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Pride Sundancer Owner's Manual Page 17

Pride sundancer mobility scooter.
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3. Plug both the two-pin battery harnesses into the adjoining harnesses extending from the electronic controller
assembly on the utility tray. See figure 8.
4. Extend the charger power cord and plug it into the wall outlet. We recommend you charge your Sundancer’s
batteries for 8 to 14 hours.
5. When the batteries are fully charged, unplug the charger power cord from the wall outlet, recoil the cord, and
place it neatly inside the utility tray.
6. Uplug both battery harnesses.
7. Reassemble your Scooter as described in VIII. “Disassembly and Assembly.”
How does the charger work?
When your Sundancer’s battery voltage is low, the charger works harder and sends more electrical current to the
batteries to bring up their charge. As the voltage of the batteries approaches a full charge, the charger sends less
electrical current to the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the current sent to them from the charger is
at nearly zero amperage. Therefore, when the charger is plugged in, it maintains the charge on your Sundancer’s
batteries but does not overcharge them. We do not recommend that you charge your Sundancer’s batteries for more
than 24 consecutive hours.
What does the LED on the charger indicate?
The onboard battery charger is equipped with a green Light Emitting Diode (LED) that indicates the charging status
of your Scooter’s batteries. The green LED flashes when your Scooter’s batteries reach full charge.
Can I use a different charger?
For the safest, most efficient, and balanced charging of your Sundancer’s batteries, you should simultaneously charge
both batteries using only the manufacturer supplied onboard battery charger.
How often must I charge the batteries?
Two major factors must be considered when deciding how often to charge your Sundancer’s batteries: all day
Scooter use on a daily basis and infrequent Scooter use.
With these considerations in mind, you can determine just how often and for how long you should charge your
Sundancer’s batteries. We designed the onboard charger so that it does not overcharge your Scooter’s batteries;
however, you may encounter some problems if you do not charge your batteries often enough and if you do not charge
them on a regular basis. Following the five guidelines below provides safe and reliable battery operation and charging.
1. If you use your Sundancer daily, charge its batteries as soon as you finish using it for the day. Your Scooter will be
ready each morning to give you a “full day” of service. We recommend you charge your Sundancer’s batteries
for 8 to 14 hours after daily use.
2. If you use your Sundancer once a week or less, charge its batteries at least once a week for 12 to 14 hours at a time.
3. Keep your Sundancer’s batteries fully charged.
4. Avoid deeply discharging your Sundancer’s batteries.
5. Do not charge your Sundancer’s batteries for more than 24 consecutive hours.
How can I get maximum range or distance per charge?
Rarely will you have ideal driving conditions — smooth, flat, hard driving surfaces with no wind or curves. You will
often face hills, sidewalk cracks, uneven and loosely packed surfaces, curves, and wind. All of these driving conditions
affect the distance or running time per battery charge. The following are a few suggestions for obtaining the maximum
range per battery charge.


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