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Disk array unit
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Always ground the disk array unit before connecting the power cord.
Connecting all the power cords of disk array units to a single power distribution board will result in a large leak
current flowing in the ground wires of the power cords, which may cause an electric shock. Always connect each
power cord to a separate power distribution board.
If the power cord of the disk array unit is not directly connected to a power distribution board, use a power strip
with an industrial plug.

6.3 Precautions When Installing or Moving a Disk Array Unit

Note the following precautions when installing or moving a disk array unit.
・ Do not place the disk array unit in a location that is high in humidity, dust, or oily smoke, a poorly ventilated
location, or any location with fire. This will cause the disk array unit to fail, catch fire, or cause an electric
・ Do not use any other power cord than the one supplied with the disk array unit. Using another power cord
may cause a fire to occur.
・ Do not use the disk array unit with a voltage other than the one shown on the nameplate. Also, do not
overload the electrical circuit. Failure to follow these prohibitions may cause a fire or electric shock to occur.
・ Do not insert or remove the power plug with wet hands. Failure to follow this prohibition may cause an
electric shock to occur.
・ Always ground a unit that requires grounding before turning it on.
If grounding is not possible, contact your sales representative or maintenance personnel. If there is a short
circuit, a fire or electric shock may occur.
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