figure 17: Open Folder 2 Touch the title area and enter a folder name using the keyboard. 3 Touch Done. 4 Touch anywhere on the Home screen to close the folder. The folder name appears under the folder.

  • Page 38: Using The On-screen Keyboard

    38 | Using the MC40 • Touch and Hold - Touch and hold: an item on the Home screen to move it to a new location or to the trash. an item in the All Apps screen to create a shortcut on the Home screen.

  • Page 39: Applications

    Table 7: Applications Icon Description Bluetooth Pairing Utility – Use to pair Bluetooth devices with the MC40 by scanning a bar code. Browser - Use to access the Internet or intranet. Calculator - Provides the basic and scientific arithmetic functions.

  • Page 40

    MC40 User Guide - Displays the On-device User Guide. MLog Manager – Use to capture log files for diagnostics. See MC40 Integrator Guide for more information. MSP Agent - Enables management of the device from an MSP server. Requires the purchase of an appropriate MSP client license per device to suit the level of management functionality re- quired.

  • Page 41: Accessing Applications

    Description Search - Use the Google search engine to search the Internet and the device. Settings - Use to configure the device. For more information, refer to the MC40 Enterprise Tablet Integrator Guide. Sound Recorder - Use to record audio.

  • Page 42: Switching Between Recent Applications

    Un-Locking the Screen Use the Lock screen to protect access to data on the MC40. Some email account require locking the screen. Refer to the MC40 Integrator Guide for information on setting up the locking feature. The Locking feature functions differently in Single User mode or Multiple User mode.

  • Page 43

    Using the MC40 | 43 Figure 21: Lock Screen Figure 22: PIN Screen MN000111A02-A | April 2014 | Send Feedback...

  • Page 44: Multiuser Mode

    44 | Using the MC40 Figure 23: Pattern Screen Figure 24: Password Screen MultiUser Mode With MultiUser login, multiple users can log on to the device with each user having access to various applications and features. When enabled, the Login screen appears after powering on, resetting or after the device wakes from suspend mode.

  • Page 45: Multiuser Logout

    Using the MC40 | 45 Figure 25: Multiple User Log In Screen 2 In the Password text field, enter the password. 3 Touch OK. After a resume from suspend, the user must enter the password. MultiUser Logout Procedure: 1 Drag the Status Bar down from the top of the screen.

  • Page 46: Suspend Mode

    2 The device shuts down and then reboots. Suspend Mode The MC40 goes into suspend mode when the user presses the Power button or after a period of inactivity (set in the Display settings window). To wake the MC40 from Suspend mode, press the Power button.

  • Page 47

    Using the MC40 | 47 Figure 27: File Browser Screen The address bar (1) indicates the current folder path. Touch the current folder path to manually enter a path and folder name. (2) to select multiple files/folder. (3) to view the internal storage root folder.

  • Page 48: Ptt Express Voice Client

    48 | Using the MC40 • Touch > About File Browser to view the application version information. PTT Express Voice Client Note: PTT Express Voice Client creates Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication capability between disparate enterprise devices. Leveraging existing Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) infrastructure, PTT Express delivers simple PTT communication without the need of a voice communication server.

  • Page 49: Enabling Ptt Communication

    Using the MC40 | 49 Table 8: PTT Express Default user Interface Descriptions Item Description Notification Icon Indicates the current state of the PTT Express client. Service Indication Indicates the status of the PTT Express client. Options: Service Enabled, Service Disabled or Service Unavailable.

  • Page 50: Creating A Group Call

    50 | Using the MC40 Figure 30: MC40 PTT Buttons Group Call Hard Button Private Call Hard Button Figure 31: Wired Headset Talk Button Creating a Group Call Procedure: 1 Press and hold the Group Call button (or the Talk button on the headset) and listen for the talk tone to play.

  • Page 51: Responding To A Group Broadcast

    1 Touch Touch 3 Slide the Enable/Diable Switch to the OFF position. The button changes to OFF. 4 Touch VoIP Telephony Ready The MC40 VoIP telephony-ready models are optimized to support telephony VoIP functionality. MN000111A02-A | April 2014 | Send Feedback...

  • Page 52

    52 | Using the MC40 Use the Motorola Solutions Mobile Extensions Client or other 3rd party clients are required. Refer to the documentation provided with the client software for installation and usage information. Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 53: Chapter 3: Data Capture

    By default, the good decode beep is set to system volume (Music and Media). The good decode beep can be set to another sound (Notifications or Alarms) and the volume can be independently controlled. See the DataWedge section in the MC40 Integrator Guide for more information. DataWedge is installed and enabled on the MC40 by default.

  • Page 54: Rs507 Hands-free Imager

    54 | Data Capture • Omnidirectional reading of a variety of bar code symbologies, including the most popular linear, postal, QR, PDF417, and 2D matrix code types. • Cross-hair reticle for easy point-and-shoot operation. • Picklist mode to decode a particular bar code from many in the field of view. The solution uses the advanced camera technology to take a digital picture of a bar code, and executes state-of-the-art software decoding algorithms to extract the data from the image.

  • Page 55: Bar Code Capture With Imager

    The Left and Right LEDs light light green and a beep sounds to indicate the bar code was decoded successfully. Note that when the MC40 is in Pick List Mode, the MC40 does not decode the bar code until the center of the crosshair touches the bar code.

  • Page 56: Bar Code Capture With Integrated Camera

    6 The captured data appears in the text field. Bar Code Capture with RS507 Hands-Free Imager Prerequisites: Pair the RS507 with the MC40. See Pairing the RS507 Hands-Fee Imager Using SSI on page 58 Pairing the RS507 Hands-Free Imager Bluetooth HID on page 58 for more information.

  • Page 57

    Data Capture | 57 Figure 37: Bar Code Scanning with RS507 3 Press and hold the trigger. The red laser aiming pattern turns on to assist in aiming. Ensure the bar code is within the area formed by the cross-hairs in the aiming pattern. The aiming dot is used for increased visibility in bright lighting conditions. The RS507 LEDs light green, a beep sounds to indicate the bar code was decoded successfully.

  • Page 58: Pairing The Rs507 Hands-fee Imager Using Ssi

    The RS507 emits a high/low/high/low beeps. The Scan LED flashes green indicating that the RS507 is attempting to establish connection with the MC40. When connection is established, the Scan LED turns off and the RS507 emits one string of low/high beeps.

  • Page 59: Reading Magnetic Stripe Cards

    Procedure: 1 Ensure that MSR input is enabled in DataWedge and the cursor is in a text field. 2 Grip MC40 firmly in one hand. 3 Hold magnetic stripe card firmly in the other hand. 4 Align the magnetic stripe on the card toward the display and swipe the card smoothly in either direction.

  • Page 60

    60 | Data Capture Figure 42: Swiping a Magnetic Stripe Card 5 The captured data appears in the text field. Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 61: Improper Swiping

    Data Capture | 61 Improper Swiping Figure 43: Do Not Start Swipe in Middle of Card MN000111A02-A | April 2014 | Send Feedback...

  • Page 62

    62 | Data Capture Figure 44: Avoid Thumb Hitting Device Figure 45: Do Not Hold End of Card While Swiping Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 63: Datawedge

    The captured bar code data is converted to keystrokes and sent to the target application as if it was typed on the keypad. To configure DataWedge refer to the MC40 Integrator Guide. Enabling DataWedge...

  • Page 64: Disabling Datawedge

    64 | Data Capture Disabling DataWedge Procedure: 1 Touch Touch 3 Touch 4 Touch Settings. 5 Touch the DataWedge enabled checkbox. The blue checkmark disappears from the checkbox indicating that DataWedge is disabled. 6 Touch Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 65: Chapter 4: Wlan

    Wireless local area networks (WLANs) allow the MC40 to communicate wirelessly inside a building. Before using the MC40 on a WLAN, the facility must be set up with the required hardware to run the WLAN (sometimes known as infrastructure). The infrastructure and the MC40 must both be properly configured to enable this communication.

  • Page 66

    Connect. See the system administrator for more information. The MC40 obtains a network address and other required information from the network using the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) protocol. To configure the MC40 with a fixed internet protocol (IP) address, Refer to the MC40 Integrator Guide for more information.

  • Page 67: Chapter 5: Bluetooth

    When AFH is enabled, the Bluetooth radio “hops around” (instead of through) the 802.11b high-rate channels. AFH coexistence allows Motorola Enterprise Tablets to operate in any infrastructure. The Bluetooth radio in this device operates as a Class 2 device power class. The maximum output power is 2.5 mW and the expected range is 10 meters (32.8 ft.).

  • Page 68: Bluetooth Profiles

    MC40. • Object Push Profile (OPP) - Allows the MC40 to push and pull objects to and from a push server. • Dial-up Networking (DUN) - Allows the MC40 to access the Internet and other dial-up services using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

  • Page 69: Enabling Bluetooth

    5 If Bluetooth is off, slide the switch to the ON position. 6 Touch Bluetooth. 7 The MC40 begins searching for discoverable Bluetooth devices in the area and displays them under Available Devices. 8 Scroll through the list and select a device. The Bluetooth pairing request dialog box appears.

  • Page 70: Changing The Bluetooth Name

    11 The Bluetooth device is added to the Paired Devices list and a trusted (“paired”) connection is established. Changing the Bluetooth Name By default, the MC40 has a generic Bluetooth name that is visible to other devices when connected. Procedure:...

  • Page 71: Selecting Profiles On The Bluetooth Device

    Bluetooth | 71 Selecting Profiles on the Bluetooth Device Some Bluetooth devices have multiple profiles. To select a profile: Procedure: 1 Touch 2 Touch Bluetooth. 3 If Bluetooth is not turned on, slide the blue switch to the ON position. In the PAIRED DEVICES list, touch next to the device name.

  • Page 73: Chapter 6: Photos And Videos

    73 | Photos and Videos Chapter Photos and Videos This chapter provides information for taking photos and recording videos using the integrated digital cameras. Note: Photos and videos are stored in Internal Storage. Taking Photos Note: Camera settings are described in Camera Settings on page To take a photo: Procedure:...

  • Page 74: Taking A Panoramic Photo

    74 | Photos and Videos Touch and to adjust the zoom level. 6 Frame the subject on screen. Touch The camera brings the image into focus. When the image is in focus, the focus indicators in each corner turn green, the camera takes a photo and a shutter sound plays. Note: To disable the shutter sound, turn notification sounds off.

  • Page 75: Recording Videos

    Photos and Videos | 75 Touch and slowly start panning across the area to capture. A small white square appears inside the button indicating that the shot is in progress. If panning too quickly, the message Too fast appears. Touch to end the shot.

  • Page 76: Camera Settings

    76 | Photos and Videos 8 Touch the thumbnail to access the Gallery application. See Viewing Photos and Videos on page Camera Settings When in Camera mode, Camera settings are displayed on screen. Touch to display the camera setting options. •...

  • Page 77: Viewing Photos And Videos

    Photos and Videos | 77 • White balance - Touch to select how Camera adjusts colors in different kinds of light, to achieve the most natural-looking colors. Auto - Adjust the white balance automatically (default). Incandescent - Adjust the white balance for incandescent lighting. Daylight - Adjust the white balance for daylight.

  • Page 78: Working With Albums

    78 | Photos and Videos • Touch an album to open it and view its contents. The photos and videos in the album are displayed in chronological order. • Touch a photo or video in an album to view it. •...

  • Page 79: Deleting An Album

    Photos and Videos | 79 3 Touch and hold an album until it highlights. Touch 5 Touch Details. Deleting an Album To delete an album and its contents from the microSD card: Procedure: 1 Touch Touch 3 Touch and hold an album until it highlights. 4 Check other albums to delete.

  • Page 80: Rotating A Photo

    80 | Photos and Videos 5 Swipe left or right to view the next or previous photo in the album. 6 Turn the device to view the photo in upright (portrait) or sideways (landscape) orientation. The photo is displayed (but not saved) in the new orientation. 7 Touch the photo to view the controls.

  • Page 81: Get Photo Information

    Photos and Videos | 81 Get Photo Information Procedure: 1 Touch Touch 3 Touch an album to open it. 4 Touch the photo to open it. 5 Touch 6 Touch Details. 7 Touch Close. Share a Photo Procedure: 1 Touch Touch 3 Touch an album to open it.

  • Page 82: Sharing A Video

    82 | Photos and Videos 4 Touch a video. Figure 57: Video Example Touch . The video begins to play. 6 Touch the screen to view the playback controls. Sharing a Video Procedure: 1 Touch Touch 3 Touch an album to open it. 4 Touch a video to open it.

  • Page 83: Chapter 7: Accessories

    Charges the MC40. Charge Only Cra- Five Slot Charge CRDUNIV-XX-5000R Provides charging for up to five MC40 devices or four MC40 de- Only Cradle Base vices and one Four Slot Battery Charger using optional Charging Cups. Requires additional power supplies.

  • Page 84: Micro Usb Cable

    2.5 mm wired headset for PTT and VoIP telephony communica- tions. Micro USB Cable Use the Micro USB cable to connect the MC40 to the power supply for charging or to a host computer for communication. Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 85: Single Slot Charge Cradle

    Figure 58: Charging Using the Micro USB Cable Communication When the MC40 is connected to a host computer using the Micro USB cable, the MC40 appears as a Removable Disk on the host computer. Refer to the MC40 Integrator Guide for more information.

  • Page 86: Five Slot Charge Only Cradle

    About device > Battery Information. Note that charging is intelligently controlled by the MC40. To accomplish this, for small periods of time, the MC40 or accessory alternately enables and disables battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The MC40 or accessory indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its Right LED.

  • Page 87

    • Provides mounting for a Four Slot Battery Charger (requires separate power supply). See the MC40 Integrator Guide for setup and configuration instructions. To charge the MC40, insert the MC40 into an open slot. Figure 61: Charging MC40s and Spare Batteries The MC40’s Right LED shows the status of the battery charging.

  • Page 88: Four Slot Battery Charger

    88 | Accessories Note that charging is intelligently controlled by the MC40. To accomplish this, for small periods of time, the MC40 or accessory alternately enables and disables battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The MC40 or accessory indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its Right LED. See...

  • Page 89

    Accessories | 89 Table 10: Spare Battery Charge LED Status Status Indications No battery in a slot. Battery is not charging. Battery is not inserted correctly in the charger. Charger is not powered. Slow Blinking Amber Battery is charging. Solid Green Charging complete.

  • Page 91: Chapter 8: Maintenance And Troubleshooting

    The touch-sensitive screen of the MC40 is glass. Do not to drop the MC40 or subject it to strong impact. • Protect the MC40 from temperature extremes. Do not leave it on the dashboard of a car on a hot day, and keep it away from heat sources.

  • Page 92: Cleaning Instructions

    Read warning label on compressed air and alcohol product before using. If you have to use any other solution for medical reasons please contact Motorola for more information. Warning: Avoid exposing this product to contact with hot oil or other flammable liquids. If such exposure occurs, unplug the device and clean the product immediately in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Page 93: Cleaning The Mc40

    They may be cleaned as frequently as required, but it is advisable to clean the camera window periodically when used in dirty environments to ensure optimum performance. Cleaning the MC40 Housing Using the alcohol wipes, wipe the housing including keys and in-between keys.

  • Page 94: Troubleshooting The Mc40

    Decode LED blinks amber. Battery did not charge. Battery failed. Replace battery. If the MC40 still does not operate, perform a hard- ware reset. See Resetting the Device on page MC40 was re- Insert MC40 in cradle. The 2680 mAh battery fully charges in less moved from than four hours.

  • Page 95

    MC40 Integrator Guide for DataWedge configuration. bar code type. MC40 is not pro- If the MC40 does not beep on a good decode, set the application to grammed to gen- generate a beep on good decode. erate a beep.

  • Page 96: Single-slot Charge Cradle Troubleshooting

    Table 13: Troubleshooting the Five-Slot Charge Only Cradle Problem Cause Solution Battery is not charging. MC40 removed Replace the MC40 in the cradle. The 2680 mAh battery charges in ap- from the cradle proximately four hours. Touch > About device > Status to too soon.

  • Page 97: Four-slot Battery Charger Sacmc40xx-4000r Troubleshooting

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting | 97 Four-Slot Battery Charger SACMC40XX-4000R Troubleshooting Table 14: Troubleshooting the Four-slot Battery Charger Problem Cause Solution Battery not charging. Battery was re- Re-insert the battery in the charger or re-connect the charger’s power moved from the supply.

  • Page 99: Chapter 9: Technical Specifications

    99 | Technical Specifications Chapter Technical Specifications The following sections provide technical specification for the device. MC40 Technical Specifications The following table summarizes the MC40’s intended operating environment and technical hardware specifications. Table 15: MC40 Technical Specifications Item Description Physical Characteristics Dimensions Height: 143.9 mm (5.66 in.)

  • Page 100

    802.11n: 6.5, 13, 19.5, 26, 39, 52, 58.5, 65 Mbps 802.11n with SGI: 7.2, 14.4, 21.7, 28.9, 43.3, 57.8, 65, 72.2 Mbps Fast Roam: Pre-Authentication, PMKID Caching, Opportunistic Key Cach- ing(OKC), Cisco CCKM, Motorola HFSR, 802.11r Certifications: Wi-Fi, CCXv4 Operating Channels Chan 36 - 165 (5180 –...

  • Page 101

    Technical Specifications | 101 Item Description Imager Captures 1D and 2D bar codes. Rear-facing Camera For bar code scanning and image capture: 8 MP auto-focus camera with aiming; captures 1D and 2D bar codes, photographs, video, signatures and documents. Magnetic Stripe Reader Reads data on magnetic stripe cards.

  • Page 102: Single-slot Charge Cradle Crdmc40xx-1000r Technical Specifications

    274 g (9.67 oz) Input Voltage 5 VDC Power Consumption (with 6 watts MC40) Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F) Storage Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F) Charging Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)

  • Page 103: Four-slot Battery Charger Sacmc40xx-4000r Technical Specifications

    Cups and one Battery Charger Cup) Input Voltage 12 VDC Power Consumption (with 37.5 watts MC40) Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) Storage Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F) Charging Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)

  • Page 104

    104 | Technical Specifications Item Description Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) +/- 15 kV air +/- 8 kV contact Send Feedback | April 2014 | MN000111A02-A...

  • Page 105

    Index | 105 Index adaptive frequency hopping keyboard albums android version application shortcuts approved cleanser light sensor back button memory battery menu button charging micro USB cable management microphone replacement bluetooth connecting to a device profiles naming folders Bluetooth security build number operating system camera...

  • Page 106

    106 | Index single-slot charge only cradle soft reset spare battery status bar system sounds taking a panoramic photo taking photos touch screen vibrate on touch video settings videos 73, volume...

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