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Unwinding And Rewinding The Power Cord; Carrying The Appliance; Switching On And Off - Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner Manual

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Mounting accessories (fig. D)
The crevice tool (12) allows for
vacuuming in narrow and hard-to-reach
places. The brush tool (12) allows for
vacuuming on furniture, blinds, curtains,
windows and stairs. The upholstery brush
(13) allows for vacuuming furniture.
The accessories can be mounted on both
the hose (5) and the tube (7).
Push the accessory onto the hose
nozzle (18) or the tube (7).
To remove an accessory, pull the
accessory from the hose nozzle or
the tube.
Selecting the crevice tool or
brush tool (fig. E)
To use the crevice tool, move the
brush part (19) against the direction
of the arrow.
To use the brush tool, move the
brush part (19) in the direction of the
Unwinding and rewinding the
power cord
The cord rewind button (2) can be
operated by hand or foot.
Pull a sufficient length of cord from
the back of the appliance.
After use, press the cord rewind
button to retract the cord into the unit.
Manually guide the cord to ensure it
does not swing back. Ensure the plug
is correctly located.
Adjusting the tube length (fig. F)
The extension tube (7) can be adjusted
as follows:
Push the knob (20) and slide the tube
to the desired length.
Release the knob.
Adjusting the suction head (fig. D)
For vacuuming on carpets, switch the
brush actuator (21) into the up
For vacuuming on laminates, tiles,
etc., switch the brush actuator into
the down position.

Switching on and off

The on/off switch (1) can be operated by
hand or foot.
To switch the appliance on, press the
on/off switch (1).
To switch the appliance off, press the
on/off switch again.
Setting the suction force
The speed control selector (3) allows for
a precise setting of the suction force.
For vacuuming on a hard surface
(e.g. floors), choose a high speed setting.
For vacuuming on soft surfaces
(e.g. upholstery), choose a low speed
Slide the speed control selector to
the desired setting.
Adjusting the airflow (fig. G)
Move the airflow control switch (6) to
adjust the airflow as desired.
When operating the appliance, make
sure that the hose is not trapped,
twisted or blocked.
In case of overheating, a cut-out will
operate and the appliance will
automatically stop.
If the appliance stops operating,
unplug the appliance and allow it to
cool for 2-3 hours before continuing.
Ensure the filters are cleaned and the
unit is blockage free before switching
back on.
Hints for optimum use
When vacuuming stairs, always start
at the bottom and work your way up.
Position the appliance on the floor
and do the stairs until halfway. Then
carry the appliance to a stable
position which is at least one stair
below your working position, and do
the top half of the stairs.

Carrying the appliance

During use the appliance can be carried
using the handle (4).



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