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Maintenance Instructions; Troubleshooting - Bunker Hill Security 62368 Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions

4-channel wireless surveillance systems
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Maintenance instructions

procedures not specifically explained in this manual must be performed only by a qualified
Camera Maintenance
tO preVent SeriOUS inJUry FrOM eLeCtriC SHOCk:
Unplug the power adapter from its electrical outlet
before inspection, maintenance, or cleaning.
1. periODiCaLLy, inspect the general
condition of the Camera. Check for:
• loose hardware,
• damaged cord/electrical wiring,
• cracked or broken parts, and
• any other condition that may
affect its safe operation.


1. Camera disconnected.
Receiver does not
display image.
2. Camera out of range of Receiver.
Picture is white.
Camera pointing at strong light source.
1. Obstructions between
Camera and Receiver.
Picture is choppy.
2. Frame rate too low.
1. System is recording.
Cannot access
the menu.
2. Motion detection is on.
"Err" appears
SD card error.
on the screen.
Page 18
possible Causes
For technical questions, please call 1-888-866-5797.
2. periODiCaLLy, wipe external surfaces
of Camera with clean cloth.
3. Maintain area surrounding Camera,
making sure obstacles don't interfere with
visibility, such as overgrown bushes.
Likely Solutions
1. Check power to Camera.
2. Relocate Camera and/or Receiver.
Reposition Camera.
1. Remove obstructions between
Camera and Receiver.
2. Increase frame rate.
1. Stop recording.
2. Stop motion detection.
Turn Receiver off, remove and reinsert
SD card, then turn Rreceiver back on.
Note: If "Err" still appears, reformat
the card or use a different one.
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Table of Contents

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