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Disk array unit
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5.4 Air Flow

・ When mounting disk array units in the rack, take the installation specifications into consideration so that
ambient environmental conditions can be satisfied while operating the disk array units.
・ When installing units in a rack with a door or a rack equipped with multiple units, take the following points
into consideration when the units are operating.
- Take air flow into consideration so that the temperature requirement of the ambient environmental
conditions is not exceeded.
- Make every effort to prevent the temperature inside a rack in which disk array units are operating from
exceeding 40 C.
・ A constant volume of air is required for the disk array units to operate safely.
When mounting units in the rack, make sure that no object blocks the air vents at the front and rear of the
disk array unit and that the air vents are not closed.
・ Note the following points so that rack mounted equipment has a front intake and rear exhaust.
- Take measures regarding wind direction such as installing air conditioning so that cool air flows onto the
front of the rack.
- For under-floor air conditioning, since there are no intake vents in the rack floor, install louvered vents in the
floor in front of the equipment so that a greater volume of cool air flows in than the exhaust from the
installed equipment.
- When installing multiple racks, take into consideration the intake air of the racks and install them so that the
fronts are facing each other and the backs are facing away from each other.
- Take measures such as installing an exhaust duct above the rear of the rack so that the exhaust does not
flow around to the front of the rack or stay confined at the rear of the rack.
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