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Inserting A P2 Card - Panasonic AJ-PCD2G Operating Instructions Manual

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Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6
If a P2 card is inserted in the P2 drive, drag the P2 card icon to the Trash, check
that the P2 card icon has disappeared before disconnecting the two USB cables.
When there is no P2 card in the P2 drive, the USB cables can be removed
without the need for any computer operations.
• After safely removing hardware in Windows, you can make the computer
recognize the P2 drive again by connecting both USB cables.

Inserting a P2 Card

Insert a P2 card in the P2 card slot.
Press in the card until the EJECT button
pops up.
• Be sure to insert the P2 card
horizontally. Forcing the card in at an
angle may damage it.
• Do not remove a P2 card while it is
being accessed or right after insertion.
Otherwise, the card may be damaged.
• Do not transport the drive with a P2 card
inserted. Otherwise, the P2 drive may be
Fold the EJECT button in the
direction of the arrow.
• Do not use the P2 drive with the EJECT
button fully extended. Otherwise, the
EJECT button could be damaged.
EJECT button
EJECT button


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