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Miele CM 6100 Operating Instructions Manual

Freestanding coffee machine
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Operating instructions
Freestanding coffee machine
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine, it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
en - GB
M.-Nr. 09 732 130



  Summary of Contents for Miele CM 6100

  • Page 1 Operating instructions Freestanding coffee machine To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en - GB M.-Nr. 09 732 130...
  • Page 2: Packaging Material / Disposal Of Old Machine

    Please kept in case the machine ever needs to do not therefore dispose of it with your be returned to Miele for servicing. household waste. Please dispose of it at your local community waste collection / recycling centre.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Packaging material / Disposal of old machine ......2 Warning and Safety instructions ........5 Accessories .
  • Page 4 Contents Time ............34 Timer .
  • Page 5: Warning And Safety Instructions

    They contain important notes on setting it up, as well as on its safety, operation and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions. Keep the instructions in a safe place and pass them along to any future owner.
  • Page 6 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children There is a danger of burning and scalding from the coffee and hot water dispensing spouts. Children's skin is far more sensitive to high temperatures than that of adults. Ensure children do not touch hot surfaces of the coffee machine or place parts of their body under the dispensing spouts.
  • Page 7 Warning and Safety instructions Technical safety A damaged coffee machine is dangerous. Check it for any visible damage before setting it up. Never attempt to use a damaged coffee machine. Before connecting the coffee machine to the mains supply, make sure that the rating on the data plate corresponds to the voltage and frequency of the household supply.
  • Page 8 Faulty components must only be replaced by genuine Miele Original spare parts. The manufacturer can only guarantee the safety of the machine when Miele replacement parts are used. The machine must be disconnected from the electricity supply during repair work.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use The spouts present a danger of burning or scalding. The liquids and steam dispensed are very hot. Please note: – Keep well away from the area underneath the spouts when hot liquids and steam are being dispensed. –...
  • Page 10 Descale the coffee machine regularly using the appropriate number of Miele descaling tablets for the water hardness level in your area. Descale the machine more frequently in areas with very hard water. Miele cannot be held liable for damage arising from...
  • Page 11 Warning and Safety instructions Degrease the brew unit regularly with Miele cleaning tablets. Depending on the natural oil content of the coffee used, the brew unit can become blocked quite quickly. Used coffee grounds should be disposed of with the organic rubbish or on the compost heap.
  • Page 12: Accessories

    Accessories The following accessories are included Miele also offers a range of optional with your coffee machine depending accessories, as well as cleaning and on model: conditioning products for your coffee machine. – Measuring scoop for ground coffee – Stainless steel milk flask MB-CM for keeping milk cool for longer –...
  • Page 13: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine a Master switch i Park position for milk pipework (behind the service panel) b Controls and display j Drip tray with lid and waste container c Water container k Milk tube aperture d Ground coffee chute l Holder for drip tray cover and drip e Coffee bean container tray cover...
  • Page 14: Display And Controls

    Display and controls a On/Off - For switching the coffee machine on and off b Drink sensors For making . Espresso / Coffee H Cappuccino k Latte macchiato c Display Shows information about the current action or status d Back # For returning to the previous menu, cancelling unwanted actions e Arrow sensors Y X...
  • Page 15: Before Using For The First Time

    Tip: To get the best out of your coffee machine and to set it up for your specific requirements, please continue to work through these operating instructions. When you switch the machine on for the first time the following message will appear in the display: "Miele - Willkommen".
  • Page 16: Water Hardness

    Before using for the first time Water hardness Measuring water hardness The water hardness level indicates how You can measure the water hardness much calcium is dissolved in the water. yourself using the enclosed test strip. The higher the calcium content, the Alternatively, your local water authority harder the water, and the harder the will be able to tell you the hardness of...
  • Page 17: Operation

    ^ Touch the X and Y arrow sensors You are in the drinks menu when the until the option you want is display shows: highlighted. To confirm your choice: Miele ^ Touch OK. Select drink Exiting a menu or cancelling an action To exit the current menu: To make a drink, touch one of the ^ Touch #.
  • Page 18: Filling The Water Container

    Filling the water container The quality of the water plays an important part in the quality of the coffee. Warning. Bacteria can cause infection. It is important to empty and fill the container with fresh tap water every day to avoid the risk of bacteria building up.
  • Page 19: Filling The Coffee Bean Container

    Filling the coffee bean container Fill the coffee bean container with roasted coffee beans if you want to use freshly ground coffee beans for each cup of espresso or coffee. Alternatively, you can make coffee or espresso with ready ground coffee (see "Making coffee or espresso using ready ground coffee").
  • Page 20: Switching On And Off

    Switching on and off Switching on Switching off ^ Touch the On/Off sensor -. Switch the master switch on the left hand side of the machine to the "I" If the coffee machine has been used for position. making a drink it will rinse itself before ^ Touch the On/Off sensor -.
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Central Spout To The Correct Cup Height

    Adjusting the central spout to the correct cup height You can adjust the central spout to suit the height of the cup you are using so that the coffee or espresso will not cool down as quickly and the crema will have a better consistency.
  • Page 22: Making Drinks

    Making drinks Espresso or coffee To make two portions You can dispense two portions into one cup or dispense two portions into two cups at the same time. To fill two cups at the same time: ^ Place a cup under the central spout. ^ Touch the sensor for the drink you want: Espresso...
  • Page 23: Cancelling Preparation

    Making drinks Cancelling preparation Making coffee with ground coffee To cancel preparation: To make espresso or coffee using ^ Touch one of the drinks sensors ready ground coffee, add a portion of again, or X for "Other drinks" again. ground coffee to the ground coffee Tip: Drink preparation can be chute.
  • Page 24: Adding Ready Ground Coffee

    Making drinks Adding ready ground coffee Making coffee with ready ground coffee Use the measuring scoop supplied so that the correct amount is used. If you want to make a drink with ready ground coffee: Do not add more than one level ^ Select "Yes"...
  • Page 25: Drinks With Milk

    Making drinks Drinks with milk You can use bottled milk or cartons Caution. Danger of burning and scalding from the central spout. Liquids and steam dispensed from the spouts will be very hot. Do not use milk with additives. Most additives contain sugar which will adhere to the milk pipework and damage the machine.
  • Page 26: Stainless Steel Milk Flask

    Making drinks ^ Place the end of the milk tube in the container making sure that it is sufficiently immersed in the milk. Making drinks with milk ^ Place a suitable container underneath the central spout. ^ Touch the sensor for the drink you want: Cappuccino ^ Connect the stainless steel suction...
  • Page 27: Coffee The Way You Like It

    Coffee the way you like it You can customise your coffee To avoid damaging the grinder, machine to suit the type of coffee you are using. The "Parameters" menu , please note the following: allows you to adjust the amount of coffee that is ground, set the brew Only adjust the grinder one setting temperature and deselect the...
  • Page 28: Displaying And Changing The Parameters Of A Drink

    Coffee the way you like it ^ Use the arrow sensors to change the Displaying and changing the amount. parameters of a drink Then touch OK. ^ Touch ,. The setting is now saved. The , sensor will light up. ^ Select the drink you want and touch Brew temperature The ideal brewing temperature will...
  • Page 29: Pre-Brewing

    Coffee the way you like it Pre-brewing When the pre-brewing function is switched on, the freshly ground coffee is first moistened with a little hot water. Then the remaining water is forced through the moistened coffee at high pressure. This helps release the flavour of the coffee.
  • Page 30: Portion Size

    Portion size Changing portion size while The flavour of the coffee produced depends not just on the type of coffee making a drink used, but also on the amount of water used. Portion sizes for Espresso . and You can programme the amount of Coffee / water to suit the size of your cups and ^ Place the desired cup under the...
  • Page 31: Changing Portion Sizes In The "Parameters" Menu

    Portion size Portion sizes for cappuccino and Portion sizes for caffé latte, hot milk latte macchiato and milk froth ^ Place a suitable container ^ Place a suitable container underneath the central spout. underneath the central spout. ^ Touch H or k until the ingredients for ^ Touch ,.
  • Page 32: Settings

    Settings Changing and saving settings You can use the "Settings" menu to customise the coffee machine to suit ^ Touch X and select "Settings". your individual requirements. ^ Select the required setting with the arrow sensors and touch OK. Calling up the "Settings" menu ^ Use the arrow sensors to highlight ^ Touch X and select "Settings".
  • Page 33: Overview Of Available Settings

    Settings Overview of available settings The factory setting for each option is shown in bold. Option Available settings Language deutsch, english and other languages Country Time Clock format 12 h / 24 h Timer Switch on at / Switch off after (1:00) / Switch off at Activate Switch on at (Yes / No) / Switch off at (Yes / No) Eco mode...
  • Page 34: Language

    Settings Language Timer You can select a language and country The timer offers the following options: for all display texts. The coffee machine Tip: If you select the wrong language – switches on at a particular time, e.g. by mistake, you can find the in the morning for breakfast ("Switch "Language"...
  • Page 35: Eco Mode

    Settings Eco mode The programmed times will, however, remain in memory and will be Eco mode is an energy-saving mode. reactivated after manually switching the The steam system does not heat up machine on again. until a coffee drink or steam for hot milk / milk froth is requested.
  • Page 36: Locking The Coffee Machine (System Lock 0)

    The coffee machine can be presented Water hardness in Miele galleries or stores with the "Showroom programme". The machine See "Setting up and using the coffee will switch on but drinks cannot be machine" for information about water dispensed and other actions cannot be hardness.
  • Page 37: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Quick guide Clean the coffee machine regularly to avoid a build-up of bacteria. Recommended frequency What do I have to clean / maintain? Daily Clean the water container (before you turn the coffee machine Clean the waste container off) Clean the drip tray and grille Clean the stainless steel milk flash (not supplied with the...
  • Page 38: Rinsing The Machine

    Cleaning and care Rinsing the machine Danger of burning and scalding After a coffee has been dispensed, the on hot components or by hot liquids. machine is rinsed before it switches off. This removes any residual coffee Always allow the coffee machine to grounds.
  • Page 39: Milk Pipework

    "Clean milk pipework" ^ Select "Rinse milk pipework" and maintenance programme together touch OK. Miele cleaning agent for milk pipework. ^ When prompted, place the end of the milk tube into the right-hand aperture in the drip tray.
  • Page 40 The cleaning process is finished when Making up the cleaning solution rinsing has finished. The cleaning agent for milk pipework has been specially developed for Miele coffee machines. You can purchase it from Miele or online at (depending on country).
  • Page 41: The Central Spout With Cappuccinatore

    Cleaning and care The central spout with cappuccinatore Clean the central spout cover by hand only using warm water and a little washing-up liquid. All other parts are dishwasher safe. ^ Twist upper section a with the holder for the milk pipework and pull it off. Then pull the Y-shaped piece b off.
  • Page 42: Milk Flask

    Cleaning and care Milk flask If the milk pipe is blocked, clean it under running water with the brush (optional accessory, not supplied with supplied. the machine) ^ Insert the brush in the tube and move The milk flask should be taken apart it back and forth as far as it will go and cleaned every day.
  • Page 43: Water Container

    Cleaning and care Water container Drip tray cover ^ Remove the drip tray cover from the Clean the water container lid by hand only using hot water and a little drip tray. washing-up liquid. ^ The drip tray cover can be cleaned in Change the water every day to prevent the dishwasher, or by hand using a build-up of bacteria.
  • Page 44: Drip Tray And Waste Container

    Cleaning and care ^ Push the central spout up as far as it Drip tray and waste container will go. Clean the drip tray and waste container every day to avoid unpleasant smells and mildew. The waste container is located in the drip tray.
  • Page 45: Bean Container And Ground Coffee Chute

    Cleaning and care Bean container and ground Brew unit coffee chute Disconnect the coffee machine from the power supply before Disconnect the coffee machine cleaning. from the power supply before cleaning. Clean the brew unit by hand only Tip: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove using warm water.
  • Page 46 Cleaning and care ^ Push the brew unit back into the If you cannot remove the brew unit or can only do so with difficulty, the brew coffee machine, making sure it goes unit is not in the correct position (See in straight.
  • Page 47: Degreasing The Brew Unit

    The cleaning tablets for degreasing the brew unit have been specially developed for Miele coffee machines. ^ Place a cleaning tablet into the coffee You can purchase the Original Miele cleaning tablets at chute. (depending on ^ Follow the further instructions given in country) or from Miele.
  • Page 48: Housing

    ^ Clean the front of the machine with a solution of warm water and a little washing-up liquid applied with a soft sponge. Then dry all parts with a soft cloth. Tip: You can also clean the appliance front with the Original Miele all purpose microfibre cloth.
  • Page 49: Descaling

    They can be portions until appliance needs purchased at descaling: 50" appears in the display. (depending on country) or from Miele. Each time a drink is prepared, the coffee machine displays the number of You will need 1 descaling tablet to portions remaining until descaling must descale the machine.
  • Page 50: Descaling When Not Prompted By A Message

    Descaling ^ Place 1 descaling tablet in the water. Descaling when not prompted by a message: Ensure that you adhere to the mixing ^ Touch X and select "Maintenance". ratio for the descaling tablets. It is important that you do not fill the ^ Select "Descale the appliance".
  • Page 51: Problem Solving Guide

    Repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for unauthorised work. If you can't remedy the problem yourself, please call Miele. Please note that a call-out charge will be applied to unnecessary service visits where the problem could have been rectified as described in these operating instructions.
  • Page 52 Problem solving guide Message Possible cause and remedy "Too much ground There is too much ready ground coffee in the ground coffee coffee" chute. If more than one level scoop of ground coffee is added to the coffee chute, the brew unit cannot process the coffee. The ground coffee will be directed into the waste container and the fault message will appear in the display.
  • Page 53 Problem solving guide Message Possible cause and remedy The brew unit cannot be positioned correctly. ^ Switch the machine off with the On/Off - sensor. "Check the brew ^ Remove and clean the brew unit (see "Cleaning and care – unit"...
  • Page 54 The main fuse has tripped because of a problem with the coffee machine, the electricity supply or another appliance. ^ Switch off at the wall socket and unplug it. ^ Contact a qualified electrician or Miele. The coffee The switch-off time programmed using the timer has been machine switches reached.
  • Page 55 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy The coffee The system lock has been activated. ^ You need to deactivate the system lock (see "Settings - machine does not switch itself on, System lock"). although the The machine was not used after being switched on "Switch on at"...
  • Page 56 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy "Empty the drip The drip tray is not positioned correctly in the machine. ^ Push the drip tray in as far as it will go. tray" appears in the display, even ^ Make sure the holder for the drip tray cover is correctly though the drip located on the drip tray.
  • Page 57 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy Milk is dripping or The level of milk in the milk flask is higher than the central running out of the spout. central spout even ^ Push the central spout up as far as it will go. though no milk is being dispensed.
  • Page 58 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy This is not a fault. After switching The drip tray and waste container was probably not emptied the machine a message appears after making the last coffee, or the internal counter was not reset.
  • Page 59 ^ Fill the container with fresh beans. noise than usual. There may be stones in amongst the coffee beans. ^ Switch the coffee machine off immediately. Call Miele. Espresso or coffee The coffee is too coarsely ground. ^ Set the grinder to a finer setting (see "Setting the coffee flows into the cup too quickly.
  • Page 60 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy The crema on the The grinder setting is not correct. ^ Set the grinder to a finer or coarser setting (see "Setting coffee or espresso is not as it should the coffee grinder"). The brewing temperature is too high for this type of coffee.
  • Page 61: Transporting The Machine

    Transporting the machine If you are not going to use the coffee machine for an extended period of Caution. Danger of burning and time, e.g. whilst on holiday, or if it scalding from hot steam coming out needs to be moved, a number of of the hot water spout.
  • Page 62: After Sales / Guarantee

    – your Miele Dealer – Miele Contact details for Miele are given at the end of this booklet. N.B. A call-out charge will be applied to ser- vice visits where the problem could have been resolved as described in these instructions.
  • Page 63: Saving Energy

    Saving energy If the default settings for "Eco mode" or Switch the machine off with the the "Timer" have been altered, energy master switch and at the wall socket. consumption will increase. If the coffee machine is not going to be The message "...
  • Page 64: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection All electrical work should be carried Do not connect the machine to an out by a suitably qualified and inverter such as those used with an competent person only, in strict autonomous energy source e.g. Solar accordance with current national and power.
  • Page 65: Installation

    Installation Please observe the following installation If the machine is installed in a niche, instructions: the niche must provide the following minimum dimensions: Danger of overheating. Please ensure that there is adequate Height 508 mm ventilation around the machine. Width 450 mm Do not cover the machine with tea towels or similar objects whilst it is in...
  • Page 66: Appliance Dimensions

    Appliance dimensions...
  • Page 67: Technical Data

    Technical data Current draw in standby mode < 0.5 Watt (default setting) Pump pressure: max. 15 bar Through-flow heater: 1 stainless steel thermo block Appliance dimensions (W x H x 251 x 359 x 427 mm Net weight 9.9 kg Connection cable length: 140 cm Water container capacity:...
  • Page 72 CM 6100 en - GB M.-Nr. 09 732 130 / 03...