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Troubleshooting; Common Audio/Visual Problems; Common Power Output Problems - Black & Decker PI400LA Instruction Manual

Power inverter
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Table of Contents

Common audio/visual problems

Buzzing sound in audio
Problem: Television interference

Common power output problems

Possible cause
Battery voltage below 10.5V
Equipment being operated
draws too much power
Inverter in thermal shutdown
AC output is shorted
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Some inexpensive stereo systems and boom boxes make a buzzing sound
when operated from the inverter, because the power supply in the electronic
device does not properly filter the modified sine wave produced by the inverter.
The only solution to this problem is to use a sound system that has a higher
quality power supply.
The inverter is shielded to minimize interference with TV signals. However, in
some instances, some interference may still be visible, especially when the TV
signal is weak. Try the following to improve the picture:
1. Move the Inverter as far away as possible from the TV set, the antenna,
and the antenna cables. Use a short AC extension cord, if necessary.
2. Adjust the orientation of the antenna cables, and the TV power cord
to minimize interference.
3. Make sure that the antenna feeding the TV provides an adequate (snow-free)
signal and that high quality, shielded antenna cable is used.
Recharge battery or check DC power supply.
f Reduce load to maximum 400W.
f Connect directly to power source using the included battery clips when
operating above 100W.
Allow inverter to cool down. Ensure there is adequate ventilation around the
load is no more than 400W for continuous operation.
Unplug the AC appliance. Disconnect the unit from any 12V DC power source.
Check the appliance cord. Refer to the Service Information section that follows
to contact a Black & Decker Service Center.
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Table of Contents

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