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Important Safety Instructions - Black & Decker PI400LA Instruction Manual

Power inverter
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Caution! Indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.
Caution! Used without the safety alert symbol indicates
potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may
result in property damage.
Risk of unsafe operation. When using tools or equipment,
basic safety precautions should always be followed to
reduce the risk of personal injury. Improper operation,
maintenance or modification of tools or equipment could
result in serious injury and property damage. There are
certain applications for which tools and equipment are
designed. Black & Decker strongly recommends that this
product NOT be modified and/or used for any application
other than for which it was designed. Read and understand
all warnings and operating instructions before using any
tool or equipment.
Warning! Keep away from WATER, FIRE, SMOKE!
To reduce the risk of injury, user must read and understand
this instructional manual. This manual contains important
information regarding the operation and warranty of this
product. Please retain for future reference.
The inverter has the protection functions such as over
input voltage shut off, low input voltage shut off, Under-
voltage turn-off resume, over heating self-lock, overload
self-lock, short circuit protection, the LED indicator will
directly display input power and errors.


Warning! To reduce the risk of electric shock:
f Do not connect to AC distribution wiring.
f Do not make any electrical connections or disconnections
in areas designated as ignition protected. This
includes DC cigarette lighter type plug connection.
This unit is Not approved for ignition protected areas.
f Never immerse the unit in water or any other liquid,
or use when wet.
f Do not insert foreign objects into the AC outlet
or the USB outlet.
Warning! To reduce the risk of fire
f Do not operate near flammable materials, fumes
or gases.
f Do not expose to extreme heat or flames.
Caution! To reduce the risk of injury or property
f Remove appliance plug from outlet before working
on the appliance.
f Do not attempt to connect or set up the unit or its
components while operating your vehicle. Not paying
attention to the road may result in a serious accident.
f Always use the inverter where there is adequate
ventilation. Do not block ventilation slots.
f Always turn the inverter OFF by disconnecting it from
the DC accessory outlet when not in use.
f Make sure the nominal powering voltage is 12V DC,
center connection POSITIVE (+).
f When using this unit in a vehicle, check the
vehicle owner's manual for maximum power rating
and recommended output. It may be necessary to
change the vehicle accessory outlet's in-line fuse to
a higher rating. Do not install in engine compartment
install in a well ventilated area.
f Do not use with positive ground electrical systems*.
Reverse polarity connection will result in a blown fuse
and may cause permanent damage to the inverter
and will void warranty.
* The majority of modern automobiles, RVs and trucks
are negative ground.
f Keep in mind that this inverter will not operate high
wattage appliances or equipment that produce heat,
such as hair dryers, microwave ovens and toasters.
f Do not open the inverter: there are no user-serviceable
parts inside.
f Do not use this inverter with medical devices. It is not
tested for medical applications.
f Keep away from children. This is not a toy!
f Install and operate unit only as described in this
Instruction Manual.
f Do not use this inverter on a watercraft. It is not
qualified for marine applications.
f Check unit periodically for wear and tear. Take to
a qualified technician for replacement of worn or
defective parts immediately.
f Do not connect the unit to any utility power distribution
systems or branch circuits.
f Do not use the inverter in temperatures over 104ºF
(40ºC) or under 32ºF (0ºC).
f Failure to follow these safety guidelines will result
in personal injury and/or the damage to the unit. It
may also be void of the warranty.
f Read and understand this instruction manual before
using this unit.
This manual contains important safety and operating
instructions for the 400W Power inverter (PI400LA).
Warning! To reduce the risk of injury:
f Follow these instructions and those published
by battery manfacturer and the manufacturer of
any equipment you intend to use with this unit. Review
cautionary markings on these products and on engine.

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Table of Contents

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