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DeVilbiss JGP-504 Quick Start Manual

Conventional spray gun, hvlp spray gun
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IMPORTANT: Before using this equipment,
read all safety precautions and instruc-
tions. Keep for future use.
Models JGP and JGPV are lightweight,
high production spray guns. JGP models
are conventional air spray, and JGPV are
high volume, low pressure (HVLP). The gun
bodies are constructed of very durable,
solvent resistant Verton® (filled nylon).
Fluid passages are constructed of 300 grade
stainless steel. Fluid tips and needles are
also 300 grade stainless, and the fluid tip
includes the "soft seat" UHMW polyethyl-
ene insert, for longer service life.
Weight: 17 oz.
Max. Air Pressure: 100 PSI
Max. Fluid Pressure: 150 PSI
These guns may be used with chlori-
nated type solvents, but refer to Page
2 for additional warnings.
Important: This gun may be used with
most common coating and finishing ma-
terials. It is designed for use with mildly
corrosive and non-abrasive materials. If
used with other highly corrosive or abra-
sive materials, it must be expected that
frequent and thorough cleaning will be
required and the necessity for replacement
of parts will be increased.
To avoid damage to gun body, do
not overtighten air hose connec-
tion at air inlet. Use two wrenches
if necessary.
Attach air hose to 1/4" NPS air inlet swivel
on gun handle. The air inlet swivel in-
cludes a tapered seat and is designed for
use with hose connections containing a
similar seat.
Attach fluid hose to 3/8" NPS fluid inlet
fitting on gun.
Protective coating and rust inhibitors
have been used to keep the gun in
good condition prior to shipment.
Before using the gun, flush it with
solvent so that these materials will be
removed from fluid passages.
Strain material through 60 or 90 mesh
screen. Adjust fluid pressure to deliver the
desired paint volume. Adjust air pressure
and flow to provide a uniform dispersion
of atomized paint throughout the pattern.
Keep air pressure as low as possible to
minimize bounce - back and overspray.
Excessive fluid flow will result in heavy
center spray patterns. Inadequate flows
may cause the pattern to split.
"Troubleshooting", Page 6, if any prob-
lems occur.
To clean air cap and fluid tip, brush exte-
rior with a stiff bristle brush. If necessary
to clean cap holes, use a broom straw
or toothpick. Never use a wire or hard
instrument. This may scratch or burr holes
causing a distorted spray pattern.
To clean fluid passages, remove excess
material at source, then flush with a suit-
able solvent using a device such as the
SolventSaver™ (see Accessories). Wipe
gun exterior with a solvent dampened
cloth. Never completely immerse in sol-
vent as this is detrimental to the lubricants
and packings.
When replacing the fluid tip or fluid
needle, replace both at the same
time. Using worn parts can cause
fluid leakage. See Chart 2. Also,
replace the needle packing at this
time. Lightly lubricate the threads
of the fluid tip before reassembling.
Torque to 12-15 ft. lbs. Do not over-
tighten the fluid tip.
Daily, apply a drop of SSL-10 spray gun
lube at trigger bearing stud (16) and the
stem of the air valve (8) where it enters the
air valve assembly (12). The shank of the
fluid needle (26) where it enters the pack-
ing nut (14) should also be oiled. The fluid
needle packing (13) should be lubricated
periodically. Make sure the baffle (5) and
retaining ring (1) threads are clean and
free of foreign matter. Before assembling
retaining ring to baffle, clean the threads
thoroughly, then add two drops of SSL-10
spray gun lube to threads. The fluid needle
spring (23) and air valve spring (7) should
be coated with a light grease, making sure
that any excess grease will not clog the
air passages. For best results, lubricate
the points indicated, daily.
Replaces SB-2-291-B
Major Repair Kit KK-4987-2
Minor Repair Kit KK-5034
To prevent damage to the fluid tip
(3) or fluid needle (26), be sure to
either 1) pull the trigger and hold
while tightening or loosening the
fluid tip or 2) remove fluid needle
adjusting screw (21) to relieve
spring pressure against needle
Trigger Points
Adjusting Valves
Baffle Threads
Air Valve Cartridge



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  Summary of Contents for DeVilbiss JGP-504

  • Page 1 SERVICE BULLETIN SB-2-291-C Replaces SB-2-291-B Major Repair Kit KK-4987-2 Minor Repair Kit KK-5034 JGP-504 CONVENTIONAL SPRAY GUN JGPV-504 HVLP SPRAY GUN OPERATION IMPORTANT: Before using this equipment, read all safety precautions and instruc- NOTE tions. Keep for future use. To prevent damage to the fluid tip...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Page 2 SB-2-291-C SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This manual contains information that is important for you to know and understand. This information relates to USER SAFETY and PREVENTING EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help you recognize this information, we use the following symbols. Please pay particular attention to these sections.
  • Page 3: Parts List

    SB-2-291-C Page 3 CHART 1 AIR CAP CONVENTIONAL - JGP HVLP - JGPV No. on cap Part No. No. on cap Part No. AV-1239-704 46MP JGHV-101-46MP AV-1239-765 31767-777 AV-1239-797 CHART 2 FLUID TIP AND NEEDLE (300 S.S./Poly) Fluid Tip ID Ref.
  • Page 4 Page 4 SB-2-291-C 7 Ft. Lbs. Δ Detail Ref. No. 13 - Two piece packing covered by Torque U.S. Patent No. 5,209,501. MAXIMUM + Tapered edge faces out towards packing nut. +Inner Teflon PTFE Fluid Packing Piece Outer Fluid Needle U.H.M.W.
  • Page 5: Troubleshooting

    SB-2-291-C Page 5 TROUBLESHOOTING CONDITION CAUSE CORRECTION Heavy top or Horn holes plugged. Clean. Ream with non-metallic point. bottom pattern Obstruction on top or bottom of fluid tip. Clean. Cap and/or tip seat dirty. Clean. Heavy right or left Left or right side horn holes plugged. Clean.
  • Page 6 Page 6 SB-2-291-C TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) CONDITION CAUSE CORRECTION Runs and sags Too much material flow. Adjust gun or reduce fluid pressure. Material too thin. Mix properly or apply light coats. Gun tilted on an angle, or gun motion Hold gun at right angle to work and adapt to too slow.
  • Page 7 SB-2-291-C Page 7 NOTES...
  • Page 8: Warranty

    WARRANTY This product is covered by DeVilbiss' 1 Year Limited Warranty. DeVilbiss Worldwide Sales and Service Listing: Industrial Finishing DeVilbiss has authorized distributors throughout the world. For techni- cal assistance or the distributor nearest you, see listing below.

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