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Sony HT-GT1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Sound Bar

Operating Instructions
Getting Started
USB Playback
Sound Adjustment
Other Operations
Additional Information



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  • Page 1: Sound Bar

    4-542-874-12(1) Sound Bar Getting Started USB Playback Operating Instructions Tuner BLUETOOTH Sound Adjustment Other Operations Additional Information HT-GT1...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Record these numbers in the space provided This symbol is intended below. Refer to them whenever you to alert the user to the call upon your Sony dealer regarding presence of uninsulated this product. “dangerous voltage” within the product’s Model No.
  • Page 3 The following FCC statement 9) Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type applies only to the version of plug. A polarized plug has two this model manufactured for blades with one wider than the sale in the USA. Other versions other.
  • Page 4 Disposal of waste batteries CAUTION and electrical and electronic You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved equipment (applicable in the in this manual could void your European Union and other authority to operate this equipment. European countries with Properly shielded and grounded separate collection systems) cables and connectors must be used...
  • Page 5 “Party Chain” function in countries applying EU directives. This product has been manufactured by or on behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. Inquiries related to product compliance based on European Union legislation shall be addressed to...
  • Page 6 ˎ The BLUETOOTH® word mark and marks are not specified. logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents BLUETOOTH Guide to parts and controls ... 9 About the BLUETOOTH Getting Started wireless technology ..... 25 Installing the system .....13 Listening to music wirelessly on a BLUETOOTH device ..25 Hooking up the system securely .........16 Setting the BLUETOOTH audio codecs ......
  • Page 8 Other Operations Using the Party Chain function ........ 33 Viewing information on the display ........36 Changing the speaker illumination pattern ..... 36 Using the timers ....37 Using optional equipment ... 38 Deactivating the buttons on the subwoofer (Child Lock)......39 Setting the automatic standby function....
  • Page 9: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls This manual mainly explains operations using the remote control, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the active subwoofer having the same or similar names. You can lock the buttons except  (on/standby) on the subwoofer to prevent them from being operated by mistake (page 39).
  • Page 10 Remote control (RM-ANU215) BASS BAZUCA (page 32) Press to reinforce the bass sound (“BASS BAZUCA ” effect). SPEAKER ILLUMINATION (page 36) Press to change the illumination pattern for the speaker illumination. Subwoofer: PARTY CHAIN (page 35) Press to activate or deactivate the Party Chain function. ...
  • Page 11: Remote Control

     TV INPUT  Subwoofer:  (play/ pause)* Press to select the TV input. Note that only Sony TVs can Remote control:  (play)*, be operated using this remote  (pause) control. Press to start or pause playback. To resume playback, press ...
  • Page 12  REPEAT/FM MODE  Press to select Repeat Play mode for the USB function (page 23).  Press to select the FM reception mode (monaural or stereo) when using the tuner function (page 24).  MUTING Press to turn off the sound.  SW LEVEL (page 32) Press to adjust the subwoofer volume level.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting Started Notes Take following precautions when ˎ installing the speaker system and the Installing the system subwoofer.  Do not block the ventilation holes on the rear panel of the subwoofer. The illustrations below are examples  Do not place the speaker system and of how to install the system.
  • Page 14 Be sure to subcontract the installation ˎ to Sony dealers or licensed contractors 6 to 7 mm and pay special attention to safety during the installation. (approx. 1/4 in) Sony is not responsible for accidents ˎ...
  • Page 15 Note Installing the speaker system Do not apply force or push near the sides on the subwoofer of the speaker system. Doing so may cause the speaker system to fall. Place the speaker system on top of the subwoofer (), then gently push it downward until the stoppers click into place ().
  • Page 16: Hooking Up The System Securely

    Hooking up the system securely  Red connector  White connector  FM lead antenna (Extend it horizontally.)  To wall outlet  SPEAKERS  AUDIO IN/ PARTY CHAIN IN L/R jacks Connect the speaker cords of speaker system. Use an audio cord (not supplied) to connect to the audio output jacks ...
  • Page 17: Inserting Batteries

     OPT IN (optical input) jack Inserting batteries Use the optical digital cable (supplied) to connect to the Digital Insert the two supplied R03 (size Out (Optical) jack of a TV when AAA) batteries, matching the listening to the TV sound using this polarities shown below.
  • Page 18: Preparing For Tv Sound

    Preparing for TV sound You can listen to the TV sound through this system by connecting the subwoofer and the TV as shown below, using the optical digital cable (supplied). Digital Out (Optical) jack Optical digital cable (supplied) Rear of the subwoofer To listen to the TV sound with an optical digital connection Turn on the TV, and then press FUNCTION +/–...
  • Page 19 Select the PCM output mode. Note The information provided above is based on a Sony TV. In case of another TV or external equipment, check the setting of similar items. For details, refer to the operating instructions of your TV or external equipment.
  • Page 20: Carrying The Subwoofer Or The Speaker System

    Carrying the subwoofer Setting the clock or the speaker system Press  to turn on the system. Before carrying the subwoofer or Press TIMER MENU. the speaker system, disconnect all If “PLAY SET” or “TIMER SEL” appears cables. on the display, press  /  repeatedly When carrying the subwoofer or the to select “CLOCK,”...
  • Page 21: Changing The Display Mode

    Changing the display mode Press DISPLAY repeatedly while the system is turned off. Each time you press the button, the display mode changes as follows. Demonstration The display scrolls messages about the main features of this system. No display (Power Saving Mode) The display is turned off to conserve power.
  • Page 22: Usb Playback

    USB Playback Playing a USB device Before using the USB The audio formats that can be played back by this system are as device follows:  MP3: file extension “.mp3”  WMA: file extension “.wma” For compatible USB devices, see ...
  • Page 23 To change the play mode Notes on the USB device The playback order for the system may Press PLAY MODE repeatedly. ˎ differ from the playback order of the Normal Play (blank): plays all ˎ connected digital music player. audio files on a USB device This system can recognize up to ˎ...
  • Page 24: Tuner

    Tuner Presetting radio stations You can store up to 20 FM stations Listening to the radio as your favorite stations. Tune to the station you want. Press FUNCTION +/– repeatedly to select the tuner function. Press TUNER MEMORY. For automatic scanning: Preset number Hold down TUNING+/–...
  • Page 25: Bluetooth

    BLUETOOTH Listening to music wirelessly on a About the BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH device wireless technology You can listen to music from your BLUETOOTH wireless technology is BLUETOOTH device over a wireless a short-range wireless technology connection. that enables wireless data communication between digital About the BLUETOOTH devices.
  • Page 26 BLUETOOTH device the display of the BLUETOOTH device. Pairing is an operation where For example, select “SONY:HT-GT1.” BLUETOOTH devices register with If passkey is required on the each other beforehand. Once a BLUETOOTH device, enter “0000”.
  • Page 27 Two-dimensional code* for direct Connecting a smartphone with access one touch (NFC) * Use a two-dimensional code reader app. When you touch the N-Mark on the subwoofer with an NFC- compatible smartphone, the system automatically:  turns on in the BLUETOOTH function.
  • Page 28 Touch the smartphone to the Listening to music on a N-Mark on the subwoofer until BLUETOOTH device the smartphone vibrates. You can operate a BLUETOOTH device by connecting the system and the BLUETOOTH device using AVRCP. Check the following before playing music: ...
  • Page 29 Notes Erasing all the pairing When the system is not connected to ˎ registration information any BLUETOOTH device, the system will connect from the last connected Use the buttons on the subwoofer to BLUETOOTH device automatically when perform this operation. you press .
  • Page 30: Setting The Bluetooth Audio Codecs

    Setting the BLUETOOTH Setting the BLUETOOTH audio codecs standby mode You can select the BLUETOOTH The BLUETOOTH standby mode audio codecs when the connected enables the system to turn on BLUETOOTH device supports automatically when you establish Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). the BLUETOOTH connection with a BLUETOOTH device.
  • Page 31: Turning On Or Off The Bluetooth Signal

    Turning on or off the Using “SongPal” via BLUETOOTH signal BLUETOOTH You can connect to the system About App from a paired BLUETOOTH device A dedicated app for this model is in all functions when the system’s available on both Google Play and BLUETOOTH signal is set to on.
  • Page 32: Sound Adjustment

    Sound Adjustment Creating your own audio equalizer setting Adjusting the sound You can raise or lower the levels Do this of specific frequency bands, then Reinforce the Press BASS BAZUCA. store the setting in the memory as bass and To return to normal “CUSTOM EQ.”...
  • Page 33: Other Operations

    Other Operations Using the Party Chain function You can connect multiple audio systems in a chain to create a more interesting party environment and to produce higher sound output. A system in the chain will activate the Party Chain function as “Party Host” and share the music.
  • Page 34  If one of the system is not equipped with Party Chain function Example: When connecting using this system as the first system Second system First system Last Continue the connection system* until the last system Rear of the subwoofer * You can connect the system which is not equipped with Party Chain function at the last system.
  • Page 35 To deactivate the Party Chain Enjoying the Party Chain Press PARTY CHAIN on the Party Host, or hold down PARTY CHAIN on Perform the following procedure to the Party Host. activate the Party Chain function. Notes Plug in the power cord and turn Depending on the total unit of systems ˎ...
  • Page 36: Viewing Information On The Display

    Viewing information on Changing the speaker the display illumination pattern Press DISPLAY repeatedly when Press SPEAKER ILLUMINATION the system is turned on. repeatedly to select the illumination pattern. You can view the information as follows: To turn off the illumination, press ...
  • Page 37: Using The Timers

    Using the timers Play Timer You can wake up to tuner or USB The system offers two timer device at a preset time. Make sure functions. If you use both timers, the you have set the clock. Sleep Timer has priority. Prepare the sound source, then Sleep Timer press VOL +/−...
  • Page 38: Using Optional Equipment

    To check the timer setting or Using optional activate the timer again equipment Press TIMER MENU. “TIMER SEL” flashes on the display. Press VOL − repeatedly until Press “VOL MIN” appears on the Press  /  repeatedly to select display.
  • Page 39: Deactivating The Buttons On The Subwoofer (Child Lock)

    Deactivating the Setting the automatic buttons on the standby function subwoofer This system is equipped with an (Child Lock) automatic standby function. With this function, the system enters standby mode automatically in You can deactivate the buttons about 15 minutes when there is no on the subwoofer (except ) to operation and no audio signal is prevent misoperation, such as child...
  • Page 40: Additional Information

     iPhone 3GS cord unplugged for about an  iPod touch (5th generation) hour. Then reconnect the power  iPod touch (4th generation) cord, and turn on the system again. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 41 General The timer does not function. Check the timer setting and set ˎ The system has entered standby the correct time (page 37). mode. Cancel the Sleep Timer function ˎ This is not a malfunction. The ˎ (page 37). system enters standby mode The remote control does not automatically in about 15 minutes function.
  • Page 42 Make sure there is no turn on the system. problem with the USB device. If this display pattern persists, There is noise, skipping, or contact your nearest Sony dealer. distorted sound. You are using an unsupported USB Erroneous display. ˎ...
  • Page 43 Audio file cannot be played back. BLUETOOTH device MP3 files in MP3 PRO format ˎ Pairing cannot be performed. cannot be played back. Move the BLUETOOTH device ˎ Some AAC files may not be played ˎ closer to the system. back correctly.
  • Page 44 The sound skips or fluctuates, or Party Chain the connection is lost. Party Chain function cannot be The system and the BLUETOOTH ˎ activated. device are too far apart. Check the connections ˎ If there are obstacles between ˎ (page 33). the system and your BLUETOOTH Make sure the audio cords are ˎ...
  • Page 45: Messages

    PAIRING Messages The system is in pairing mode. READING One of the following messages may The system is reading information of appear or flash on the display during the USB device. Some operations are operation. not available. CHILD LOCK TIME NG The child lock function has been The on time and off time of Play enabled.
  • Page 46: Precautions

    On heat buildup Precautions Heat buildup on the subwoofer during ˎ operation is normal and is not a cause for alarm. On safety Do not touch the cabinet if it has been ˎ Completely disconnect the power ˎ used continuously at a high volume cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet because the cabinet may have become (mains) if it is not going to be used...
  • Page 47  When a person, metal object, wall performing communication using or other obstruction is between BLUETOOTH technology. the devices with a BLUETOOTH Sony cannot be held liable in any way ˎ connection for damages or other loss resulting  Locations where a wireless LAN is...
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Other models: Specifications Power output (rated): Front L/Front R: 32 W + 32 W (at 3 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% Active Subwoofer THD*) (SA-WGT1) Power output (reference): Front L/Front R: Amplifier section 40 W + 40 W (per channel at U.S.
  • Page 49 BLUETOOTH section USB section Communication system: Supported format: BLUETOOTH Standard version 3.0 MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3): Output: 32 kbps – 320 kbps, VBR BLUETOOTH Standard Power WMA: Class 2 48 kbps – 192 kbps Maximum communication range: AAC: Line of sight approx. 10 m 48 kbps –...
  • Page 50: Supplied Accessories

    Speaker System (SS-GT1) Dimensions (W/H/D) (Approx.): Active subwoofer: Speaker system: 290 mm × 420 mm × 275 mm 2-way speaker system (11 3/8 in × 16 1/2 in × 10 7/8 in) Speaker unit: Speaker system: L channel: 800 mm × 110 mm × 102 mm Woofer: 80 mm ×...
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