KitchenAid 3KUIS185V Installation Instructions Manual

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Model 3KUIS185V


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  • Page 1 Ki+chenAid, Automatic Ice Maker Model 3KUIS185V INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2 To change the lower panel: Hemwe the two screws at the txttom lower panel assembly to the ice maker Remove the Iwo acraws on the top of the pane! assembly. Slide the metal panels and spacers Slide the wood...
  • Page 3: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION . UNPACK OPEN BOTTOM FLAPS FIGURE carlon on rear face flaps carton upnght wlrh See Figure 3 Lift carton up and ott 01 machme. Remove rape packaglng outside lnslde emove Ihe front grill. lake 1ng Ihe grlll at the botlom and 1111 It tree 01 c&net 6 Turn by hand...
  • Page 4: For The Plumber

    FOR THE PLUMBER CONNECT TO WATER (observe local codes) U” (6.35 mm) OD soft copper cold water supply. Prowde a convement manual water llrw Position the rubmg so it can enter located in the rmht hand rear of rhe cabinet tubing should eitend...
  • Page 5: How It Works

    WHEN THE STORAGE BIN IS FILLED, BIN THERMOSTAT OPENS. Culler grid remam BEFORE OPERATING THE ICE MAKER It IS your responslblllly to make sure thal the ice maker: has been mslalled where it is protected elements. IS localed so lhal the front IS not blocked, proper aw flow.
  • Page 6: Things To Remember

    THINGS TO REMEMBER 0 Water enters only during the defrost fore first cycle will water in the system. As the room water temperatures amount produced higher operating temperatures duced ice producllon unit will shut when ice in the storage touches thermostat matically cycle...
  • Page 7: Check Operation

    CUBELLT CUTTER GRIDS -I241 CUBE CUTTER GRID CHECK OPERATION Star! Ihe unit ‘ON and opening 2” NOTE Lell IS ‘OFF” ‘CLEAN’ pump opera1es. Check condenser water Will plate gels told cycle. Check for even Unit must be level Check for desired hours adjust be obtained...
  • Page 8 Part No. 759099 Prtnted In U.S.A.

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