Compactor Care; Changing The Air Filter Or Freshener; Cleaning - KitchenAid 9871915B Use And Care Manual

Integrated compactor
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3. Press inside of bag against the drawer bottom, sides and
corners for a smooth fit.


Your new compactor is designed to give you many years of
dependable service. However, there are a few things you are
expected to do in order to properly maintain your compactor.
This section will tell you how to clean and care for your

Changing the Air Filter or Freshener

It is recommended that you use either the charcoal air filter or the
air freshener in the filter compartment. The solid air freshener
system is an alternative to the air filter and is designed to control
odors that might develop in the trash.
To order the correct replacement charcoal filters or air fresheners,
call the toll-free number listed on the cover or in the "Assistance
or Service" section.
1. Insert fingertips in the air filter cover and pull until the side
tabs release. Then, lift the cover to release the bottom tabs.
2. Remove the air filter by pulling the top edge of the filter. The
filter should pull out easily. Throw away used filter.
Remove the air freshener by simply lifting out of the filter
compartment. Throw away used freshener..
3. To replace air filter, push the replacement filter into place.
To replace the air freshener, place the replacement in the filter
4. Insert the bottom tabs of the air filter cover and push in until
the side tabs snap into place.


Before cleaning the compactor, turn the Key-Knob (or Key-
Switch) to the OFF & LOCK position and remove it.
NOTE: Any services other than those outlined in this section
should be performed by a designated service representative.
Cleaning Exterior Surfaces
1. Wash exterior surfaces (including stainless steel) with a clean
sponge or soft cloth and a mild detergent in warm water. Do
not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Rinse and dry thoroughly
with a soft cloth.
2. Wipe up spills right away. Some foods can damage the finish
if left on the compactor surface.
Cleaning Inside the Drawer
NOTE: You may want to wear protective gloves since there may
be bits of glass in the drawer.
1. Remove the bag. See the "Removing a Filled Bag."
2. Press down on the lever-action lock (or Side-Lock latch).
3. Hold the lever-action lock down and tilt the side of the drawer
out until the lock clears the drawer front.
NOTE: If desired, the drawer side can be removed by tilting it
up, then lifting it out.
4. Wash the interior of the drawer with a clean sponge or soft
cloth and a mild detergent in warm water. Rinse and dry
thoroughly with a soft cloth.
5. If the drawer side was removed, slide it back into the tilted
6. Press the lever-action lock (or Side-Lock Latch) down while
pushing the drawer side to the upright position.
7. Latch the drawer side by pushing up the lever-action lock (or
Side-Lock Latch).
Cleaning Inside the Cabinet
NOTE: You may want to wear protective gloves since there may
be bits of glass in the cabinet.
1. Pull the drawer out until it stops.
NOTE: Look to see how the drawer rollers move in the tracks.
It will be easier to replace the drawer after you have finished
2. Lift the front of the drawer to clear the stops.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents