Care And Cleaning; Adjusting The Cutting Burrs For Wear - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCG100 Owner's Manual

Pro line series burr coffee mill
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Place the faceplate assembly onto
the motor housing. Make sure the
numbers on grind level ring are
positioned across the top of the
assembly. Using your fingers, tighten
the faceplate screws by turning them
clockwise. Alternate tightening the
screws, keeping them even – do not
completely tighten one screw before
tightening the other.
After the faceplate screws have
been finger-tightened, use a flat-
head screwdriver to tighten them
until snug.
10.Place the grinder upright. It is now
ready for use.
Adjusting The Cutting Burrs
For Wear
The cutting burrs are made of high-
quality stainless steel for exceptional
longevity. After prolonged use, however,
the burrs might require adjustment to
compensate for wear. If your grinds –
especially espresso – are not as fine as
they used to be, an adjustment
probably needs to be made.
Please see "Adjusting the Cutting
Burrs" on page 16 for information on
adjusting the burrs to provide
maximum grind fineness.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents