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Viewing Modes; Menu > Recording; Set Up - Bunker Hill Security 62368 Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions

4-channel wireless surveillance systems
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Table of Contents

Viewing Modes

• Camera Sequence (Default mode) - Automatic
cycling between Cameras.
to toggle between
Camera Sequence and 4 Camera.
• 4 Camera - View all Cameras at the same time.
to toggle between
4 Camera and Camera Sequence.

Set Up

• Touch
to view Menus.
• Touch
to navigate through Menus.
• Touch Ok to access highlighted Menu.
Menu > recording
1. Insert an SD card to enable recording.
display to indicate the card is functioning properly.
2. Touch
then select recording.
3. Quality: Select HigH (640 x 480) or
LOw (320 x 240), then touch Ok.
4. Motion record:
a. Duration: Select the amount of time to record
after motion has been detected, then touch Ok.
b. recording Mode: Select from
below, then touch Ok:
• 4 Channel: Record all channels when
a single camera detects motion.
• Single Channel. Record the channel
for the Camera that detects motion.
Menu > Camera On/Off
1. Touch
then select Camera On/Off.
2. Touch
to select a Camera.
3. To turn the Camera off, touch
Page 10
to select OFF.
For technical questions, please call 1-888-866-5797.
• Single Camera - View one Camera at a time.
to switch between Cameras.
• Zoom - Push the
back of the Receiver to zoom in during
Single Camera Viewing Mode only.
• Screen Saver - Mask Camera view with
a blank screen or image(s).
See Screen Saver on page 11.
• Touch
• Touch
at any time to cancel an action
and/or go to the previous screen.
5. Schedule record:
note: Date and time must be set before setting up
Scheduled Recording. See Date & time on page 11.
a. Select a day to schedule, then touch Ok.
b. Enter Start time and end time, then select On.
note: Time is in 24 hour format.
c. Repeat steps for other days.
note: For manual recording, see
Manual recording on page 14.
6. Overwrite:
a. Select yes to overwrite previously
recorded files when the SD card is full.
note: After selecting yes,
while in Auto Sequence mode.
b. Select no to keep all files.
note: After selecting no, when the SD
card is full, the Receiver will stop recording
and the FULL indicator will display.
4. To turn the Camera on, touch
5. Repeat steps for other Cameras.
6. Touch Ok to save changes.
button on the
to navigate within Menus.
will display
to select On.
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Table of Contents

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