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Warranty; Conditions - Cisco Linksys PAP2T Quick Start Manual

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Limited Warranty
Subject to the conditions of this limited warranty (the "Warranty"), ACN warrants
your Linksys® PAP2T (the "Product") to be free from defects in design, materials and
workmanship at the time of its original purchase by you. The Warranty is valid for a
period of 12 months ("Warranty Period") as from the original date of purchase of
the Product.
If during the Warranty Period, this Product fails to operate under normal use and
service, due to defects in design, materials or workmanship, ACN will either repair or
replace, at our option, the Product in accordance with the conditions stipulated herein.
ACN reserves the right to charge a handling fee if a returned Product is found to not to
be under Warranty according to the conditions below.


This Warranty does not cover mechanical damage caused by misuse, abuse, impact or
accident or damage caused to the Product or damage caused by liquids, lightening,
power surges (ACN recommends you obtain surge protection for your electricity
supply), theft, or heat damage sustained from the stacking of electrical equipment on
or in close proximity to the Product. This Warranty does not cover you changing your
mind about purchasing the Product.
The Warranty is not transferable and does not cover the ACN video phone service nor
does the Warranty period recommence upon receipt of any replacement unit sent
to you by ACN. If you hack the firmware or software installed with the Product or if
you tamper with security seals or remove any service covers on the equipment ACN
will consider this Limited Warranty voided. The Warranty does not cover any damage
or loss associated with or caused by computer viruses obtained from your use of the
Product or the ACN video phone service.
This Warranty does not cover Product failures which have been caused by use
of accessories or other peripheral devices which are not ACN branded original
accessories intended for use with this Product.
Equipment models may change over the course of this Warranty. It may be necessary
for the replacement unit to be a refurbished unit, a different model, and/or from a
different manufacturer. ACN confirms that any replacement Product sent to you will be
of merchantable quality and functionally similar to the original Product supplied.



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