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Maintenance; Emptying The Dust Container - Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner Manual

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Temporarily parking the suction
head (fig. H)
Use the park position (22) for a
temporary parking of the suction head.
Storing the appliance (fig. I)
Warning! When storing the appliance,
switch the appliance off and unplug it.
Make sure that the cord is fully
Place the appliance in an upright
Park the tube in the park position (23).
Store the appliance in a dry location.


Your Black & Decker appliance has been
designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation
depends upon proper appliance care and
regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any
maintenance or cleaning on the
appliance, unplug the appliance.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots
in your appliance using a soft brush
or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing
using a damp cloth. Do not use any
abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.

Emptying the dust container

(fig. J & K)
The dust container (9) must be emptied
when the maximum mark is reached or
the bin full indicator (11) changes from
green to red.
Remove the hose.
Press the release button (24).
Hold the dust container at the handle
(25). Slide the container (9) out of the
Hold the container over a waste bin.
Press the release button (26) to open
the container (fig. K). Empty the dust
container as necessary.
Close the base (27) by moving it
upward until the lock locates in the
Re-insert the container into the
appliance until it locks into place.
Cleaning (fig. J - N)
Warning! Before cleaning and
maintenance, switch the appliance off
and unplug it.
From time to time wipe the appliance
with a damp cloth. Do not use any
abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
Do not immerse the appliance in water.
The appliance is fitted with 5 filters.
Four of these are accessible to the user
and are replaceable. The fifth filter is
internal to protect the motor. The four
filters are: pre-filter cover, main filter, bin
filter and exhaust filter.
Cleaning the dust container filter
(fig. J - M)
The dust container filter prevents dust
and dirt from entering the motor housing.
The filter is re-usable. There are two
levels of filtration: pre-filter and main
filter. To maintain efficient suction
performance, the filter should be cleaned
every week, or whenever suction
performance is noticeably reduced. The
appliance is fitted with a bypass valve.
When the filter is clogged, the operation
of the valve is audible. This is normal and
does not indicate a problem. Switch off
the appliance and remove the plug from
the socket before cleaning the filters.
Remove the container (9) from the
appliance (fig. J).
Empty the container (fig. K).
Remove the cartridge (28) from the
container by turning it clockwise (fig. L).
Remove the pre-filter cover (29) from
the main filter (30).
Shake off excess dust by tapping the
filter into a dustbin.
Warning! Do not brush or use
compressed air to clean the filter.
Depending on its condition, rinse the
outside of the filter with water.
Allow the filter to dry for 24 hours
before re-inserting it.
Warning! Do not wash the inside of the



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