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Immersion Blender Features; Assembling Your Immersion Blender; Operating Your Immersion Blender - KitchenAid 4KHB100 Instructions Manual

Immersion blender
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Assembling Your Immersion Blender

1. Before using the KitchenAid
Immersion Blender for the first
time, wipe the motor body and
attachment adapters with a clean,
damp cloth to remove any dirt or
dust. Mild dish soap may be used,
but do not use abrasive cleansers.
NOTE: Do not immerse the motor
body or the adapters in water.
Dry with a soft cloth. Wash all the
attachments and accessories by
hand or in the top rack of the
dishwasher. Dry thoroughly.
NOTE: Always be sure to unplug the
power cord from the wall socket
before attaching or removing
2. Install attachments by aligning the
motor body with either the
blending attachment or an
attachment adapter (Models
4KHB200 and 4KHB300 only).
Insert the blending attachment or
attachment adapter into the motor
body until it locks with a click.
Chopper Adapter
Whisk Adapter
3. Remove the attachments by
pressing both ejector buttons on
either side of the body.
4. Read Operating Tips (page 11).

Operating Your Immersion Blender

Using the Blending Attachment
1. Insert the blending attachment into
the motor body.
2. Plug the electrical cord into an
electrical wall socket.
3. Adjust the speed by turning the
speed control dial on top of the
Immersion Blender.
4. Insert the Immersion Blender into
the mixture.
NOTE: Immersion Blender should
only be immersed in liquids the
length of the attachment. Do not
submerge beyond the seam of the
blending attachment. Do not
immerse the motor body into liquids
or other mixtures.
5. Press the power button to activate
the Immersion Blender.
6. When blending is complete,
release the power button before
removing Immersion Blender from
the mixture.
7. Unplug immediately after use,
before removing or changing


Table of Contents

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