Starting Your Compactor; Using Solid (Locked) Cycle; Using The Air Filter Or Freshener; Removing A Filled Bag - KitchenAid 9871915B Use And Care Manual

Integrated compactor
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Starting Your Compactor

1. Open container. Load trash.
2. Leave Key-Knob in ON position.
3. Set Solid Cycle switch to OFF.
4. Close container.
5. Lift foot pedal UP to START cycle.

Using Solid (Locked) Cycle

The Solid (Locked) Cycle extends the use of the bag by putting
constant pressure on the trash to keep it from springing back.
Regular use of solid cycle can increase bag capacity up to
25 percent.
During Solid Cycle, the ram will stay in the down position for
extra compacting. The drawer is locked and cannot be opened
when the ram is down.
For best results, use the Solid Cycle for at least 30 minutes at a
1. Open container. Load trash.
2. Set compactor Solid Cycle switch to ON.
3. Close container.
4. Lift the foot pedal UP to START cycle.
5. Container remains LOCKED untill you RESET by lifting the
foot pedal UP.

Using the Air Filter or Freshener

1. Set the Air Filter switch to ON. The fan creates air movement
in the compactor for odor removal.
NOTE: The charcoal Air Flter works only when the Key-Knob
is in the ON position.
IMPORTANT: The air freshener will work with or without the
2. Set the Air Filter switch to OFF to turn off the fan.

Removing a Filled Bag

When the trash is compacted to the top of the drawer, remove
the bag. If the bag is too heavy, compact less trash before
emptying it in the future.
IMPORTANT: Do not push items down into compactor with
hands or feet.
1. Pull the drawer completely open.
2. Remove top of bag from bag retainer buttons. Pull up all four
bag cuffs. Close bag with twist tie provided.
3. Push Side-Lock Latch down and tilt drawer side open.
4. Lift out bag.

Installing a New Bag

Do not use any kind of bag other than those designed especially
for use in your compactor. Order replacement compactor bags
through your local dealer or by calling the toll-free number on the
cover or in the "Assistance or Service" section.
Before installing a new bag, be sure:
The drawer side is securely locked.
The container is clean and free of debris.
1. Place folded bag into the drawer. Open bag and pull top
edges over the drawer top.
2. Lock bag in place by pulling the four prepunched holes over
the bag retainer buttons. Holes will expand over the buttons
without damaging the bag.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents