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Disk array unit
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2 Installation Environment

This section describes precautions that should be kept in mind when installing the disk array unit and installation
Use the disk array unit in an environment with an ambient temperature range of 5 C to 40 C (recommended
In particular, for 24-hour operation, make sure that air conditioning schedules (nights or holidays) are appropriate
to keep the disk array unit within the specified temperature range.
If this temperature condition is not satisfied, it may cause electronic components to malfunction or breakdown, or
may shorten their replacement intervals.
・ For 24-hour operation particularly during summertime, make sure that air conditioning is also provided in the
nights and on holidays as needed so that the temperature range does not exceed 40 C.
・ Regulate the heating during wintertime to prevent the temperature from rising more than 15 C per hour so
that condensation does not occur.
Be sure to satisfy the following installation conditions when operating the disk array unit. If the disk array unit is
operated in an environment that does not satisfy these conditions, it may cause the unit to breakdown or may
significantly shorten its replacement period.
・ Temperature (5 C to 40 C: recommended range)
Do not install the disk array unit where it would be exposed to direct sunlight or subjected to severe
temperature conditions. Also, since sudden temperature changes will negatively affect the parts of the disk
array unit and may cause them to breakdown, the ideal increase in temperature should not exceed 10 C per
hour. Avoid an environment in which the temperature increases more than 15 C per hour.
・ Humidity (10% to 80% RH: recommended range)
If the disk array unit is installed in a high-humidity environment, interactions with corrosive toxic substances
and dust may cause it to breakdown. Since high humidity also negatively affects magnetic media, use air
conditioning to regulate the humidity.
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