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Kärcher HD 3000 Operator's Manual page 7

High pressure washer
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HD3000 Manual 9/20/02 5:28 PM Page 12
No detergent.
Detergent suction tube
not properly connected
to the machine.
Detergent is too thick.
Detergent filter valve is at
lowest setting.
Filter on detergent suction
tube is clogged.
Damaged or clogged
detergent suction tube.
A high pressure nozzle
is attached.
Discharge nozzle
is obstructed.
Garden hose
Loose fittings.
connection leaks.
Missing/worn rubber washer.
Spray wand leaks.
Spray wand not properly
Broken o-ring.
Pump is noisy.
Pump is sucking air.
Water leaks
Loose fittings.
from pump.
Water seals are
damaged or worn.
Thermal protection
device is activated.
Oil Drip.
Oil seals are damaged
or worn.
– continued
Check connection.
Dilute detergent. For best results,
use Kärcher detergent.
Set detergent filter valve
to a higher setting.
Run warm water through
filter to remove debris.
Remove obstruction or
replace detergent suction tube.
Replace with black
detergent nozzle.
Blow out or remove debris
with fine needle.
Tighten fittings.
Insert new washer.
Slide the spray wand into the gun.
Turn the wand collar clockwise onto
the gun threads until tight.
Call Kärcher customer service
hotline and order an o-ring.
Check that hoses and fittings are
air tight. Turn off machine and purge
pump by squeezing trigger gun until
a steady flow of water emerges
through the nozzle.
Check that all fittings are tight.
Call service center.
Thermal protection device
will auto reset.
Call service center.
If you encounter any additional
difficulties not listed, please call
our service center for help.
Kärcher Customer Support USA



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