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Transmitting A Call Tone - Uniden uh043sx-2 Operating Manual

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VOX is the automatic transmitting function by inputting voice into
the VOX headset mic without pressing the PTT key.
1. Press select/
key momentarily twice while in
standby mode to enter VOX Sensitivity mode. The
current selected VOX setting will flash on the display.
2. Press
key to adjust the VOX sensitivity. 1 is
the highest sensitivity and 4 is the lowest sensitivity.
VOX can be turned off by selecting 'oF' icon.
3. Press select/
key five times to confirm the
setting and exit to standby mode.
The 'VOX' icon is shown on the display when VOX is selected to on and the
VOX Headset is plugged into VOX Headset Jack.
The 'TX' icon blinks when the voice level is possible to transmit at the
current selected VOX sensitivity level.


Your uh043sx radio is equipped with 5 selectable call tones that will be
transmitted when the
To select a call tone:
1. Press select/
key momentarily three times while
in standby mode to enter Call Tone mode. The
current call tone number (C1-C5) will be indicated.
2. Press the
Each tone will be heard through the speaker.
3. Press select/
key four times to confirm and exit to standby mode.
To transmit the selected call tone, press the
The selected tone will automatically be transmitted for a fixed length
of time. Call Tone will be cancelled when the PTT key is pressed.
Current regulations require calling tones to be restricted to one
transmission per minute. If a second transmission is
attempted within one minute then an error tone will sound.
/call key is pressed momentarily.
key to select desired call tone.
/call key.



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