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Amplicomms PowerTel M8000 Operating Instructions Manual

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   Summary of Contents for Amplicomms PowerTel M8000

  • Page 1

    PowerTel M8000 mobile phone Operating Instructions...

  • Page 2: Hearing Aid Compatibility

    M8000 Hearing aid compatibility This telephone is equipped with T Coil coupler making it com- patible with most popular hearing aids. Due to the wide range of hearing aids available there is no guarantee that the tele- phone will function with all hearing aid models. Please check your hearing aid immunity rating is higher than M2.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ONTENTS Quick Start Guide.............8 Quick Glance ................8 What is in the box ..............10 Installing the SIM card, SD card and battery ......10 Charging the battery ...............12 Charging via the mini USB charging socket .......13 Charging via the desktop charging unit .......13 Battery status ................14 Switching the mobile phone on and off .......14 Make sure you are in range of your Network .....15...

  • Page 4

    ONTENTS Advanced Settings and Functions ........17 Questions and Answers ............17 The phone in details ............22 Keys and Parts ................22 Special key functions ...............22 Icons in the display ..............26 Using the phone .............28 General ..................28 Switching the mobile phone on and off .......30 Dialling a phone number / Calling .........31 Dialling with the speed dialling keys........31 Dialling with the one−touch dialling keys (A,B,C)....31...

  • Page 5

    ONTENTS Hands-free .................34 Muting the microphone............34 3-party conference ..............35 “Phonebook“ menu ............36 Opening the phonebook ............36 Checking the memory status..........36 Creating a new phonebook entry...........36 Calling from the phonebook...........38 Editing a phonebook entry............39 Deleting a phonebook entry ...........39 Deleting all phonebook entries ..........39 Copying all phonebook entries ..........40 Storing a phonebook entry to a speed dialling key.....40 Storing a phonebook entry to an one−touch dialling key ..41...

  • Page 6

    ONTENTS “Messages“ menu............44 Messages menu ...............44 Message settings..............45 Multimedia message settings ..........47 Service message settings............49 Writing and sending a SMS............50 Reading/deleting messages and further options....51 “Call history“ menu ............54 Reading the calls list ..............54 Deleting the calls list..............55 Further options .................55 “Settings“...

  • Page 7

    ONTENTS Phone settings ................65 Network settings ..............66 Security settings...............68 Connectivity ................69 Restore factory settings............72 “Multimedia“ menu ............73 Camcorder/Camera ..............73 Gallery..................76 Video player ................78 Sound recorder.................78 “Organizer“ menu ............80 Alarm ..................80 Notes..................81 “File manager“ menu ............82 “Services“ menu ............83 Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 8

    ONTENTS “SOS“ menu ..............84 Selecting an emergency call destination ......84 Entering emergency call numbers.........84 Select an outgoing emergency voice message ....85 Recording a personal emergency voice message....86 Emergency call procedure ............86 Cancel the emergency call function........88 Appendix .................89 Technical data ................89 Service hotline................90 Problems and solutions............90 Tips on the battery ..............93...

  • Page 9

    ONTENTS Declaration of Conformity ............99 Maintenance ................100 Guarantee ................100 Index ................103 Menu tree ..............112 Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 10: Quick Start Guide

    UICK TART UIDE Quick Start Guide Important: Before you start, please read the safety information on page 95. Quick Glance 1 Signal LED 12 Hash key 2 Earpiece 13 Volume control +/- 3 Display 14 Headset socket (Headset 4 Softkeys (A/C) / not supplied) Direct call keys A/B/C 15 Camera lens...

  • Page 11

    UICK TART UIDE Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 12: What Is In The Box

    UICK TART UIDE What is in the box The box contains: 1 mobile phone 1 power adapter plug 1 li−ion battery 1 operating manual 1 desktop charging unit Installing the SIM card, SD card and battery Risk of swallowing small objects! The SIM card can be removed.

  • Page 13

    UICK TART UIDE • Slide the SIM card with the golden contacts facing down in the moulded SIM card holder. The SIM card must be located under the metal retaining bar to be in the correct position. The phone supports 2G and 3G (see p.

  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    UICK TART UIDE card bracket can now be flipped up vertically. Place the memory card positive-locking into the bracket. Make sure that the memory card contacts are facing down and that the "nose" is placed in accordance with the marked area. The contacts of the memory card must not get scratched or bent.

  • Page 15: Charging Via The Mini Usb Charging Socket

    UICK TART UIDE • When charging the battery for the first time, it should be charged for at least 4 hours. Some batteries only reach their full capacity after several complete char- ge/discharge cycles. Charging via the mini USB charging socket •...

  • Page 16: Battery Status

    UICK TART UIDE Battery status The current battery charge status is indicated in the dis- play as follows: Full - - > - - > - - > - - > - - > - - > - - Empty When the battery charge is low, a corresponding warning message appears in the display.

  • Page 17: Make Sure You Are In Range Of Your Network

    UICK TART UIDE Some SIM cards will require you to enter a PIN code. Fol- low the prompts on the screen. The SIM code (PIN of the SIM card) that you received with your SIM card, protects the SIM card against unauthori- sed use.

  • Page 18: Setting The Display Language

    UICK TART UIDE Setting the display language If you want to select a different language please refer to page 65. There are different languages available. Setting the time and date Refer to page 65. Taking a call Take the call Rejecting a call Reject the call Ending a call...

  • Page 19: Advanced Settings And Functions

    UICK TART UIDE Advanced Settings and Functions For more details about setting up your Amplicomms M8000 and other functions follow the descriptions in this user guide. Examples: • Set your one−touch dialling keys -> page 41. • Store numbers in the phone book -> page 36.

  • Page 20

    UICK TART UIDE number and if the card is subscribed to a Pay−as−you−go service then you also benefit from being able to carry over any credit that has been paid on the card. Where can I get a SIM card from? Any high street mobile phone shop will be able to provide you with a SIM card.

  • Page 21

    Can I use a SIM card from any mobile phone company? Yes. The Amplicomms mobile phone is what is termed as an open SIM card phone and so it is not restricted to any particular service provider or mobile phone company.

  • Page 22

    UICK TART UIDE phone as part of their job for example. The other is Pay−as−you−go, sometimes abbreviated to PAYG. With this type of service you add credit to the card and top up as and when required. Topping up the card is easy, you can do this over the phone, on−line, at many shops and even some cash points allow you to do this.

  • Page 23

    UICK TART UIDE What does 2G/3G network mean? 3G is a third generation mobile communications standard (UMTS / Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), with which significantly higher data transfer rates are pos- sible than with the second generation (2G) mobile com- munications standard, the GSM standard (Global System for Mobile Communications).

  • Page 24: The Phone In Details

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS The phone in details Keys and Parts for the explanation of keys and parts please refer to page 8. Special key functions Left softkey (A) In standby -> open the main menu In menus the function changes due to the term in the display above the softkey (e.

  • Page 25

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS “Storing a phonebook entry to a one- touch dialling key“ page 41). Call key - Take a call or dial a number. - Open the call list and the redial list End call key - End or reject a call - Cancel the current process and return to standby (in menus) - Switch the mobile phone on and off...

  • Page 26

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS Digit key 1 Long press (approx. 3 s) dials the number to access your voice mail messages. Note: If prompted, it may be neces- sary to enter your network's voice mail number first. Refer to the docu- mentation supplied with your SIM card for this number.

  • Page 27

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS - when entering text: open the spe- cial character table. Hash key - In standby: long press activates/ deactivates key lock. - when entering text: toggles bet- ween case and numbers. Sound control keys +/- In standby/whilst on a call: tone control settings (High frequency/ Normal frequency/Low frequency) Volume control keys +/-: - Whilst on a call ->...

  • Page 28: Icons In The Display

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS SOS key Start the SOS sequence. For details please refer to page 86. Icons in the display Signal strength of the phone’s connection Battery capacity (refer to page 14) 2G network (GSM standard) 3G network (UMTS standard) New SMS New call Call forwarding active...

  • Page 29

    HE PHONE IN DETAILS Vibration on Vibration first, then ringer Vibration and ringer A headset is connected Bluetooth is activated The “Roaming” symbol will appear if the phone switches to an alternate network provider. This may occur for example when entering another country. The Roaming facility depends on your network provi- der.

  • Page 30: Using The Phone

    SING THE PHONE Using the phone General All the functions can be accessed via the various menus. Use the arrow keys ▲ /▼ to scroll though the menus • and the lists (e. g. phonebook). • Press Back, to return to the last step. •...

  • Page 31

    SING THE PHONE until you find the first letters are OK, then press Select, then continue by typing the next letter key, if this is incorrect use the option bar at the bottom of the screen which should have appeared, showing individual letters and characters then press choose a letter and press Select.

  • Page 32: Switching The Mobile Phone On And Off

    SING THE PHONE the same key, press the key the respective number of times to enter the first character. Then wait for approx. 2 sec. and enter the second letter. Use the arrow keys ▲ /▼ and the volume keys +/- to •...

  • Page 33: Dialling A Phone Number / Calling

    SING THE PHONE Dialling a phone number / Calling • The phone must be in standby (SIM card inserted and the phone switched on). • Enter the telephone number incl. the prefix. For ente- ring a + in front of the country prefix press * quickly two times.

  • Page 34: Using Redial / Using The Calls List

    SING THE PHONE dialling key for approx. 3 seconds. Each stored number is dialled. To program the one-touch dialling keys see "Storing a phonebook entry to an one-touch dialling key," page 41. Using redial / using the Calls list • In standby press the green call key.

  • Page 35: Options Whilst In A Call

    SING THE PHONE hang up by pressing the green call key or the left softkey (A) (Answer). Options whilst in a call You can select the following Options with the left Softkey (A): Hold single call -> The call is put on hold. To retrie- ve the call press Options/Retrieve single call End call ->...

  • Page 36: Setting The Volume

    SING THE PHONE acces codes e. g. for remote accessing an answe- ring machine. Setting the volume • During a call you can set the volume using the + / - volume keys on the right hand side of the phone. The setting will be saved.

  • Page 37: 3-party Conference

    SING THE PHONE 3-party conference “3-party“ is a provider dependant feature. Establishing a 3-party conference lets you talk to two subscribers simul- taneously. • Call the first subscriber. • Press Options, select New call and press OK. • Enter the phone number for the second subscriber or press Options and Phonebook, to select a phonebook entry.

  • Page 38: Phonebook" Menu

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU “Phonebook“ menu You can save names and phone numbers in the internal memory (up to 300 entries) and on the SIM card. Opening the phonebook • In standby press Names • During a call press Options, select Phonebook and press Select.

  • Page 39

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU : If you selected “To SIM“ you can only Please note enter the name and one telephone number. Enter the name and press ▼. • Enter the phone number and press ▼. • If necessary enter an Email address and press ▼. •...

  • Page 40: Calling From The Phonebook

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU telephone number, office telephone number, fax number etc.). • Press Options -> Save -> Select. Press Yes in the follo- wing confirmation query. Note: Your personal ringtone You can record e. g. “Peter is calling“ as a ringtone. Did you associate this ringtone to phonebook entry “Peter“, your phone will announce calls from Peter with: “Peter is calling“.

  • Page 41: Editing A Phonebook Entry

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU Editing a phonebook entry • Press Names to open the phonebook. • Select an entry, press Options, select Edit and press Select. • Edit the entry. • Press Options -> Save -> Select. Press Yes in the follo- wing confirmation query.

  • Page 42: Copying All Phonebook Entries

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU Note: • For deleting all entries in the phone you will have to enter the phone’s password. Default it is set to 1122. • For deleting all entries on the SIM card you will have to enter your SIM PIN. Copying all phonebook entries •...

  • Page 43: Storing A Phonebook Entry To An One−touch Dialling Key

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU • Select a button from the list (2…9) and press Edit. • Select an entry and press OK. Press Yes in the following confirmation query. Storing a phonebook entry to an one−touch dialling key • Press Menu -> Settings -> Direct numbers -> OK •...

  • Page 44

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU • Send message: Send a message to the respective phone number. • Call: To make a call to the phone number. • Edit: You can edit the entry. • Delete: The entry will be deleted. • Copy: You can copy the entry to the telephone or to the SIM card.

  • Page 45

    “P “ HONEBOOK MENU • Phonebook settings • Preferred storage: Select where new entries should be saved (SIM card, telephone). • Speed dial: Switch on the speed dial function and edit the speed dial buttons. • My number: Your own telephone number. •...

  • Page 46: Messages Menu

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU “Messages“ menu You can send and receive text messages (SMS) and multi- media messages (MMS). A message will be treated as an SMS until you attach an image, sound, etc. Then it will automatically be converted to an MMS. In this case, there are more and other options available if needed.

  • Page 47: Message Settings

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU • Outbox: Open the list of messages still to be sent. • Sent messages: Open the list of already sent mes- sages. • Archive: open the archive. • Delete messages: To delete a message. • Broadcast messages: If your provider supports this service you can change some parameters in this menu.

  • Page 48

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU tain cases it is necessary to check that number or to change it. • Press Menu, select Messages -> Message settings -> Text messages and press OK. • You have the following options. Profile settings and select the active profile (marked with a green tick).

  • Page 49: Multimedia Message Settings

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU network provider. - Common settings: You can edit the settings for Deli- very report, Reply path and Save sent messages. Active settings are marked by a tick. With the left softkey you can toggle between On and Off. Note: For Reply path, please let this setting untou- ched to “Off“).

  • Page 50

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU dia messages. This type of profile or account is often pre- installed. If not, you can get the information from your network provider. In the M8000, the settings for the data account are in the “Connectivity” menu. •...

  • Page 51: Service Message Settings

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU - Retrieval: Settings for treating a MMS as Home net..., Roaming, Filters, Read report, Delivery r..- Preferred storage: Select, where the MMS should be stored to (Memory card or Phone). - Memory status: The status of the SIM and phone memory is displayed.

  • Page 52: Writing And Sending A Sms

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU - White list: Press Yes in the confirmation query, select Add new if necessary and edit the list. Block list: Press Yes in the confirmation query, select Add new if necessary and edit the list. Writing and sending a SMS •...

  • Page 53: Reading/deleting Messages And Further Options

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU • Select Add from Phonebook and press Select. • Select an entry and press OK. • The selected entry will be shown. • Press Options, select Send and press Select. Reading/deleting messages and further options • Press Menu, select Messages->...

  • Page 54

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU Edit options: Here, you can select “Mark text” or “Copy all” to then enter this text in a new mes- sage (again, via the menu item, “Edit options”). Details: Show message’s details (date/time/sen- der etc.). Reply: Reply to the number from which the text was sent.

  • Page 55

    “M “ ESSAGES MENU Advanced Copy to phone/to SIM: Copy the message from the SIM card to the phone or vice-versa. Move to phone/to SIM: Move the message from the SIM card to the phone or vice-versa. Copy all: Copy all messages from the SIM card to the phone or vice-versa.

  • Page 56: Call History" Menu

    “C “ ALL HISTORY MENU “Call history“ menu A new call is shown on the display. • Press Back to delete the message. The icon for a new call appears in the display. You can see this call “nor- mally“ in the Missed calls list. •...

  • Page 57: Deleting The Calls List

    “C “ ALL HISTORY MENU Save to Phonebook: (only available if there is no respective entry in the phonebook yet) save the entry in the phonebook. Add to Blocklist: Add the entry to the block list. Edit before call: Edit the phone number before cal- ling back.

  • Page 58: Settings" Menu

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Select Reset all to reset the call timers. Press Yes in the following confirmation query. • Select Text msg. counter and press OK. You will see the number of SMS Sent and Received. Select Back (left softkey) to reset the counters. Press Yes in the fol- lowing confirmation query.

  • Page 59: Switching Boost On And Off

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Switching Boost on and off • Press Menu, select Settings -> Boost and press OK. • Select Boost On to activate the Boost function perma- nently or Boost Off to deactivate it. During a call the volume control can be used to adjust the volume level in both Boost ON or OFF modes.

  • Page 60: User Profiles

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU entry or Edit number to enter the phone number manually or to edit the entry. • Press OK to save. User profiles In the user profile you can set the general ringtone, the ringtone volume and several other parameters. •...

  • Page 61

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Incoming ... - Set the ring tone for incoming calls. Press Options -> Change, select a melody and press Select. Ringtone v... - Adjust the ring tone volume with 4 and 6. Message - Set the ring tone for incoming mes- sages.

  • Page 62: Call Settings

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Power off - Set the tone for powering off the phone. System alert... - Set with 4 and 6 , whether sys- tem alerts should be signalled or not. • Select Reset to reset the profile settings to default. Call settings •...

  • Page 63: Helpline 0844 800 6503

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU beep in the earpiece. Deactivate: The second caller will get the busy tone. Query status: Information on the current setting. • Call divert: Settings for call diversion. Divert all voice calls: You can Activate a call diversion for all voice calls To new number (enter subsequently a destination) or select To voicemail, if you want to divert to your voice...

  • Page 64

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU se refer to “Divert all voice calls“. Divert if busy: Call diversion, if your phone is busy. For information on settings please refer to “Divert all voice calls“. Divert all data calls: Diversion for all “No voice“ calls.

  • Page 65

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU more calls will be signalled - You are not availa- ble. The setting Voice calls when roaming bars all incoming calls, if you are not in your home land (e. g. abroad on vacation). Cancel all: Cancel all barrings. Change barring password: Changing the pas- word for activating/deactivating the call barring.

  • Page 66

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Call time reminder: You can specify whether you want to be alerted during a call by a beep in the earpiece after a certain time of call duration. For Single you can set a time up to 3000 sec (= 50 min), for Periodic you can set up a time bet- ween 30 and 60 s.

  • Page 67: Phone Settings

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Phone settings • Press Menu, select Settings -> Phone settings and press OK. • You have the following options: Time and date: In this menu you can Set time zone, Set time/date and Set format (time 24/12h / date (DD MM YYYY/ MM DD YYYY / YYYY MM DD) / Date separator).

  • Page 68: Network Settings

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Power on display/Power off display: Select an animation which should be played when powe- ring the phone on/off. Show date and time: Select whether the date and time should be displayed on the lock screen. Flight mode: Switch flight mode on or off. When flight mode is switched on, the telephone's trans- mission functions will be shut off.

  • Page 69

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU • You have the following options: Network selection: Select whether the network selection should be automatic or manual (Selection mode), start a New search or select a network from the list (Select network). When Automatic is selected the phone tries to connect to your SIM card’s provider.

  • Page 70: Security Settings

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Security settings • Press Menu, select Settings -> Security settings and press OK. • You have the following options: SIM security: PIN lock: You can turn on or off the request for the SIM PIN when the phone is switched on. This is not allowed for some SIM cards/provi- ders.

  • Page 71: Connectivity

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Auto keypad lock: When the automatic keylock is switched on, the keypad will be locked after a pre-set time (5 s, 30 s, 1 min, 5 min) after the last time a key was pressed. Connectivity •...

  • Page 72

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Previously the "Search audio device" and the "pairing" with the device has to be carried out. After selecting the device and Options you have the following options: Connect (with the paired device) Service list Rename Authorize: You can assign an authorisation to a Bluetooth device.

  • Page 73

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU phone (left softkey: Pair). My name: The Bluetooth name. Can be changed. Advanced: After pressing Options you have the following options: Audio path: Determine whether the audio remains on the phone or is routed to a Blue- tooth headset.

  • Page 74: Restore Factory Settings

    “S “ ETTINGS MENU Data account: Manage up to two data accounts for MMS. In general, the necessary entries are automa- tically generated based on the SIM card inserted. Contact your network provider for potentially neces- sary changes. Restore factory settings •...

  • Page 75: Multimedia" Menu

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU “Multimedia“ menu Camcorder/Camera • Press Menu, select Multimedia -> Camcorder and press OK. The installed camera will be switched on in picture mode. The current image will be shown on the display. Hint: The camera can also be switched on by pressing the Boost/camera quick access button on the side.

  • Page 76

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU • When in camera options menu press A to see the follo- wing options: Switch to: Switch to other applications. Image size: Setting the image size (best image: 2 MP). Adv. Settings Storage: Select whether the images should be saved on the telephone or memory card.

  • Page 77

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU • When in video recorder options menu press A to see the following options: Switch to: Switch to other applications. Record size: Set the image size for video recordings (best recording resolution: 480x320 (HVGA). Record limit: Set the maximum duration for recor- dings.

  • Page 78: Gallery

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU Gallery • Press Menu, select Multimedia -> Gallery and press OK. A gallery of the available images will be displayed. • Press Options. You have the following options: View: Shows the picture with further options: rotate the picture (with 1 and 3). enlarge the view with 9 or the volume + key / reduce the view with 7 or the volume - key.

  • Page 79

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU Browse style: Select the style (List style/Matrix style). Send: Option for sending the image as an MMS or via Bluetooth. Use as: Use the image as a background image, screen saver, etc. Rename: Change the name of the image. Delete: Delete the image.

  • Page 80: Video Player

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU Video player • Press Menu, select Multimedia -> Video player and press OK. List of the existing video files. • Press Options. You have the following options: Play: Play the video file. Start/Stop with B. Back to start with C. Fast forward/Rewind (with 4 and 6).

  • Page 81

    “M “ ULTIMEDIA MENU Play: Play an audio file. Append: Attach a recording to the current audio file. Rename: Rename an audio file. Delete: Delete an audio file. Delete all files: Delete all audio files. Use as: Select this audio file as a ringtone. Send: Send the audio file as a MMS or via Blue- tooth.

  • Page 82: Organizer" Menu

    “O “ RGANIZER MENU “Organizer“ menu Alarm You can set 5 different alarms, which will sound once, daily or only on certain days. • Select an entry and press Edit. Switch the alarm On or Off using 4 or 6 and press ▼. •...

  • Page 83: Notes

    “O “ RGANIZER MENU Notes You can enter your own notes here. Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 84: File Manager" Menu

    “F “ ILE MANAGER MENU “File manager“ menu You can edit the storage media (Phone/Memory card) in this menu. Selecting Open displays the respective directo- ry structure and additional editing options are available. Format formats the respective memory - ATTENTION: All content will be irrevocably deleted! Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 85: Services" Menu

    “S “ ERVICES MENU “Services“ menu The items in this menu depend on your network operator. Please check with your provider for details. Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 86: Sos" Menu

    “SOS“ MENU “SOS“ menu This phone is equipped with an emergency call function. You can register up to 5 personal phone numbers for automatic periodic dialling or an emergency phone num- ber for an emergency call centre. Selecting an emergency call destination •...

  • Page 87: Select An Outgoing Emergency Voice Message

    “SOS“ MENU from the phonebook or Edit number, to enter the phone number manually. • Select Call center number -> OK and enter the desired phone number. Note: It is forbidden to enter a public emergency number such as police, fire and rescue control cen- tre.

  • Page 88: Recording A Personal Emergency Voice Message

    “SOS“ MENU record the personal outgoing message before (see below). Recording a personal emergency voice message • Press Menu, select SOS -> SOS Setting -> Record SOS MSG and press OK. • Press Options, select New record and press OK. •...

  • Page 89

    “SOS“ MENU phone number will be dialled and so on. All phone numbers (max. 5) will be called one by one subse- quently. If you have only set one phone number, the phone will only call that number cyclically. This proce- dure will be repeated as long as the phone’s battery is not empty.

  • Page 90: Cancel The Emergency Call Function

    “SOS“ MENU • Note: Please mention explicitly in your personal emergency message, that the called party will have to press key “0“ to be able to speak with you. If not, the loop continues. This prevents the emergency loop from terminating, when, for example, an answe- ring machine takes your emergency call.

  • Page 91: Appendix

    PPENDIX Appendix Technical data Quadband GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz Additional functions Bluetooth, emergency call function Battery Li-Ion, 3.7V, 900 mAh Maximum earpiece volume +35 dB Talk time up to 3 hours Standby time up to 150 hours Dimensions 126 x 55 x 16 mm USB connection...

  • Page 92: Service Hotline

    PPENDIX Service hotline Should problems arise with the telephone, please refer to the following information first. In the event of technical problems, please contact our service hotline under tel. 0844 800 6503 (Using a UK landline, at the time of going to print: calls cost 6p for connection charge and then 5p a minute.

  • Page 93

    PPENDIX No signal quality is No network connection. The displayed. mobile phone is in a location where there is no network ser- vice. Move to a different location or contact your service provider. Keypad does not The operating speed of the dis- function or only play is reduced in the case of functions very slowly.

  • Page 94

    PPENDIX Screen frozen or no Remove the battery for 3 minu- response when tes and try again. pressing keys. No connection to the Contact your service provider. mobile telecommunicati- on network. The “Insert SIM“ mes- Ensure that the SIM card has sage appears in the been installed correctly.

  • Page 95: Tips On The Battery

    PPENDIX unit with a soft, dry cloth. − Charge the mobile for 4 hours. Tips on the battery • Only use batteries, cables and charging unit approved by the manufacturer, otherwise the battery could be damaged. • Do not short circuit the battery. Always leave the batte- ry in the phone to avoid accidentally short circuiting the battery contacts.

  • Page 96: Intended Use

    PPENDIX Intended use This mobile phone is designed for use when connected to a mobile phone network. Any other use is considered unintended use. Unauthorised modification or recon- struction is not permitted. Under no circumstances open the device or complete any repair work yourself. Areas of use •...

  • Page 97: Safety Information

    PPENDIX Safety Information • Prevent exposure to smoke, dust, vibration, chemicals, moisture, heat and direct sunlight. The phone is not waterproof; therefore, keep it dry. Liquids will change the colour of a label that indicates water damage inside the device. Water damage to your device can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Page 98

    PPENDIX • The SIM card can be removed. Caution! Small children can swallow them. • The ringing tone is issued via the loudspeaker. Take an incoming call first and then hold the phone to your ear. This prevents any possible hearing damage. •...

  • Page 99: Power Adapter Plug

    PPENDIX • This phone is hearing aid compatible. If you wear a hearing aid, however, please contact your doctor or the hearing aid manufacturer to inquire about any pos- sible impairments through mobile communication equipment. • Do not rely on the mobile phone as a safeguard for emergencies.

  • Page 100: Disposal

    PPENDIX Disposal In order to dispose of your device, take it to a collection point provided by your local public waste authorities (e.g. recycling centre). Accor- ding to laws on the disposal of electronic and electrical devices, owners are obliged to dispo- se of old electronic and electrical devices in a separate waste container.

  • Page 101: Declaration Of Conformity

    CE mark on the device. To view the complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the free downlo- ad available on our web site Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 102: Maintenance

    Clean the housing surfaces with a soft, fluff−free cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents. Guarantee AMPLICOMMS equipment is produced and tested accor- ding to the latest production methods. The implementati- on of carefully chosen materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble−free functioning and a long...

  • Page 103

    If your device shows signs of defect during the period of guarantee, please return it to the sales outlet in which you purchased the AMPLICOMMS device together with the purchase receipt. All claims under the terms of guarantee in accordance with this agreement can only be asserted at...

  • Page 104

    PPENDIX the sales outlet. No claims under the terms of guarantee can be asserted after a period of two years from the date of purchase and hand−over of the product. Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 105: Index

    NDEX Index 2G/3G network ....... . . 21 3-party conference ......35 Alarm .

  • Page 106

    NDEX Calculator ........80 Calendar .

  • Page 107

    NDEX Connectivity ........69 Data account........72 Declaration of Conformity.

  • Page 108

    NDEX File manager........83 Flight mode........66 Gallery .

  • Page 109

    NDEX Maintenance ........100 Making a call........16 Memory status .

  • Page 110

    NDEX Network settings ....... 67 One−touch dialling ......31, 41 Organizer.

  • Page 111

    NDEX Quick Start Guide ....... . 8 Range of your Network ......15 Reading/deleting messages .

  • Page 112

    NDEX Signal LED........66 SIM security .

  • Page 113

    NDEX Tone control ........56 User profiles ........58 Video player .

  • Page 114: Menu Tree

    ENU TREE Menu tree Messages Write message Inbox Drafts Outbox Sent messages Archive Delete messages Broadcast messages Templates Message settings Text message Profile settings Voicemail server Common settings Delivery report Reply path Save sent message Memory status Preferred storage Preferred connection Multimedia message Data account Primary account...

  • Page 115

    ENU TREE NHANG Common settings Compose Sending Retrieval Preferred storage Memory status Service message Enable push Enable service loading Enable white list Enable block list White list Block list Phonebook (Options) View Add new contact Send message Call Edit Delete Copy Move Add to block list...

  • Page 116

    ENU TREE Extra numbers Memory status Copy contacts Move contacts Delete all contacts Call history Missed calls Dialled calls Received calls Delete call logs Call timers Text msg. counter Settings Tone Control Boost Direct numbers User profiles Call settings Caller ID Call waiting Call divert Call barring...

  • Page 117

    ENU TREE NHANG Phone settings Time and date Language Display Wallpaper Screen saver Power on display Power off display Show date and time Flight mode Signal LED LCD backlight Network settings Network selection Preferences Service selection Network information GPRS connection GPRS transfer pref.

  • Page 118

    ENU TREE Security settings SIM security PIN lock Change PIN Change PIN2 Phone security Phone lock Change password Auto keypad lock Connectivity Bluetooth Power Visibility My device Search audio device My name Advanced Audio path Storage Sharing permission My address Data account Restore factory settings Helpline 0844 800 6503...

  • Page 119

    ENU TREE NHANG Multimedia Camcorder Gallery Video player Sound recorder Organizer Alarm Notes File manager Phone Memory card Services (depending on network provider) SOS setting SOS mode setting Set SOS numbers Call center number Set outgoing voice MSG Record SOS MSG Helpline 0844 800 6503 (See page 90 for costs and hours of operation)

  • Page 120

    4 250711 992088 Audioline GmbH D-41460 Neuss 08/2014 – Edition 1.0...

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