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Options Menu - JBL LSR4300 User Guid

Control center software jbl lsr4300
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Reference - Equalization Controls/Options Menu
The "Recall" dialog also allows you to load equalization data previously stored to disk.
Simply select "Disk," then click on "Recall," and a standard Windows dialog will allow
you to select the location and name of the file you wish to load. Data recalled from disk
becomes immediately active.

Options Menu

Clicking on the Options Tab in the upper left-hand corner of the Control Panel brings up
the following Options menu, which allows you to change various miscellaneous parameters:
The Options menu can be moved anywhere onscreen by clicking on the vertical gray area on the
right and then dragging it.
The "Save Configuration" and "Load Configuration" buttons, respectively, allow you to
store and recall complete system configurations to and from disk. Configuration files
contain the following data:
Equalization settings for all six Presets
Input source
System volume
System mute and dim status
All other settings in the Options menu (see below)

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