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Equalization Controls - JBL LSR4300 User Guid

Control center software jbl lsr4300
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Reference - Control Panel/Equalization Controls
The RMC window can be moved anywhere onscreen by clicking and dragging.
4. System EQ - allows you to switch equalization on or off and make changes to the
equalization of all networked speakers. User settings can then be saved to disk or
uploaded to any speaker Preset. For more information, see the section entitled
"Equalization Controls" below.
For convenience, you can "collapse" individual sub-panels you aren't using (except the
Volume sub-panel, which must always remain open), simply by clicking on the right-fac-
ing arrow above each sub-panel name. To collapse the System EQ, RMC, and Source
sub-panels all at once, click on the right-facing arrow tab at the far left:
To open up any or all of the sub-panels again, simply click on the left-facing arrow(s).

Equalization Controls

The System EQ sub-panel provides one of the Control Center Software's most powerful
"value-added" features in that it significantly expands on the capabilities offered by the
speaker itself. From this sub-panel, you can create custom equalization settings – even
change the corner frequency of the speaker's onboard LF and HF shelf equalizers (some-
thing that is not possible from the speaker itself) – and save them to disk or upload them
directly to the speakers.

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