Electrical Requirements; Undercounter Installation - KitchenAid 9871915B Use And Care Manual

Integrated compactor
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Electrical Requirements

Electrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Do not remove ground prong.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death, fire, or electrical shock.
Recommended Grounding Method
This compactor is for use on a single phase, 115-volt, 60 Hz, AC
only 15- or 20-amp fused and properly grounded circuit and is
equipped with a grounding plug as shown below. It is
recommended that a separate circuit serving only this appliance
be provided.
This compactor must be grounded while in use to reduce the risk
of electric shock. The compactor is equipped with a three-
conductor cord and 3 prong grounding-type plug to fit the proper
grounding-type receptacle. The green (or green and yellow)
conductor in the cord is the grounding wire. Do not connect the
green (or green and yellow) wire to a live terminal.

Undercounter Installation

NOTE: Proper installation is your responsibility. Make sure you
have everything necessary for correct installation. It is the
personal responsibility and obligation of the customer to contact
a qualified installer to assure that electrical installation meets all
National and Local codes and ordinances.
Tools needed:
Gather the required tools and parts before starting installation.
Tape measure
Do not grasp control panel to move compactor.
Slide compactor onto cardboard or hardboard before moving
compactor across floor to avoid floor covering damage.
Do not allow the rear frame of the compactor to touch the
floor covering when lifting or moving compactor.
Undercounter Installation
NOTE: Installation hardware is not provided with full cabinet
1. Measure the height of your cabinet opening. The top of the
compactor should be at least
cabinet opening.
The rear wheels are preset for a cabinet opening height of
34 " (87 cm) (Position 1).
To adjust for other cabinet opening heights:
Loosen self-tapping screw just enough to clear stud from
hole in position "1."
Move the rear wheel and stud to position "2" or "3" as
needed for your cabinet opening measurement:
Position 2: 34 " to 34
Position 3: 34
" to 34 " (87.5 to 88 cm)
NOTE: To level the unit in position 3, you may need to
add shims under the leveling legs.
Tighten screw. Repeat for other rear wheel.
A. Wheel bracket assembly
B. Cabinet
Phillips No. 2 screwdriver
Flat-blade screwdriver
" Hex-head socket wrench
Utility knife
mm) from the top of the
" (87 to 87.5 cm)
C. Locating stud
D. Self-tapping screw (pivot)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents