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Panasonic UD-7900N14EU Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions
Model No.
Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and save this
manual for future use.
The model number is abbreviated in some descriptions in this manual.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Panasonic UD-7900N14EU

  • Page 1 Operating Instructions TLD READER UD-7900N14EU Model No. Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use. The model number is abbreviated in some descriptions in this manual.
  • Page 2: Disclaimers

    Disclaimers We shall have no liability for any accident and damage arising from incorrect use and/or operation • different from the content of the operating instructions. We shall have no liability for any any accident and damage arising from modifications of this product •...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Disclaimers························································································································ 2 About the TLD reader ··········································································································· 2 About this Document············································································································ 2 Related-Manual ·················································································································· 2 About the Calibration Light Source ·························································································· 2 Safety Precautions ········································································································· 4 Warning/Caution Label ···································································································· 7 Disposal of Product ········································································································ 8 Transport and Setting Up ································································································· 9 Transport ·············································································································...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions To prevent severe injury and loss of life/property, be sure to observe the following safety precautions. ■ These precautions are separately provided according to levels of danger and damage that can occur when they are not observed. The risk of a serious injury or fatality is high. WARNING The risk of an injury or damage to properties is high.
  • Page 5 CAUTION ■ Do not place any heavy object on top or get on top of the product. Failure to observe this may cause tip-over or drop of the product resulting in injury. It may also cause damage or deformation of the product. ■...
  • Page 6 ■ Please definitely insert the power plug. When insertion is imperfect, it may cause a fire by the electric shock and generation of heat. Please use neither damaged plug nor the loosening outlet. ■ Do not operate power plug with a wet hand. Failure to observe this may cause electric shock ■...
  • Page 7: Warning/Caution Label

    Warning/Caution Label Label for caution as to electrical shock This label warns of electrical shock because the electrical board is placed inside. Other label This label indicates that this unit conforms to the CE marking.
  • Page 8: Disposal Of Product

    Disposal of Product The disposal of the product must be handled by a specialized industrial waste disposal agency in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  • Page 9: Transport And Setting Up

    Transport and Setting Up WARNING ■ Only persons who have sufficient knowledge and experience about the product and system are allowed to transport and set up the product. ■ Especially pay attention to personal safety. 4.1. Transport The product is heavy and has potential danger at transport. Also, to prevent damage and breakage of the product, be sure to follow these instructions for transport.
  • Page 10: Installation

    4.2. Installation 4.2.1. Environment The product must not be operated, installed, stored or transported in the following conditions. Potential malfunction or damage to the product may occur if these instructions are disregarded. • Location that is outside Location that is exposed to water, water vapour, steam, salt water or oil •...
  • Page 11: Mounting

    4.2.3. Mounting Mount the product on a flat and stable floor with no vibrations. • How to mount the product Move the product to the installation area. After moving, lock the casters again. Lock Raise the lever...
  • Page 12: Electrical Wiring

    4.2.4. Electrical wiring WARNING ■ Check the power source If using any of not specified voltage, capacity and frequency, it may result in fire or electric shock ■ Wire using appropriate sized cables. If using inappropriate sized cables, it may result in heat generation or fire.
  • Page 13: Rs-232C Communication Wiring

    4.2.5. RS-232C communication wiring This product performs automatic measurement when connected with a PC via the serial communication (RS232C). Refer to the operating instructions software guide for details. Use a cross cable when connecting with a PC (232C Null Modem). Serial communication specifications Caption ANSI/EIA-232-E...
  • Page 14: Main Unit And Accessories

    Main Unit and Accessories Main Unit Manual Key (for Handle)
  • Page 15: Major Operating Controls And Their Functions

    Major Operating Controls and their Functions Caption Caption 1: Caster 2: Front Panel 3: Handle 4: LED (Power) 5: LED (BUSY) 6: LED (FAN ALARM) 7: LED (ALARM) Front View 8 8: RS-232C Connector 9: Name Plate 10: Breaker 11: AC Inlet 12: AC Cable Clamper Rear View...
  • Page 16: Starting The Product

    Starting the Product 7.1. Before starting Check the following items before starting the product. ■ Installation conditions Check the product is installed horizontally. ■ Connection of cables Check the power, ground and communications (optional) cables arecorrectly connected. 7.2. Power supply •...
  • Page 17: Magazine Set

    Magazine Set When executing a measurement, firstly set the magazine to the automatic changer. TL Badge TLB No.1 Release the lock of the door on the right side and open the door. If there is an unnecessary magazine in the measurement section, remove it by clicking [Unload Tray].
  • Page 18 After setting all magazines, close and lock the door of the automatic changer. Then, click the [START] button to start the measurement. The results will be displayed on the screen. To stop the measurement, click the [STOP] button. The measurement will stop after completing the current TLB measurement.
  • Page 19: Maintenance

    Maintenance 9.1. Inspection • Check if smoke or foul smell is not being issued when turning on the power. When abnormality is found, turn off the power and contact your service man. • If all of 4 LEDs on the front panel is being lit after the activation, the device is not activated correctly. Turn off the power and contact your service man.
  • Page 20: Main Specifications

    Main Specifications Operation section PC application software Windows 10 supported Application badge UD-800 series optical hole type Badge loading Auto loading by magazine (10 magazines, 500 badges) Heating method Heat by halogen lamp Measurement method Photon counting method (w/linearity correction [software]) Measurement range : 0.1 mSv - 10 Sv CaSO...
  • Page 21: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity (Manufacturer’s name & address) Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. 600, Saedo-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, 224-8539, JAPAN (Object of the declaration) (Product) TLD Reader (Trade name) Panasonic (Model No.) UD-7900N14EU The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the requirements of the following EU...
  • Page 22 Please connect our service office,and Directions of a service office are followed. Sevice office List North America area Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America Panasonic Way Secaucus, New J ersey 07094 USA Europe area Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe GmbH Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berks., RG12 8FP.THE UNITED KINGDOM Japan area Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.