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Black & Decker Spacemaker SCM1000BD Use & Care Manual page 9

12-cup programmable under the cabinet coffeemaker
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Important: Always ensure you are drilling straight
up or straight down through the marked mounting
holes on the template. Drilling at an angle may
prevent proper installation and may damage
cabinets if the drill bit pierces the partition.
8. Using a
" drill bit, drill from the underside
of the cabinet up or the top down, creating
pilot holes through the 4 holes marked on the
template. This will help guide the ¼" drill bit in
the next step. (F)
9. Switch to a ¼" drill bit and drill straight up or
straight down through the holes that have
just been created. (G)
10. Once holes are drilled, remove tape and
mounting template.
11. Wipe dust and debris off the top side and
the underside of the cabinet surface.
12. Place a washer inside the cabinet over each
of the 4 holes you drilled. (H)
11. Determine what size screws to use by placing
a screw through the hole in the cabinet
without the appliance in place. The screw
should be ½" exposed underneath the cabinet
to ensure the appliance is properly attached
to the cabinet. Once you have determined the
screw size, proceed to step 12. (I)
Note: Several standard screw lengths are
provided but may not fi t all cabinet sizes.
12. Place one of the screws through each of the
washers covering the holes in the cabinet,
from the inside of the cabinet down.
13. Hold appliance up to the screws, aligning
the front of the appliance with the front
edge of the cabinet base. The screws in
the cabinet should align with the mounting
holes in the appliance. (J)
Note: It may require two people to ensure the
appliance is held in place while drilling.
14. Screwing from inside the cabinet down
into the appliance holes, use your drill or
screwdriver to tighten the four screws in
place. (K)
Note: Always tighten screws to properly secure
the appliance to the cabinet and to ensure
the appliance does not move or shake during

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