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Uniden UH036SX Operating Manual

Uniden model uh036sx operating manual
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To bring outstanding wireless communication products
to people's lives throughout the world.



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  Summary of Contents for Uniden UH036SX

  • Page 1 UH036SX Operating Guide To bring outstanding wireless communication products to people's lives throughout the world.
  • Page 2: Control & Indicators

    5 Duplex Key 6 Speaker 7 Power On/Off Key 8 Volume up/mon (monitor) Key INCLUDED IN YOUR UH036SX PACKAGE UH036SX x 2 Operating Guide Belt Clips x 2 9 Volume down/mon (monitor) Key 10 Microphone 11 Battery Compartment Door 12 Channel Indicator...
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    UH036SX will not be used for long periods. BATTERY INSTALLATION Your UH036SX radio uses 3 AAA ALKALINE batteries for power. Use only good quality alkaline batteries for maximum life and range. Note: Batteries are not supplied.
  • Page 4: Water Warning

    WATER WARNING Uniden does not represent this product to be waterproof. Do not expose this product to Rain or Moisture. BELT CLIP To attach the belt clip: Slide the belt clip until it snaps into place. To remove the belt clip: To remove the belt clip.
  • Page 5: Operation

    OPERATION POWER ON/OFF Press and hold to turn the Radio . The channel number will appear on the display. Press and hold to turn the Radio VOLUME Press volume or decrease the volume level. The Channel indicator will flash when the volume is being adjusted.
  • Page 6: Selecting A Channel

    SELECTING A CHANNEL Press channel desired channel. TO TRANSMIT AND RECEIVE The UH036SX uses the 40 UHF-CB Channels. For your reference a list of the available channels and corresponding frequencies is printed on page 10. 1. The transmit power of the UH036SX is 500mW which will provide a range of up to 3+Km.
  • Page 7 For maximum range and extended the life of the batteries, with your hand when transmitting. channel/ volume/ scan RANGE avoid touching the antenna channel/ volume/ scan Maximum Range Reduced Range...
  • Page 8 AUTOMATIC SQUELCH FEATURE UH036SX is equipped with an Automatic Squelch system which shuts off weak transmissions and unwanted noise. MONITOR This feature enables users to listen in for weak signals on the current channel at the press of a button.
  • Page 9: To Operate In Duplex Mode

    Press momentarily. The appears. Press again to deactivate the duplex operation. UH036SX will return to normal operation. SCANNING The scan function scans all channels and stops at an active channel. When the signal stops, scanning resumes. To initiate scanning, 1.
  • Page 10: Drop-Out Delay

    DROP-OUT DELAY While scanning, the UH036SX stops at a busy channel and receives the transmission. When the received signal is over, the unit will wait for 2 seconds for the return of the signal, otherwise, the radio resumes scanning. POWER SAVE...
  • Page 11: Uhf Channels & Frequencies

    UHF CHANNELS & FREQUENCIES Simplex Mode CH No. Transmit / Receive Frequency (MHz) 476.425 477.175 CH31 476.450 477.200 CH32 476.475 477.225 CH33 476.500 477.250 CH34 476.525 477.275 CH35 476.550 477.300 CH36 476.575 477.325 CH37 476.600 477.350 CH38 476.625 476.650 476.675 476.700 476.725 476.750...
  • Page 12: Warranty

    Uniden warrants to the original retail owner for the duration of this warranty, its UH036SX UHF CB Transceiver Radio (hereinafter referred to as the Product) to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below.