Installing Bdk To Pc; Application Development - Casio DT-X8 Series Quick Start Manual

Casio dt-x8 series barcode scanner
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3. Installing BDK to PC

3.1 Application Development

This chapter explains about what you need to set up for the development environment before
starting your application development.
1. Installing Development Platform
Install Microsoft's development platform which supports Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio
2005. For detail, refer to Chapter 2.3 "Software Required".
2. Installing CASIO BDK to PC
Install Casio's BDK ("Basic Development Kit") and various libraries if necessary. For
installation method, refer to Chapter 3.2 "Installing CASIO BDK Files".
3. Connecting DT-X8 to PC (via either ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center)
Connect the DT-X8 to PC via Microsoft's ActiveSync (for Windows XP or any other OS before
Windows XP) or via Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista or later). For
connection method, refer to Chapter 5 "Connecting the DT-X8 to PC".
4. Setting up the Development Environment
Transmit the Casio's libraries to the DT-X8.
For detail, refer to Chapter 6 "Setting Up the Development Environment".
5. Installing the Device Emulator
Install the Device Emulator for the DT-X8. For installation method, refer to Chapter 7 "Device
Emulator". If not necessary to install, go to "6. Application Development" below.
6. Application Development
Now, the application development environment is set up and your development with the
development platform can be started. After application is developed, transfer it to the Device
Emulator or an actual terminal of the DT-X8 via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center
for check on the operability. For application development method and transferring your
application, refer to Chapter 8 "Visual Studio".

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Table of Contents

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