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H Tripod screw hole (13)
Used to attach the camera to the tripod.
I Lens (f = 7.5 to 19.8 mm, F-2.8 to F-4.8)
Auto focus lens with optical zoom.
J Viewfinder
You can see the subject through the viewfinder and can
shoot a picture without using the LCD monitor.
Use the viewfinder to check the subject. The picture seen
through the viewfinder does not reflect the framing
K Battery compartment lid (11)
Insert four NH-AA batteries and the lithium button
battery, and close the lid.
L Grip
The camera has a 90-degree rotary grip on the LCD side.
When the subject is sitting, the camera position has to be
low to keep the lens and the subject's eyes at the same
level. In such a case, rotating the grip on the LCD side
allows you to hold the camera in a natural posture.
When turning the grip, do not apply excessive force at
the end of rotation. Be sure to turn the grip gently. Avoid
turning the grip frequently to avoid wear on the rotating
M Release button (17)
Press to take a picture shown on the LCD and record it
in memory.
Pressing this button halfway activates the auto-focus
function. Pressing this button further releases the
shutter. The picture is compressed in JPEG format and
recorded in memory.
This button is enabled when the PLAY/CAMERA
switch is set to CAMERA.
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