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Dolmar 109 Service Manual

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Service Manual
Postfach 70 04 20
D-2000 Hamburg 70



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  • Page 1 Service Manual 2/93 DOLMAR 109 DOLMAR 110i DOLMAR 111 DOLMAR 111i DOLMAR 115i DOLMAR GmbH • Postfach 70 04 20 • D-2000 Hamburg 70 • Germany...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    DOLMAR GmbH Table of contents Technical data Page Index Special tools Chain brake Clutch, clutch drum Oil pump Ignition system Starter assembly Carburettor, intake system Cover system, air filter Vibration dampers, handle Fuel tank Cylinder and piston Crankcase, crankshaft Checking operations...
  • Page 3: Index Technical Data

    DOLMAR GmbH Technical data Model 111/111i 110i 115i Displacement Bore Stroke Rating Idling 1/min 2500 2500 2500 2500 r.p.m. Allowed max. engine speed with bar and chain 1/min 12500 13200 12500 13000 r.p.m. Max. (* with speed limitation) Flywheel / Coil...
  • Page 4: Special Tools

    DOLMAR GmbH Special tools Mounting tool for Mounting tool for Puller for tension spring clutch hub clutch hub of chain brake 944 500 680 944 500 690 950 237 000 Sealing plate for Drift for piston pin Special socket wrench...
  • Page 5: Chain Brake

    DOLMAR GmbH 01 Chain brake 01-02 Relieving the tension spring 01-02 Releasing the chain brake To remove the brake band it is necessary to Insert the clutch drum (1) and by levering remove the cover plate (3). For this purpose...
  • Page 6: Clutch, Clutch Drum

    Caution: Left-hand thread exhaust duct of the cylinder. 02-01 Differing clutch designs 02-03 Checking the clutch drum /sprocket Clutch (5) for models 109, 110, 111. Worn sprockets (arrows) or clutch drums must Clutch (3) for model 115. be replaced. Clutch springs may be replaced as a Ring pinion system (8) is standard equipment complete set (6) or individually (7).
  • Page 7: Oil Pump

    DOLMAR GmbH 03 Oil pump 03-02 Adjusting the oil pump delivery 03-02 Removing the oil pump Turn the screw: Unscrew screw (1) and remove the pump clockwise for less chain oil housing (2) from the crankcase. Separate the anti-clockwise for more chain oil.
  • Page 8: Ignition System

    DOLMAR GmbH 04 Ignition system 04-01 Checking the spark plug 04-01 Checking the spark plug Clean or renew contaminated or defective Unscrew the spark plug (1) and connect it to the spark plug terminal (2). Hold the spark spark plugs.
  • Page 9 DOLMAR GmbH 04 Ignition system 04-04 Removing the ignition armature and 04-04 Removing ignition armature/flywheel the flywheel Withdraw short-circuiting cable (2) from the For the removal of the ignition armature armature and unscrew screws (3). When unscrew the cover (07-01) and the starting replacing, remove ignition cable from the assembly (1).
  • Page 10: Starter Assembly

    DOLMAR GmbH 05 Starter assembly 05-02 Removing the starter assembly 05-02 Removing the return spring Relieve the return spring before removing the Remove retaining ring (3) and washer (4). starter assembly. For this purpose slightly Separate handle (5) from rope (7), lift the rope withdraw the starter rope (1), while holding the drum from housing (6).
  • Page 11: Carburettor, Intake System

    DOLMAR GmbH 06 Carburettor 06-01 Adjusting the carburettor 06-01 Adjusting the carburettor To perform the basic adjustment, carefully Adjustment of engine speed during idling is by screw in screws L and H against the stop. idling adjustment screw (S). When the engine...
  • Page 12 DOLMAR GmbH 06 Carburettor 06-04 Carburettor (Walbro) pump side 06-04 Carburettor (Tillotson) pump side Unscrew cover (5) with idling adjustment Unscrew cover (6). Remove seal (7) and screw ("S"). Remove seal (6) and diaphragm diaphragm (8). Carefully remove the fuel filter (7).
  • Page 13: Cover System, Air Filter

    07-01 Removing the air filter cover 07-01 Removing the cover For cleaning the air filter, remove cover (1). In case of model 109 cover assembly (2) must For cleaning the auxiliary filter, remove cover be removed to clean the air filter. For this (4).
  • Page 14: Vibration Dampers, Handle

    DOLMAR GmbH 08 Vibration damping system, handle 08-01 Removing and fitting the handle 08-02 Replacing the vibration damper (KS) For the removal of the handle unscrew Unscrew screws (5), (3) + (4). Always use (1) 2 x tank screws (lateral) special tool, no.
  • Page 15: Fuel Tank

    DOLMAR GmbH 09 Fuel tank 09-01 Removing and installing the fuel tank 09-02 Replacing the ventilation valve For the removal of the fuel tank (1) it is Remove carburettor (06-02) and bottom (07- necessary to remove the vibration damper 06). Using a pair of pointed pliers, remove the (08-02).
  • Page 16: Cylinder And Piston

    10-01 Removing the cylinder 10-01 Different cylinder design Remove the gudgeon pin retaining ring and Die cast cylinder (9) for models 109/111 and press out the gudgeon pin (6). Remove the piston with one piston ring. piston from piston rod (7) with bearing (8).
  • Page 17: Crankcase, Crankshaft

    DOLMAR GmbH 11 Crankcase, crankshaft 11-01 Replacing the radial sealing rings 11-03 Dismantling the crankcase Tightly screw tool (1), no. 944 500 900, into For dismantling the crankcase and oil the sealing ring (2) and withdraw it from the reservoir remove the seven attachment crankcase by means of the spindle (3).
  • Page 18: Checking Operations

    DOLMAR GmbH 12 Checking operations 12-02 Checking the ignition system 12-03 Checking the carburettor Use tester no. 956.010.300 for checking the For in-situ checking of the carburettor sepa- ignition system / spark plug. rate the fuel pipe from the connection nipple.
  • Page 19: Torques

    DOLMAR GmbH Torques Assy. set Type 109/110i/111/111i/115i Muffler 8,5 + 0,5 Crankcase 10,0 + 1,0** Cylinder 10,0 ± 1,0** Ignition Coil 6,0 + 1,0 Turbular handle 2,7 + 0,3 Rubber buffer 2,0 ± 0,2 Intermediate flange Carburattor 5,0 + 0,5...

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