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DeVilbiss JGA Series Operation Manual

Pressure feed spraygun
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Operation Manual
JGA – Pressure Feed Spraygun
P 2 - 8



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  Summary of Contents for DeVilbiss JGA Series

  • Page 1 SB-E-2-251 ISS.05 Operation Manual JGA – Pressure Feed Spraygun P 2 - 8...
  • Page 2: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Operation Manual JGA – Pressure Feed Spraygun Important Read and follow all instructions and Safety Precautions before using this equipment Description The JGA Pressure Feed Spraygun Kit is approved to ATEX regulations 94/9/EC, protection level; II 2 G X Suitable for use in Zones 1, and 2 Important: These Sprayguns are suitable for use with most solvent based coating materials.
  • Page 3: Personal Protective Equipment

    SAFETY WARNINGS sprayed. Fire and explosion Solvents and coating materials Always wear eye protection when can be highly flammable or spraying or cleaning the spraygun combustible when sprayed. ALWAYS refer to the coating material suppliers Gloves must worn when instructions COSHH sheets spraying or cleaning the equipment...
  • Page 4: Parts List

    Parts List Ref. No Description Part Number Air Cap/Retaining ring See Chart 2 Spring Clip - Kit of 5 JGA-156-K5 Nozzle See Chart 3 Baffle + Seal JGD-402-K Baffle seal—Kit of 5 GTI-33-K5 Spring Adjusted Needle Packing GTI-445-K2 Spreader Valve GTI-405-K Stud and Screw - Kit of 5 GTI-408-K5...
  • Page 5 Nozzle and Needle combinations Chart 3 High Grade Stainless High Grade Stainless Steel (H) Nitralloy (N) Steel—Soft Seat Nozzle Nozzle Nozzle Order Nozzle Order No. Needle Order No. Needle Order No. Needle Order No. size Order No. AV-645-AC JGA-421-C-K —— ——...
  • Page 6: Specification

    Specification Air supply connection - Maximum Service temperature - 40°C Universal BSP/NPS Fluid Supply Connection - Materials of Construction Universal BSP/NPS Maximum static inlet pressure - Gun body- Polished Aluminium P1 = 9 bar (130 psi) Maximum static fluid pressure - Nozzle - See chart 3 P2 = 14 bar (200psi)
  • Page 7: Preventative Maintenance

    Overlap each stroke 50% as you coat return stroke. the area. Trigger just before the edge 11. To prevent accidental discharge of of the surface to be sprayed. Move coating material when the gun is not the gun at a constant speed across in use, always turn off and release air the surface and release the trigger.
  • Page 8 ITW Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG ITW Finishing Systems and Products Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 31 Ringwood Road, 63128 Dietzenbach Bournemouth, Tel (060 74) 403-1 BH11 9LH, Telefax: (060 74) 403300 England. Website address Tel. No. (01202) 571111 Telefax No. (01202) 581940, Website address ITW Surfaces Et Finitions ITW Automotive Finishing UK...