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Automatic and manual control smart charger
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Caution! To reduce the risk of injury or property
f Pull cord by plug rather than cord when disconnecting
the AC Charging Adapter from the unit.
f To recharge this unit, use only the supplied AC or DC
Charging Adapter.
f When working with lead acid batteries, always make
sure immediate assistance is available in case of
accident or emergency.
f Always have protective eyewear when using this
product: contact with battery acid may cause blindness
and/or severe burns. Be aware of first aid procedures
in case of accidental contact with battery acid.
f Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case
battery acid contacts skin.
f If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, wash
immediately with soap and water for at least 10
minutes and get medical attention immediately.
f Never smoke or allow a spark or flame in vicinity of
vehicle battery, engine or power station.
f Remove personal metal items such as rings,
bracelets, necklaces and watches when working with
a lead acid battery. A lead acid battery can produce a
short circuit current high enough to weld a ring, or
similar metal object, to skin, causing a severe burn.
f Always store battery clamps when not in use. Never
touch battery clamps together. This can cause
dangerous sparks, power arcing and/or explosion.
f When using this unit close to the vehicle's battery and
engine, stand the unit on a flat, stable surface, and
be sure to keep all clamps, cords, clothing and body
parts away from moving vehicle parts.
f Never allow Red and Black clamps to touch each
other or another common metal conductor — this
could cause damage to the unit and/or create a
sparking/explosion hazard.
a) For negative-grounded systems, connect
the Positive (Red) clamp to the Positive
ungrounded battery post and the Negative (Black)
clamp to the vehicle chassis or engine block
away from the battery. Do not connect the clamp
to the carburetor, fuel lines or sheet-metal body
parts. Connect to a heavy gauge metal part of the
frame or engine block.
b) For positive-grounded systems, connect
the Negative (Black) clamp to the Negative
ungrounded battery post and the Positive
(Red) clamp to the vehicle chassis or engine block
away from the battery. Do not connect the clamp
to the carburetor, fuel lines or sheet-metal body
parts. Connect to a heavy gauge metal part
of the frame or engine block.
f If the connections to the battery's Positive and
Negative terminals are incorrect, the Reverse Polarity
Indicator will light (red) and the unit will sound a beep.
Disconnect clamps and reconnect to battery with
correct polarity.
f Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat since
it may explode. Before disposing of the battery, protect
exposed terminals with heavy-duty electrical tape to
prevent shorting (shorting can result in injury or fire).
f Place this unit as far away from the battery as DC
cables permit.
f Never allow battery acid to come in contact with this
f Do not operate this unit in a closed area or
restrict ventilation in any way.
Warning! First Aid:
Skin: If battery acid comes in contact with skin, rinse
immediately with water, then wash thoroughly with soap
and water. If redness, pain, or irritation occurs, seek
immediate medical attention.
Eyes: If battery acid comes in contact with eyes, flush
eyes immediately, for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek
immediate medical attention.
f Important: This unit is delivered in a partially charged
state. Fully charge unit with a household extension
chord (not supplied) for a full 48 hours before using for
the first time. You cannot overcharge the unit using
the AC charging method.
f All On/Off switches should be in the OFF position
when the unit is charging or not in use. Make sure all
switches are in the OFF position before connection to
a power source or load.
f Never insert anything other than the supplied
recommended appliance power/recharging cords into
the 12V DC power outlet on this unit.
f Do not use any accessory that is not recommended or
provided by the manufacturer.
f Do not use this unit to operate appliances that
need more than 5 amps to operate from the 12 volt DC
accessory outlet.
f This system is designed to be used only on vehicles
with a 12V DC battery system. Do not connect to a 6V
or 24V battery system.
f This system is not designed to be used as a
replacement for a vehicular battery. Do not attempt to
operate a vehicle that does not have a battery
f Although this unit contains a non-spillable battery,
it is recommended that unit be kept upright during
storage, use and recharging. To avoid possible
damage that may shorten the unit's working life,
protect it from direct sunlight, direct heat and/or
f Read And Understand This Instruction Manual Before
Using This Unit.

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