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Kärcher HD 2.5/30 CH Operator's Manual

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HD 2.5/30 CH
9.139-224.0 01/08



  Summary of Contents for Kärcher HD 2.5/30 CH

  • Page 1 HD 2.5/30 CH English Español Français 9.139-224.0 01/08...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HIGH PRESSURE WASHER OPERATOR MANUAL minor or moderate injury or in property Model Overview damage incidents.” Important Safety Instructions Owner/User Responsibility Assembly Instructions Operating Instructions The owner and/or user must have an Using the Accessories understanding of the manufacturer’s Working with Detergents operating instructions and warnings be- Taking a Break fore using this pressure washer.
  • Page 3: Model Overview

    MODEL OVERVIEW 1 Handle 9 High pressure outlet 2 Trigger gun 10 Detergent suction tube with filter 3 Trigger gun safety lock 11 Quick connect nozzles 4 High pressure hose 12 Spark plug 5 Gas tank 13 Water inlet filter 6 Spray wand For engine details see engine manual.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read the operating instructions of WARNING the engine manufacturer before Risk of Injection or Injury – Do Not Di- start-up and follow the safety instruc- rect Discharge Stream At Persons. tions carefully. High pressure jets can be dangerous WARNING if misused.
  • Page 5 Do not touch hot surfaces or allow CAUTION accessories to contact hot surfaces. Risk of Fire – Do not add fuel when Do not allow the high pressure hose the product is operating. to come into contact with the muffler Do not operate if fuel has been guard.
  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: STEP 5: Attach the handle to the frame of the Attach the wand to the spray gun. pressure washer. Align holes, insert bolts, and tighten with knobs. STEP 6: Pull the spring-loaded collar of the STEP 2: wand back to insert your choice of Mount the gun/hose storage handle.
  • Page 7: Operating Instructions

    STEP 8: Attach the high pressure hose to the spray gun. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STEP 6: CAUTION Unlock the trigger gun safety lock. Engine shipped without oil. Before start- Trigger the gun to eliminate trapped ing engine, fill with oil. Do not over-fill. air, wait for a steady flow of water to Do not run the engine with a high or low emerge from the spray nozzle.
  • Page 8: Using The Accessories

    USING THE ACCESSORIES WARNING Quick connect nozzles High pressure in nozzle area. 0° spray angle = Red nozzle Risk of injury caused by improperly locked nozzle. For particularly stubborn accumulation Make sure you hear a ‘click’ when in- of grime. Not recommended for soft serting the nozzle tip into the wand.
  • Page 9: Working With Detergents

    WORKING WITH DETERGENTS Detergents can only be applied with the manufacturer. The use of other the black detergent nozzle. cleaning detergents may affect the op- eration of the machine and void the war- STEP 1: ranty. Install the black detergent nozzle for Always Use Kärcher Detergent for detergent application (will work at Best Results...
  • Page 10: Taking A Break ..Five Minutes Or More

    TAKING A BREAK ..five minutes or more STEP 1: For engine details see engine manu- Engine with manual throttle: STEP 2: Move the throttle lever to the SLOW position. Allow the engine to idle for Release trigger and engage gun a few seconds, then move the throt- safety lock.
  • Page 11: Winterizing And Long-Term Storage

    WINTERIZING AND LONG-TERM STORAGE 1: Disconnect all water connections. CAUTION 2: Turn on the machine for a few Failure to follow the above directions seconds, until the water which had will result in damage to the pump as- remained in the pump exits, turn off sembly and accessories and will void immediately.
  • Page 12: Deck Cleaning

    CLEANING TIPS sweeping motion keeping the spray Deck Cleaning nozzle approximately 6 inches from the (with or without detergent). Pre-rinse cleaning surface. deck and surrounding area with fresh CAUTION water. If using Kärcher Deck Wash, ap- Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle ply to surface at low pressure.
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    clean from top to bottom and from left to sults, clean from top to bottom and from right. For best results, wipe surface dry left to right. with a chamois or soft dry cloth. CAUTION CAUTION Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle Do not use Dirtblaster spray nozzle on patio or lawn furniture as it may on vehicles as it may cause damage.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING CAUTION Remove the spark plug cable to prevent accidental ignition of the engine before making any repair. Symptom Cause Solution Engine will not No gasoline Fill gas tank start Choke is not in the correct Slide choke lever out to position.
  • Page 15 No detergent. Detergent suction tube not prop- Check connection. erly connected to the machine. Detergent is too thick. Dilute detergent, for best re- sults use Kärcher detergent. Filter on detergent suction tube Run warm water through filter is clogged. to remove debris. Damaged or clogged detergent Remove obstruction or re- suction tube.