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Automatic and manual control smart charger
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6. Automatic charging indicator: If you choose to
have the charger select the charging rate automatically,
this LED indicator will illuminate.
7. 4A current indicator
8. 12A current indicator
9. 25A current indicator
The current you choose to
charge the battery
10. Charging state selecting switch: You can choose
the charging mode by this switch.
11. Display Button Switch: You can choose the display
content on the panel by pressing the button.
12. Reverse Polarity LED Indicator: It is a red LED,
when battery clips connect in the wrong way, the red
LED illuminates.
13. Battery Recondition Indicator: It is a yellow LED,
when the battery is reconditioned, this LED illuminates.
The charger will estimate automatically whether the
battery recondition is needed. It will recondition the
battery only when the voltage is lower than 13V
and when the battery has gone into float
charge. The maximum output voltage is 18±0.3V
during the process of recondition. The process cycles
every 4±0.5h until the voltage is higher than 13V. If it
cycles 5 times and the voltage is still lower than 13V,
there will be a code "F01" present on the display panel,
indicating error. Please replace the battery.
14. Charging State LED Indicator: It is a green LED,
when battery is charged at a constant current or
a constant voltage, the green LED flash. When the
battery is full charged or goes into float charge, the
green LED illuminates.
Warning! Working in the vicinity of a battery is
dangerous. Batteries generate explosive gases
during normal battery operation. For this reason, it
is of utmost importance that each time before using
a battery charger, you read this guide and follow the
instructions exactly.
The voltage is lower than 13.5V
Constant charge
Floating charge
Battery is full charged
The capacity of the battery
Personal Precautions
f Someone should be within range of your voice or
close enough to come to your aid when you work near
a lead-acid battery.
f Have fresh water and soap nearby in case of battery
acid contacts skin, eyes or clothing.
f Wear eye protection and clothing protection. Avoid
touching eyes while working near battery.
f If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, wash
immediately with soap and fresh water. If acid enters
eyes, immediately flood eye with running cold water
for several minutes and get medical attention
f Never smoke or allow a spark or flame in the vicinity
of battery or engine.
f Be extra cautious to reduce risk of dropping a metal
tool onto a battery. It might spark or short-circuit the
battery. These may cause an explosion.
f Remove personal metal items like rings, bracelets,
necklaces and watches when working with a lead-acid
f Use the charger for charging a lead-acid battery only.
f Never charge a frozen battery.
f Do not operate the Charger if it has received a sharp
blow, been dropped or otherwise damaged in any
f Keep out of reach of children.
f Stop using the Charger if the supply cord damaged.
f Get professional person to have the Charger repaired,
or it would create hazardous conditions to the user.
f Be sure area around the battery is well ventilated
while the battery is being charged.
f Clean the battery terminals for the oxidized layer to
ensure the proper contacts between the terminals and
the charger's clips.
Before Charging
f Making sure the battery charger is disconnected from
the power supply.
f Making sure that the voltage of the battery matches
the rated output of the battery charger by referring to
the vehicle owner's manual.
f Check the polarities of the battery terminals: Positive
for the (+) symbol and Negative for the (–) symbol.
Note: If the symbols are indistinguishable,
remember that the positive terminal is the one not
connected to the vehicle chassis.
f Connect the red charge clamp to the Positive
terminal of the battery (+) symbol.
f Connect the black charge clamp to the vehicle
chassis, at a safe distance from the battery and the
fuel pipe.
f Never allow battery clips to touch each other.

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