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No sound.
Volume setting is
low or turned off.
MC40 turns off.
MC40 is inac-
Battery is deplet-
A message appears stat-
Too many appli-
ing not enough storage
cations installed
on the MC40.
The MC40 does not de-
DataWedge is
code when reading bar
not enabled.
Unreadable bar
Distance between
the MC40 and
bar code is incor-
MC40 is not pro-
grammed for the
bar code type.
MC40 is not pro-
grammed to gen-
erate a beep.
MC40 cannot find any
Too far from oth-
Bluetooth devices near-
er Bluetooth de-
The Bluetooth
device(s) nearby
are not turned on.
The Bluetooth
device(s) are not
in discoverable
MC40 does not read
Magnetic stripe
magnetic stripe card.
on the card is
facing the wrong
Cannot connect to
Access Point
(AP) does not
broadcast coun-
try code.
Wired headset is not
Wired headset
working as headset hook
not connected
or not able to initiate a
PTT call even through
wired headset.
Adjust the volume.
The display turns off after a period of inactivity. Set this period to 15
seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 10, or 30 minutes.
Recharge or replace the battery.
Remove user-installed applications on the MC40 to recover memory.
Apps > Downloaded. Select the unused programs
and touch Uninstall.
Ensure that DataWedge is enabled and configured properly. Refer to
the MC40 Integrator Guide for more information.
Ensure the symbol is not defaced.
Place the MC40 within proper scanning range.
Program the MC40 to accept the type of bar code being scanned. Re-
fer to the MC40 Integrator Guide for DataWedge configuration.
If the MC40 does not beep on a good decode, set the application to
generate a beep on good decode.
Move closer to the other Bluetooth device(s), within a range of 10 me-
ters (30 feet).
Turn on the Bluetooth device(s) to find.
Set the Bluetooth device(s) to discoverable mode. If needed, refer to
the device's user documentation for help.
Ensure that magnetic stripe card is oriented correctly. Magnetic stripe
on the card should be facing the display.
Disable 802.11d feature. Touch
Deselect the Enable 802.11d checkbox.
Ensure that the wired headset is connected properly.
MN000111A02-A | April 2014 |
Maintenance and Troubleshooting | 95
> Wi-Fi >
> Advanced.
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